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Rides in Holiday: $300 Off. Shop Now!
Rides in Holiday: $300 Off. Shop Now!


Are you a content creator, influencer, website owner? build a profitable partnership with Cyrusher, a fast-growing ebike company.

Start earning cash with Cyrusher in 3 simple steps

1. Create Your Affiliate Account

Go to or and sign up for an Affiliate Account. Fill out the application and wait for approval. This could take 1 to 3 business days.

Affiliate register step 1

2. Add Cyrusher to Your Account

Once your account has been approved, log in to your account, then search for Merchants using “Cyrusher” keyword (or Id) and add it to your account.

Affiliate register step 2

3. Get Your Cash Reward!

After your request is approved by Cyrusher, you will get your affiliate link to share. Whenever someone buys a bike using your affiliate link, you get commision per order.

Affiliate register step 3
Sign up on ShareASale

Search for Cyrusher Id# 126321

Sign up on AvantLink

Cyrusher Merchant Id #25237


Cookie days
30 days

Commission type
Percent Of Sale

Commission amount
3% commission in total order

Some terms may vary by promotion campaigns or Affiliate marketplace, for details please check your affiliate account.


For Cyrusher's branding resources and photography, check our brand portal:

How to sign up as an Affiliate on ShareASale:

What is AvantLink Affiliate and how to sign up:

Affiliate's sign up form (ShareASale):