Cyrusher In The Press

"Though fat-tire ebikes from China's Cyrusher have the look of mid-drive beasts, they all roll with rear-hub drives. Until now."
"If you've dreamed of traveling at moderate speeds on flat snow, then the Cyrusher Ripple electric snowboard was likely made with you in mind."
"It’s a big, tough go-anywhere ebike that will tempt you to head off the pavement into adventures in nature."
"With plenty of battery range and a comfortable ride from its dual suspension and fat tires, it’s a great ride, if on the heavy side and expensive for a hub-driven bike."
"And that board definitely deserves a second look because it appears to be quite an impressive first attempt at an electric surfboard."
"Cyrusher positions the Scout as a blend of compactness and high performance. It’s offered in two versions – a standard model that’s frankly not that different from many other e-bikes on the market."
"Its high-step 6061 aluminum frame is available in three color choices, and can accommodate riders between 5.57 - 6.56 ft (1.7 - 2 m) in height. "
"The micro-mobility industry is still thriving, with more and more city dwellers interested in shifting to low-carbon, more sustainable, and more affordable modes of transport."
"Crafted with a robust carbon fiber frame, this breakthrough product is an epitome of performance that flawlessly integrates technology with design."
"As an electric bike/car enthusiast and snowboarder, I’ve always wondered if an electric, cross-country snowboard would be possible. You know, when the mountain isn’t available?"
"It reminded me how much I like riding bikes. It makes me want to get the exercise I need. It’s certainly an investment but if you’re in the market for a bike like this."
"Riders keep asking and Cyrusher keeps listening. Cyrusher wants to introduce riders to the new all-terrain electric cycle, a treasure with more surprises waiting for riders to discover."
"Being able to explore everything from the concrete jungle to an actual jungle, and doing it for more than just a few miles, is an experience that I hope everyone can have at some point."
"The brand will showcase a series of personal outdoor mobile products, providing professional knowledge and cooperative innovation exchanges."
"What I do appreciate about Cyrusher’s Kommoda is that it comes with some nice-to-have features..."
"The ebike benefits from a moped-style extended comfort seat plus room in back for strapped-down gear, and promises to absorb uneven terrain with help from a lockout suspension fork and air-damped shock to the rear."
"The Ripple is a $2,500 board with a 3,000 watt hub motor that attaches to a backpack battery. It has a max range of 15-20km, can climb a 20-degree incline, and reaches a speed of 30 miles per hour."
"Helping to smooth out uneven terrain is full squish in the shape of a lockout suspension fork and air shock out back plus 26-inch rims wearing puncture-resistant Kenda fat tires. "
"The Cyrusher Kommoda looks like the e-bike equivalent of someone who got dressed in the dark. It seems to be wearing a bit of every different type of e-bike on the market."
"The Ripple stands out as an industry trailblazer, employing cutting-edge electric motors to enhance the snowboarding experience. "
"The company’s latest electric bike pushes the manufacturer into new territory with nicer components and at a better price point than the company has previously hit for such a bike."
"the Hurricane is built around a lightweight but sturdy carbon fiber frame with four-link soft-tail construction."
" It stands out thanks to its unique design, as one of the few full-suspension e-bikes with a step-through frame. This design not only gives a comfortable ride, but it also has off-road capability, letting riders explore beyond the beaten path. "
"Riders will enjoy a pleasant and effortless ride on the Nitro, as well as greater power, speed and control compared to a hub motor electric bike."
"Cyrusher is on a mission to meet the growing worldwide demand for personal short-distance movement solutions by creating the coolest, most cost-effective products built with innovative design and green technology."
"It is confident enough to conquer the rigorous and meticulous scrutiny of experienced judges."
"Electric bicycles are great for recreation, allowing you to take in the sights and explore trails without working up a sweat. If you want to ratchet up the fun even more though, you’ll definitely want to try a fat tire electric bicycle."
"Now the company is riding into the electric watersports space with the Thunder electric surfboard."
"Cyrusher, a leading manufacturer of electric mobility vehicles and other devices, recently revealed its 2024 development plan as a strategic move to reshape the landscape of electric exploration."
"With winter fast-approaching in the Northern Hemisphere, it's turned its attention to snow, launching what it calls the world's first electric snowboard."
"This electric snowboard is perfect for riders who have lots of snow but no mountains to slide down, as long as you’re okay with a giant spiked metal wheel spinning a few inches from your back foot."
"Here’s the skinny: the Cyrusher XF800 is designed to bring full-suspension electric fat tire biking to the masses at an affordable price."