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Ride an electric bike to go fishing - a different experience

Sep 30, 2022

The rapid growth in sales of electric bicycles in the United States in recent years has gradually affected the travel choices of some people, and some consumers have replaced cars with electric bikes due to rising prices of vehicles, gasoline, and insurance. With its advantages of environmental protection, convenience, and money-saving, people love this product more and more, and more and more people try to use electric bicycles for fishing.

Fishing is a calming activity. But with the excitement of the catch, every fisherman has secrets about lakes and rivers and doesn't want other fishermen to interfere with potential nets in secret lakes and rivers.

There is also a secret that some fishermen will use electric bicycles to find unknown fishing spots. Even if the fishing spot is far away, electric mountain bicycles have significantly improved in terms of power, quality, and function. Caring for the environment plays a vital role in the sustainable use of fishing spots.

What are the benefits of using an e-bike to go fishing?

Visit more fishing spots

Due to the limited walking distance and the inability to cross the trails by car, there are many fishing spots that other fishermen have not discovered or visited frequently. Fishing on an electric mountain bike allows you to explore new waters, expand your fishing map and increase your fishing chances. If your favorite fishing spot doesn't excite you, get on an electric mountain bike and find your favorite fishing spot.

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Save time and energy

As we all know, fishing is generally possible throughout the day in spring and autumn, but the prime fishing times in summer are early morning and early evening. You want to walk to fishing spots, enjoy the scenery along the way, and feel the quiet of nature. Unfortunately, you may not have enough time to stop and admire the view but to get there as quickly as possible before night falls.

If you own an electric mountain bike, you don't have to worry about this. And you have plenty of time to get to your destination and enjoy the natural scenery. Compared with cars, electric mountain bicycles do not need to worry about parking. It can also find shortcuts to reach the destination to save more time.

You can secure heavy-duty tackle boxes and other fishing gear to the rear rack before you set off, saving you more energy by not having to carry them manually across the trail to your destination. It is quick and easy to move when you move position due to fish activity.

Feel the different terrain

You may experience a variety of terrains on your way to your fishing destination, and this is where electric fat bikes come in handy. Bicycles like the Cyrusher use fat tires that allow you to ride efficiently on sand, mud, grass, woodland, and snow. No matter what terrain your fishing road will experience, an excellent electric fat bike is sure to impress you and take you through obstacles to your destination with ease.

A full-suspension e-bike can easily traverse any steep terrain, and traditional cyclists will feel tired and out of breath at the start of their first terrain traverse. Go fishing on an e-bike to reduce energy consumption and ensure you spend more time at the fishing spot.

Pack fishing gear

There's also the added benefit of efficiently packing all your fishing gear onto the frame using a variety of bags and packs. The adequate carrying capacity of the bicycle is enormous. The Cyrusher e-bike, for example, has a sufficient load capacity of 330 pounds. The extra weight will not affect your speed and overdraw your physical strength; the motor's power will assist you in completing this fishing activity.

You can purchase a pannier bag to carry fishing nets, shoes, rods, baits, and supplies and pack them on the frame for more accessible transport. Don't forget to bring sunscreen and insecticide, as there are intense U.V. rays and pesky mosquitoes outdoors. Bringing them along to make your fishing trip enjoyable and comfortable.

Knowing these specific benefits will make your future fishing trips more accessible, enjoyable, and effective. These benefits are just a few of the many advantages that electric mountain bicycles bring. Trust these advantages to get you some interest in power bikes, so keep scrolling.

What factors should we consider before buying an electric cycle for fishing?

1. As mentioned above, the fishing trip will experience all kinds of rough terrain, so when we choose, the tires should be fat. Compared with narrow tires, fat tires have a wider contact area and have more substantial grip and traction. Narrow tires are harder to handle on rough terrain and puncture when riding rugged hills. So be sure to choose to buy an electric fat bike.

2. Choose a powerful electric cycleUnexplored fishing spots equate to mountain adventures, which means your power bike needs good bike performance to help you get there. The Cyrusher XF900 is equipped with a 750W Bafang motor, which can provide a high speed of 28 miles per hour, and the massive power of 80Nm can help you climb rugged hills. Coupled with a Shimano 7-speed flywheel drivetrain, you can customize and cruise at the right speed according to the terrain.

3. Choose a full-suspension electric mountain bike. The full suspension can absorb the impact of the ground very well. Especially when traversing rough terrain, this configuration makes the experience very comfortable for the rider, and its rear suspension allows you to overcome any terrain. The frame of a full-suspension electric mountain bike provides better control and good ground traction. Its rear-wheel adapts to any obstacle and provides a great ride no matter the terrain.

Hydraulic Braking of Electric Bicycles

4. Choose an electric cyclewith hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes have more stopping power, responsiveness, and quick response than mechanical brakes. Its superior braking power can help you brake quickly to avoid injury in an emergency. XF900 adopts 160/180mm hydraulic brakes at the front and rear, adding a motor cut-off function to ensure riding safety.

5. Choose an electric cycle with a high-capacity battery. There will be some distance to and from the fishing spot, and you'd better check that the battery capacity is sufficient for your round trip, but you can bring a spare battery just in case. Equipped with a 48V, 17Ah waterproof lithium battery, like the XF900, it has a range of up to 62 miles, and its battery capacity is sufficient for your fishing trip. And it also adds a USB charging port to the battery for your phone or G.P.S. charging. Using the XF900 to go fishing probably doesn't need to be charged and will take you straight home.

    More and more people use electric bicycles to go fishing. However, not everyone knows how to use an electric bike to go fishing properly. If you're wondering too, keep scrolling to receive this thoughtful guide. It can make your fishing trip more comfortable.

    1. Make a plan
    Know your round-trip itinerary with the fishing spot before you travel, and confirm whether the battery capacity meets your needs. Is the terrain for the fishing trip suitable for riding a power bike? If you own a XF900, these problems are solved! The XF900 uses enormous fat tires, a large-capacity battery, and a powerful motor to overcome all kinds of rugged terrain easily.

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    2. Prepare supplies
    Since most fishing spots will be far from the city, in the quiet and hidden depths of nature, we should prepare sufficient supplies at this time, such as drinking water, ready meals, nuts, and compressed biscuits. It is worth mentioning that we must take away this garbage to protect the ecological environment and achieve sustainable development of fishing.

    3. Check the status of electric bike accessories
    Before riding, in addition to checking whether the fishing equipment is complete, it is also necessary to check whether the main accessories of the bicycle are running normally. We need to check the brakes' response, the motor's speed, the tire pressure, and the effect of the suspension. This safety check is vital before riding. The purpose is to do an excellent job of troubleshooting vehicle failures to ensure vehicle and personal safety.

    All in all, our tips will help you on your future fishing trips. Whether you want to go fishing at Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri, Lake Grenada, Mississippi, or Roscoe, New York, ride on an electric cycle to your secret fishing spot, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and enjoy the tranquility of nature. It's also great for some riders to put their electric bicycles in the trunk, drive further afield, and then traverse the trails to hidden fishing spots.

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