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Cyrusher E-Bike XF650


50 mile | 26 mph
Takes you further and faster.
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Cyrusher E-Bike XF690


50 mile | 26 mph
Goes with you everywhere.
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Cyrusher E-Bike XF800


50 mile | 31 mph
Hills don't stand a chance.
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Cyrusher E-Bike XF900


62 mile | 31 mph
Crush any terrain in style.
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Bafang motor electric bike


Top of the line BAFANG motor with a max output of 1500 watts allows speeds up to 32 miles per hour and a tremendous torque power for those hills.

electric bike battery cyrusher


Tailored made Cyrusher batteries using world-class brand cells (Samsung, Panasonic, LG) gives long range riding as far as 62 miles and fast charge.

electric bike computer controller


Propietary bike controller with a smart computer provides all the electronics to help you ride smoothly, monitor every aspect of your trip, and keep you safe.

DesignBright Colors

cool, sport, trending

You have made the change to an all-electric bike, why not doing it in style? Cool designs in bright colors to feel proud of your e-bike and be the envy of your neighbors...and pretty much of everyone else.

DistinctFat Tires

power, fun, turn heads

We wanted to offer the coolest e-bikes so we created bright designs, but why stop there? Massive fat tires add up not only in grip power and control but in attention. Be ready to be in the spotlight wherever you go.


Make your Cyrusher look cooler and more fun with a complete collection of accessories tailored for each model.

Proud Owners

Hear from real Cyrusher bike owners around the world.


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