Brand Guideline

At Cyrusher, our vision is

To create amazing personal mobility products
for anyone, anywhere.

Founded 2014, our company name, Cyrusher is derived from combining two words “Cynosure and Rusher” meaning that we are driven to be a pioneer in cycling sports, our original mission. As the company has evolved, we have expanded our mission beyond cycling, to create personal mobility products that look amazing and are fun to use, emboldening a new active lifestyle for the many people wherever they may be, and, that’s not just with traditional e-bikes ─ the possibilities are endless!

 Cyrusher brand guideline

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1. Logo Usage


These are the go-to logos for all brand communications.

Cyrusher brand primary logo


Use only when limitations in space and sizes become an issue.

Cyrusher brand alternative logo


Use the official tagline when need to communicate the company vision.

Cyrusher brand logo with tagline

2. Logo Clear Space

We’re a confident brand. We never crowd our logos and always give them room to breathe and stand out.
The clear space around the full logo is the width and height of the letter C.

Cyrusher logo clears pace

3. Brand Colors

Use the primary colors to consistently convey the brand. Use the accent color as an auxiliary to add contrast to extra elements.

 Cyrusher brand colors

4. One-Color Usage

Strictly use these color combinations. Avoid using any other combination.

Cyrusher brand color usage

5. Things to Avoid

Using our logos consistently ensures brand recognition and allows for creativity elsewhere. Avoid the following:

Cyrusher brand avoid logo usages

6. Typefaces

Consistent use of typography helps to make the brand identity strong and cohesive across all applications.

Cyrusher brand typefaces