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Happy Rides: $300 OFF on selected bikes
Happy Rides: $300 OFF on selected bikes

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Save up to $300 OFF on selected bikes.
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BBC Reviews

XF900 featured in BBC3 Gassed Up

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The Reviews of electrek

XF650 what an amazing bike!

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The Reviews of Tuff

XF800 loved by tough fighters

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The Reviews of UFC

XF690 ridden by Champions

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The Reviews of Miss*usa

XF770 the choice of beauty finalists

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8 yrs

8 years shipping amazing bikes since 2014.


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8 Yrs

Make Amazing Bikes Since 2014


Happy Cyrusher Riders And Counting


In More Than 10 Countries

Making Rides Amazing

At Cyrusher we love to make bikes that look amazing and are fun to ride.

Our Mission

To create personal mobility products that look amazing and are fun to use, emboldening a new active lifestyle for the many people wherever they may be. Learn more.


Reviews from real Cyrusher bike owners around the world. Read More

I own 3 fat tire Cyrusher bikes. One thing I would say about Cyrusher is they are always striving to improve on every aspect of their business, they take it seriously and have come a long way.

Glen Orpheus

I just got back to Vegas and stopped by the Orleans Casino. My friend that runs the valet asked if he could try my XF800. These bikes are just amazing!

Jeff Meyer

I'm really happy with my Cyrusher. In the first month, I have saved £400 that I would have spent on fuel getting to work! I'm getting fitter and it turns heads, I'm constantly being asked "where did I get this bike."

Paul Sparkes

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    July 4, 2022

    Ebike: Cyrusher Kommoda VS. RadRunners Plus, How to Choose?

     With the increasing development of electronic bikes,the aim for providing more good product and good riding experience,Cyrusher had launched a brand-new product:Kommoda.Kommoda as the newest product in Cyrusher products line,Kommoda gets the almost 100% good rating for few months after entering...

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  • Step-Though Electric Bikes
    July 2, 2022

    Cyrusher Kommoda vs. Aventon Sinch Step-through ebike

    Cyrusher is one of the top rated electric bikes, and Cyrusher values and appreciates the love of customers for Kommoda.  Among the fat tire e-bike products, Kommoda’s design combines simplicity and comfort, attracting many people who are looking for a low stand height or easy access e-bike.
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  • ebike-cyrusher-xf690max-forest-tire pressure
    June 19, 2022

    What PSI do you all use in your tires

    Generally, narrower tires, heavier rider weight, and rougher terrain require more PSI. On the other hand, wider tires, lighter riders, and smoother terrain can reduce tire pressure. It can be seen that the ideal tire pressure mainly depends on three factors:
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