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Cyrusher Trax 

Step-Through All Terrain Air Shock Full Suspension

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Trax Step-through All Terrain Air Shock Ebike

Trax Step-through All Terrain Air Shock Ebike

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Motor 750-watt Bafang
Battery LG 52 volt 20 amp-hour
Max Load 330 lbs (150 kg)
Range 56 miles (90 km)
Rider Height 5'4" ~ 6'6" (165cm ~ 200cm)
Included Battery, charger, air pump, assembly toolset,
assembly guide, battery manual, user manual, free stickers
Warranty 2 Years


Motor 750 watt (1500 watt peak), 80 N.m Bafang electric motor
Battery 52 volt 20 amp-hour LG lithium battery. Waterproof IP65 (included)
Range 50~56 miles (80~90 km)
Charger Standard 110V~240V AC, 52V 3A CE/UL charger (included)
Battery Charge Time 5~7 hours
Battery Lifetime 800 charges
Frame 6061 Aluminum full suspension frame


Controller  52V 750W rear hub cassette motor controller, max output 25 amp, motor phase angle: 120, current: 22+-1A
Display 3.7" LCD display, Smart Computer


Tires Kenda 26" x 4" puncture-resistant fat tires
Spokes 12-gauge stainless steel
Saddle Breathable ergonomic sport cushion seat
Seat post Adjustable height
Crank 170mm forged alloy dual-sided aluminum
Rear Derailleur Shimano 9 speed ASLM20109RC/ARDM370SGSLC
Throttle Half twist throttle
Front Light 250 lumen LED


Brake lever Logan anti-slip grip levers with motor cutoff switch
Brake TLogan hydraulic 180mm disc brakes front + rear
Transmission Shimano M2000/M315 gear shift system 9
Front Suspension Suspension fork with lockout and adjustment
Rear Suspension Air suspension 165x750 lbs 3 mags

Dimensions & Capacity

Bike Weight

24'': 86 lbs (39 kg) / 102 lbs (46 kg) with battery

26'': 89 lbs (40 kg) / 104 lbs (47 kg) with battery

Bike Dimension Height 33.5”-41.3“ (85-105 cm) / Length 76” (193 cm)
Packing Size and Weight

24'': 159x36x83cm 

26'': 167x36x84cm 

Total Payload Capacity 330 lbs (150 kg)


Frame 2 years
Parts 2 years
Battery 1 year
Terms & Conditions This warranty only applies to the original owner of a Cyrusher and is limited to the replacement of defective parts.
Cyrusher covers the cost of the replacement, buyer is responsible for the shipping cost. 

Bike Dimension

Bike Dimension

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What's In The Box



Your Cyrusher comes 90% pre-assembled. Just unbox, mount the front wheel, put pedals in place, turn some bolts here and there and you are ready to ride in 40 minutes or less!

Watch Video & E-bike Assembly Guide


Cyrusher Ebike assembly tools

Assembly Toolset. manual, wrench, charger, pump, Mirrors.



We not only make amazing products but strive to provide the best experience and support to our customers. When you buy a Cyrusher you get peace of mind knowing we will be there when you need it.

  • 2 Years warranty. All Cyrusher bikes come with 2 years warranty in frame and parts, and 1 year warranty on the battery. Learn More
  • Customer support. We offer you many ways to reach out: call center, live chat, ticket system. Learn More
  • Community. When you become a Cyrusher owner you also join a big Cyrusher Owners community online where you can share your new happy Cyrusher life, ask questions and get answers from fellow Cyrusher owners. Join



For an unforgettable adventure, choose the Cyrusher Trax! A step-through bike that allows you to easily step right onto the bike for a robust ride - no matter the landscape. Its long range, 52V 20Ah battery, and fierce 750W Bafang motor provide assurance that you'll reach your destination. While the eye-catching paint design and colors make it look like nothing else on the road. And did we mention that this is an all-terrain bike? The frame and suspension system holds up to any obstacles you might face on your next trip. Get out there and explore with the Cyrusher Trax!

Torque Sensor

Natural riding experience

Smart Wheel Icon

52V 20Ah


Range Icon

Up to 56 Miles

Max Range

Hub Motor Icon

750 W

Bafang Motor

Front Suspension Icon

Full Suspension

Front & Rear

4.0" Fat Tire


Fat Tire

  • Speed

    UP TO 28 MPH

  • Range

    UP TO 56 MILES

  • Battery

    52V 20Ah

All-Terrain | Trax

What Online Reviewers Say:

Another great feature of the bike that I absolutely love is the torque sensor pedal assist system. It's incredibly responsive and adjusts to how hard you pedal, providing an extra boost of power when needed, especially when tackling steep terrain even at lower assist levels like level one. It makes the whole biking experience so much smoother and more enjoyable.

Overall, I am really excited about riding this bike and enjoying all these amazing features. The torque sensor pedal assist, hydraulic brakes, and sturdy aluminum frame are key factors that make this bike a perfect fit for my biking adventures.

The Trax from Cyrusher is a Powerhouse of a bike that'll make you feel like you have superpowers it's sturdy fast and comfortable.

I will say about taking receipt of this bike it has quite literally changed my life I'm out and about on that bike every other day at the very least and if I find I'm skipping a trip out I get very anxious yeah that that is absolutely genuine that's how much this bike has made me fall in love with cycling.

This plenty of power from the ba fang motor and lots of torque I do like the torque sensor; you know when you pedal hard you pedal the more power it gives, that's really nice.

The bike did amazing uh exactly what I expected it to do these uh 750 watt Hub Drive Motors or nothing to sneeze at they uh they have a lot of power and they Peak somewhere around 1,500 Watts so that 750 watts is deceiving they actually put out a lot more power.

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Torque Sensor

A torque sensor measures the amount of force applied to the pedals by the rider. It provides feedback to the electric motor, allowing it to adjust the level of assistance provided based on the rider's effort. Torque sensors are considered to be more advanced than cadence sensors because they provide a more natural riding experience, with power assistance that feels more like traditional cycling. With torque sensors, the motor output is proportional to the rider's effort, so the harder the rider pedals, the more assistance the motor provides. This means that torque sensors are ideal for riders who want to maintain a consistent level of effort throughout their ride, regardless of terrain or incline.

Cadence Sensor

a cadence sensor measures the speed at which the pedals are turning. It provides feedback to the electric motor, allowing it to adjust the level of assistance provided based on the rider's pedaling speed. Cadence sensors are generally less expensive than torque sensors, but they can provide a less natural riding experience. With cadence sensors, the motor output is based solely on the rider's pedaling speed, so the rider may experience a lag in assistance when starting from a standstill or when riding uphill.

Why torque sensor?

  • 1. More natural riding experience: Torque sensors provide electric assistance that is proportional to the rider's effort, making it feel more like traditional cycling. With cadence sensors, the motor output is based solely on pedaling speed, which can feel less natural.
  • 2. More precise assistance: Torque sensors can detect even small changes in the rider's effort and adjust the electric assistance accordingly. This means that riders can maintain a consistent level of effort throughout their ride, regardless of terrain or incline.
  • 3. Better battery efficiency: Torque sensors can help to conserve battery life by providing assistance only when needed. With cadence sensors, the motor may continue to provide assistance even when the rider is not exerting much effort, which can drain the battery more quickly.
  • 4. Easier to start from a standstill: Torque sensors can provide immediate assistance when starting from a standstill, making it easier to get going. With cadence sensors, there may be a lag in assistance when starting from a stop.
  • 5. Safer and more stable ride: Torque sensors can provide a safer and more stable ride by adjusting the electric assistance based on the rider's effort. This means that riders can maintain better control of their bike, especially when riding at higher speeds or on uneven terrain.

Hybrid: All-Terrain + Step-Thru

Our Cyrusher Trax is the perfect balance between accessibility and power: a step-through frame, fat tires, and 750W Bafang motor mean that there's no terrain this bike can't conquer.

The step-through design makes it easy for you to get on and off the bike without having to worry about a high step. And with fat tires and all-terrain capabilities, you'll feel confident as you ride across any surface.