Cyrusher aims to inspire a movement of "New" SeekersÔÇöbold explorers who are not defined by boundaries but driven by a boundless passion for the new, the unknown, and the uncharted.

Cyrusher \Sigh-rush-er\, once a name synonymous with cycling, has evolved to embody a broader and more profound ethos, drawing inspiration from the concept of a cynosure.

We are Cyrusher.

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    2 Years Warranty

    Free replacements and support for two years.

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    US Customer Support

    In-house local team in the US ready to help you.

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    Every ebike ships free to you, we cover the cost.

Global Offices

Customers are the most important for us and are not just words. As we grow we realize the need to be closer to our customers to offer a better service and a quick response.
Cyrusher Team USA

Team USA

Cyrusher Team UK

Team UK

Cyrusher Team France

Team France

Cyrusher Distribution Centers

Distribution Centers

We understand the thrill of buying a new electric bike and getting it delivered as quickly as possible. To overcome the current logistical challenges in this pandemic era, we have set up warehouses around the world and keep bikes in stock so we can offer delivery times as fast as 2-3 days from the date of purchase.

Cyrusher bikes currently ship from distribution centers in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Japan.

Shops and Service Points

To bring our bikes closer to more riders, we are setting up local shops and other services to provide a better experience for anyone who wants to explore the world of electric bikes.

United States

Logan Shop, Utah

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United Kingdom

Gloucester Shop

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Mobile Services

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