Cyrusher: The New Seeker

About Cyrusher

Our Origins: The Spark of "New"

At a certain point in our lives, we often find ourselves content with the familiar, believing that our journey has reached its zenith. But deep down, there's a persistent yearning for new possibilities, new growth, and new hope. This is where the story of Cyrusher begins— a tale of internal exploration and the spirit of innovation. Our founder embarked on this journey with an electric mountain bike, opening a door to the "new" innovation. He challenged himself and others, asking,

"How can a mountain bike not just be a mode of transport, but a tool to discover new ways of living, to inject fresh adrenaline into life? "


"What if these machines could unlock hidden passions, or lead us to places we never thought accessible?"


"How can we transform everyday journeys into extraordinary adventures?

"In what ways can our equipment connect us more deeply with the natural world?"...

These inquisitive thoughts led to the birth of Cyrusher.


Our Foundation: The "New" Pioneer

It was more than just a brand; it was a new chapter in the narrative of exploration, a call to those who yearned to experience the world in vibrant, new dimensions. Our founder's vision was clear: to create gear that wasn't just ridden or worn, but lived and breathed - gear was not meant to be merely used or adorned; it was designed to become a part of the adventurer, an integral component of their aspirations and their relentless pursuit of the undiscovered. The gear that becomes the daily reminder for them to be brave, be out there, to experience, to seek, to find joy in the unknown, to embrace every moment as an opportunity for growth and discovery, and to celebrate each step of the journey, no matter how small or daring. This is Cyrusher: not just a product, but a partner in the relentless pursuit of life's adventures.

The "New" Understanding of Our Name: Cyrusher

Cyrusher \Sigh-rush-er\, once a name synonymous with cycling, has evolved to embody a broader and more profound ethos, drawing inspiration from the concept of a cynosure.


The "Cy" in Cyrusher, inspired by "Cynosure," represents a beacon of innovation and excellence. We are dedicated to leading adventurers to new frontiers, constantly seeking and embracing the thrill of discovery. The "Rusher" in our name captures the essence of our community - those who move forward with eagerness and enthusiasm into the unknown.

Together, these elements coalesce to define the spirit of Cyrusher: a collective of bold pathfinders and passionate explorers.


Our Future: The "New" World

The story of Cyrusher is about exploration within. All true changes start from within. We believe in mind power. We believe that every individual has the capacity to redefine what 'new' means in their life.

Our narrative is not just about external adventures; it's about embarking on a personal odyssey, uncovering hidden facets of oneself, and awakening to new possibilities.

It is this core belief that shapes our vision of the future—a world where our gear transcends being mere tools; they become catalysts for connection, bridging the gap not only between people and places but also between dreams and reality.

We're committed to being at the forefront of this new change, offering innovations that aren't just advancements in technology, but advancements in how we live, explore, and interact with our world.

This is our pledge: to be the companions of those who dare to dream, to explore, and to discover, driving forward a world where the spirit of adventure is a path to our truest selves.