cyrusher sports | seek new paths
cyrusher sports | seek new paths
Cyrusher Kommoda

Explore with ease and safety

Your comfortable, step-through eBike for unforgettable tours

cyrusher sports | seek new paths
cyrusher sports | seek new paths
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Cyrusher Flash

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Powerful & Comfortable riding on pavement and trail

Cyrusher Thunders

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Tested and Reviewed by

"The Cyrusher XF900 is a budget-friendly full-bounce ebike that is fun to ride no matter where you ask it to go."

"Cyrusher XF650, what an amazing bike!"

"Cyrusher XF690 ridden by Champions"

"Cyrusher XF900 featured in BBC3 Gassed Up"

"So happy with my new electric mountain bike, the XF770 from Cyrusher!"

"Cyrusher Ranger, the top 1 winner for Best Fat Tire Ebike of 2023"

"The Cyrusher Kommoda is a powerful and interestingly designed electric bike that combines many different styles of bike in one package."

"Cyrusher Kommoda, a real beautiful bicycle that has made me sent for proof already in my review video."

"For those who love cycling and look for the best way to make their routes to the wildest places. The Cyrusher Ranger will have an answer for everything you need."

"I'm impressed I didn't expect this to be as smooth and easy as it is and that suspension it's far exceeded my expectations."

"I highly recommend that product if you want to check it,  a very powerful e-bike, the Cyrusher Kommoda."

"This is the best bike Cyrusher has ever made. If you're already a Cyrusher fan, this is a huge step forward for the brand."

"Armed with a pair of Cyrusher Kommodas, Kol helps Eilis get to grips with tackling the challenging terrain on two FAT wheels before the duo go head-to-head around a woodland course... ...but there's a twist!"

Who we are?

Cyrusher \Sigh-rush-er\, the "Cy" in Cyrusher, inspired by "Cynosure," represents a beacon of innovation and excellence. The "Rusher" in our name captures the essence of our community – those who move forward with eagerness and enthusiasm into the unknown.

Together, these elements coalesce to define the spirit of Cyrusher: a collective of bold pathfinders and passionate explorers.