E-Bike Tour with Cyrusher in Scottsdale

Reflecting on an amazing cycling event at Scottsdale Segway Tours

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Our Store
06/28/2024 Join us
Grand Opening Event in Salt Lake City
Our store in Salt Lake City opens on June 28th. Everyone is welcome to sign up and participate in our opening activities. On the day of the event, there will be surprise gifts, low discounts, new product test rides and a raffle.

Event Recaps

If a time capsule had wheels it would look something like this. Join us as we take a roll down memory lane to remember all the fun and exciting events Cyrusher has been a part of.
Group Ride
04/05/2024 1 Min Read
Tour Ride -Scottsdale AZ
A look back at an unforgettable day in Scottsdale! 🚴‍♂️ ✨ From the moment we arrived, we were excited and ready to explore the picturesque route. Test riding the stylish, powerful Kommoda bikes provided for us - a blast! And let's not forget the fabulous gifts such as customized keychain fridge stickers and hats, which added a touch of personalization to our cycling experience.

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