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Electric Off-Road Bike Comparison: Cyrusher XF900 Vs. RadRover 6 Plus High Step

Oct 08, 2022

Riding an electric bicycle is a great sport. Riders' needs for electric bicycles will make corresponding choices according to the terrain environment. When you choose to face a steep incline, and you love to enjoy the high-speed riding of electric bicycles outdoors The enthusiasm you need for that extra boost of power. Off-road riding will inevitably encounter bumpy and dangerous rocky sections, and it is also necessary to maintain sufficient power for a long time.

Therefore, long battery life and strong power are indispensable when choosing a high-quality electric off-road bike. The market for electric bicycles is so strong, and high-quality electric bicycle manufacturers offer many types of products. When it comes to electric bikes for off-road riding, the Cyrusher XF900 electric fat tire bike will be recommended with five stars ★★★★★!!!

Competition in the electric bicycle industry exists from time to time. Comparing the products of excellent electric bicycle brands can, to a certain extent, promote new progress in this future-changing ebike. Therefore, this article is mainly to start a detailed discussion on Cyrusher's XF900 electric mountain bike, a top-of-the-line product in terms of performance hardware and exterior design. An electric fat tire bike from Rad Power Bikes, so that riders looking for electric Get some of the best inspiration when it comes to the great value of a bike.

 electric trail bike Cyrusher XF900 vs Radpower bike

Circuit Capability

Compared with traditional bicycles, electric bicycles are a means of transportation powered by electricity. There is a greater need in terms of circuit sources. For many e-bike riders who like to try off-road adventures, try riding on rugged roads at high altitudes. A powerful motor and enough battery capacity will keep the ride in a better state.



Rad Power Bikes


RadRover 6 Plus (High step)


750-watt Bafang

750 Watt


48 volt 17 amp-hour

589-672 Wh


50~62 miles

25-45 miles

By comparing the XF900 and RadRover 6 Plus motors and batteries, electric mountain bikes are powered by a 750W hub motor. A 750W motor is a range that e-bikes are allowed to ride on the road, according to various laws in the US and Europe.

Before choosing to ride an e-bike, please check the laws on e-bikes in your country and region, reducing the phenomenon of being unusable on the road. The Cyrusher's 750W high-speed brushless Bafang hub motor is powerful enough to keep you riding at peak speed through steep, rough terrain.

The most significant difference in the power system between the XF900 and the RadRover 6 Plus is the size of the battery. The battery determines the battery life of the electric bicycle. It provides energy for the motor and is a key component for the electric bicycle to maintain the electric riding mode. From the above comparison, the Cyrusher XF900's battery is a 48V 17 Ah Samsung Li-Ion battery, mounted on the outside of the top tube and can travel 20-62 miles on a full charge. Its battery capacity can maximize the rider's long-time outdoors—cycling needs. The battery of the RadRover 6 Plus is 48V 14 Ah (672Wh). The battery of this electric mountain bike is semi-integrated into the top tube of the electric bike and has a riding range of 25-45 miles. In contrast, the Cyrusher XF900 has more advantages in maintaining battery life and riding mileage. Whether it's an outdoor riding trip or a competition for professional e-bike riders, the XF900 is even better in terms of electrical capability.

It is worth noting that although the battery of an electric bicycle has a certain ability to store power, it is more likely to be drained in the long-distance high-speed riding state, so the riders are in a long-distance riding journey Stock up on extra battery packs.

man Cyrusher electric mountain bike xf900

Braking Capacity

As an "off-road-level" electric bicycle with adventure as its primary purpose, its safety and stability are a point of view to which riders should pay attention. After all, getting a safe suspension in a timely and efficient manner is critical in sand, gravel, or riding in unknown terrain.



Rad Power Bikes


RadRover 6 Plus


Front Suspension fork(110mm travel) with lockout and adjustment

Spring Rear suspension
165x750 lbs 3 mags

RST spring fork, 60 mm travel with lockout and preload adjustment,
277 mm steerer tube


Chaoyang 26" x 4" puncture-resistant fat tires

26" x 4", K-Shield puncture-resistant liner


Tektro/Zoom hydraulic
160/180mm disc brakes
front + rear

Hydraulic Brake Caliper

Brakes lever

Tektro/Zoom anti-slip grip levers with motor cutoff switch

Aluminum alloy levers with motor cutoff switch

The above information sheet shows the differences between the XF900 and RadRover 6 Plus high-end electric bikes between brakes and shocks. The two electric bicycles have relatively similar characteristics in terms of braking, but the most obvious difference is the shock absorption.

Cyrusher XF900 and RadRover 6 Plus models use 26" x 4" fat tires, which perform well on snow, mountain, or muddy trails, and the fat tires are good for high-speed riding. Get more traction while driving.

In comparing braking devices, RadRover 6 Plus uses hydraulic brake calipers. At the same time, Cyrusher XF900 is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes of electric bicycles at the front and rear, providing a more timely stop for outdoor riding riders.

★Full suspension accessories: When comparing the braking ability of the two models, Cyrusher XF900 has its most shining place in the suspension device because it is a full suspension electric bicycle.

rear front fork suspension Cyrusher ebike

The RadRover 6 Plus has a 60mm spring fork that can be adjusted for preload and has a certain damping effect. But it is not equipped with a rear shock absorber and belongs to a hardtail electric bike.

The Cyrusher electric bike uses a gold suspension front fork at the front of the frame, which looks like a motorcycle-style front fork, to make it look more "powerful." This suspension fork setup has 110mm of travel, is preload adjustable, and locks out when the rider is riding on flatter surfaces. It can be opened when the electric bicycle is subjected to gravity and resistance during riding.

The suspension fork can compress to the extreme, rebound, and repeat the action. This component dramatically reduces unnecessary bumps and provides a comfortable and stable ride.

In addition, as a full-suspension electric fat tire bike, the XF900 is also equipped with a rear shock absorber, which is very important for an electric bike for outdoor adventure riding. The rear shock of an electric mountain bike is specifically designed to allow the rider to make bigger jumps and make the ride smoother, especially when going downhill or making big jumps in competition. It can effectively suppress the shock when the spring rebounds after shock absorption and the impact from the road surface, protect the rider's lower back and reduce excessive damage.

Therefore, in terms of stable riding of the two electric bicycles, the full suspension accessories of the XF900 give it an advantage.

Pedal Assist

5 Pedal-Assist levels

5 level pedal assist


Shimano 7 speed


Carry Capacity

330 lbs (150 kg)

275 lb (124.7 kg)


Half twist throttle

Half twist throttle

Bike Weight

74 lbs with battery

Total: 73.4 lb (33.3 kg)
Battery: 7.7 lb (3.5 kg)

Both e-bikes have similar performance on throttle, shifting and cadence assist. Cadence assist on both e-bikes is at level five, allowing riders to complete their cycling workouts at different speeds. That compares to 330 pounds for the Cyrusher and 275 pounds for the RadRover 6 Plus, so the XF900 will perform even better when adding extra towing weight.

Comparison Cyrusher Rad Power Bikes
XF900 RadRover 6 Plus (High step)





2 Years

1 Year

By the way, we can see in the comparison that the Cyrusher XF900 e-bike costs $500 more than the RadRover 6 Plus (High step). First, in the warranty policy, Cyrusher has a 2-year warranty period, while the RadRover 6 Plus (High step) has a one-year warranty period, which is relatively limited. Second, in the performance comparison of electric bicycles mentioned above, an essential reason for the higher price of the XF 900 can be found. The larger battery capacity brings more battery life, and the full shock absorber device can make the rider ride more comfortable. For a safer and more stable riding experience, this is a long-term investment for off-road adventure riding on electric bikes. After all, security and stability always come first.

External Configuration

In some of the above comparisons, you can see more configuration of internal performance. The info sheet below is more of a comparison of the external components of the two bikes.

Comparison Cyrusher Rad Power Bikes
XF900 RadRover 6 Plus (High step)


250 lumen LED Front Light

Front: Standard Rad Power Bikes LED headlight
Rear: Integrated taillight with brake light


3.7" LCD display, Smart Computer

Backlit LCD


Frame material

6061 Aluminum full suspension frame

6061 aluminum alloy

Rear rack



Frame structure












Compared with the two colors of RadRover 6 Plus (High step), Cyrusher XF 900 has rich color rims, providing three different color rim colors for riders with other preferences.

Regarding lighting setup, the RadRover 6 Plus has front LED lighting and integrated rear tail and brake lights. This is one of the more unique aspects of the RadRover 6 Plus. Nonetheless, the Cyrusher XF900 has lumen headlights on the front end and a horn for a more secure and stable ride.

Cyrusher xf900 man riding

All in all, from the comparative analysis of the above electric bicycles, it can be seen that the Cyrusher XF900 has a more powerful motor and a full suspension device, allowing riders to achieve a smoother and safer ride. The RadRover 6 Plus (High step) e-bike has unique advantages, but its key powertrain and suspension settings aren't perfect for tackling rough terrain conditions.

Cyrusher always pursues to provide people with high-quality electric mountain bike products and considerate services. To maintain balance and meet the ever-changing riding needs of electric mountain bike riders, we are still working tirelessly to grow by leaps and bounds. Choose the best one for you in the comparison, and start riding!

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