World's First Electric Snowboard

Cyrusher Ripple
Electric Snowboard

Embark on a thrilling snow adventure with the Ripple, the world's first electric snowboard. Featuring a powerful 3000W motor, advanced V1 controller, expertly engineered suspension, and a customized professional snowboard design, the Ripple delivers high-speed excitement, precision control, and unmatched performance on the snow-covered slopes. Get ready to experience the future of snowboarding with Ripple!

Seek New Path with Ripple

Top Speed: Up To 50km/h

15-20km Max Range

20% max. Slope

12.6Ah Molicel P42A 12S3P

The Pinnacle of Snowboarding Innovation

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Revolutionary Snowboarding Experience

The Cyrusher Ripple offers a unique and thrilling snowboarding experience, combining the traditional sport with advanced technology. Its electric propulsion, controlled via remote, allows for effortless gliding and maneuvering on snow. This feature is particularly appealing to those seeking new adventures in snow sports, offering a novel way to enjoy the slopes with enhanced speed and control.

Enhanced Accessibility and Ease of Use

The electric snowboard is ideal for a broad range of users, from beginners to those with physical limitations. The remote-controlled speed settings (up to 50 km/h) make it easier to manage the ride, providing assistance in maintaining balance and momentum. This ease of use lowers the entry barrier for new enthusiasts and offers a more accessible way for everyone to enjoy snowboarding.

Versatility and Extended Range

The Ripple’s design allows for use on different types of snow terrains, making it a versatile choice for various snowboarding locations. With a range of 15-20 km and multiple speed settings, it caters to both leisurely rides and more exhilarating adventures. This versatility, combined with the extended range, makes it an attractive option for those looking to explore different snowboarding experiences without the limitations of a traditional board.



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