The Showdown of Step-Through EBike: Aventon Step-through Vs.Kommoda Vs.RadCity 5 Plus

The Showdown of Step-Through EBike: Aventon Step-through Vs.Kommoda Vs.RadCity 5 Plus

Sep 29, 2022

If the epidemic has changed a lot of things, then the most significant change is the way people travel. More and more people prefer personal travel, so ebikes have become the first choice for people to travel. The competition in the ebike industry is also very fierce. All ebikes and manufacturers are competing to promote new products. Step-through commuter ebikes are a newcomer in this industry. Here we have selected the best electric bikes 2022 for analysis and comparison. Maybe it can help you when you plan to buy an ebike!

Models Comparison



RadCity 5 Plus


48V, 15Ah

48V 14Ah

48V 14Ah






45 miles

50 miles

28-50 miles


28 mph

26 mph

20 mph

Pedal Assist

5 levels

5 levels

5 levels


4" Fat Tires

4" Fat Tire

27.5" x 1.95"


8 Speed

Shimano 7-gears




74 lbs



6061 Aluminum

6061 Aluminum

6061 aluminum



Front + Rear


Payload Capacity

400 lbs


275 lb


1 year

2 years

1 year





Style Design

When interacting with people, the direct reason for whether the other party can attract you is likely to be the first impression. This is especially true when we choose an ebike. There is still room for Step-through ebikes to increase the ebike market share, so Styles are also more limited. 

Aventon incorporates more eye-catching colors into the electric commuter bike style, which will be more attractive than ordinary black, white, and gray. The frame of this Step-through ebike is the big frame.

The design concept of Kommoda combines urban simplicity and cool colors. The built-in battery design makes it a beautiful scenery whether riding in the city or on the trails. The frame design is also more intimate and suitable for women, short people, or people with limited mobility.

RadCity 5 Plus still uses the classic black, white, and gray design with an external battery. It should be noted that if it is raining or riding in bad weather, the external battery may enter the water, so the exterior battery design may not be practical. 


Battery Motor

Batteries and motors are the most prominent points of difference between e-bikes and ordinary bicycles, and they are also the most important factors in measuring the performance of an ebike.

In terms of battery, Aventon has a large battery, 48V 15Ah. The motor can reach 720Wh, and the average cruising range per charge is 45 miles. Aventon also has a fast charging capability to increase the convenience of charging. There are also situations like the battery is easily damaged or aging too fast in a power bike.

The Kommoda is equipped with a 48V 14Ah battery and a 672Wh motor. The cruising range on a single charge can reach 50 miles, which is longer than that of the Aventon! The battery is waterproof and detachable, making it more convenient and convenient.

The RadCity 5 Plus is also equipped with a 48V 14Ah battery with a range of 50 miles, and the battery is also removable.


Speed and Cruise

Some professional and experienced ebike riders are very concerned about the speed and power specifications of an ebike. Brands that do well in speed and specifications greatly influence the ebike market.

The Aventon can carry a maximum load of 400 pounds and reach a top speed of 28 mph but has a range of only 45 miles.

Kommoda has achieved a perfect balance between endurance and speed, with a maximum load capacity of 350 pounds, a range of 50 miles, and a 5-level pedal assist system.

The Rad City 5 Plus is only 275Ibs, and although it can go up to 50 miles, the top speed is only 20mph.



The tire size affects the load-bearing capacity of the ebike, and the excellent shock absorption function can bring consumers a good riding experience.

Aventon is equipped with a suspension front fork, effectively reducing the discomfort caused by impact during riding.

RadCity 5 Plus with a shock-absorbing fork and fat tires for a smoother ride while going faster.

Based on the suspension front fork, Kommodo is equipped with a suspension rear fork, which improves the riding comfort of Kommoda to a level. Kommodo can also be used for mountain riding, even on remote trails and gravel roads. It will not stop Kommoda.


Other Spece

Aventon is equipped with a new backlit color screen, which is more innovative than the traditional black and white screen. You can view the status and information of the ebike can press the button to change the level of the ebike. Hydraulic disc brakes, eight gear positions to choose from.

Kommoda adopts a new generation of LCD color screens to more vividly display the driving status and information of e-bikes. It also has programmable functions, which can modify gears, voltage, speed, etc. More than ten functions are waiting for you to set, and Kommoda ebikes come with responsive hydraulic disc brakes, seven gears, and a couple.

RadCity 5 Plus uses a black and white display, and the screen size is relatively small and not easy to operate. The RadCity 5 Plus is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and seven gears like the Kommada, and there is no accompanying app yet.


Warranty Service

One of the essential services that most ebikes can provide customers is warranty service. Warranty can not only provide consumers with a guarantee of manufacturing quality but also enhance the influence of the brand. Warranty is also an important factor in whether consumers place an order.

The Aventon only offers a one-year warranty, which means the warranty is half that of the Cyrusher.

Cyrusher provides a two-year ebike warranty and a one-year battery warranty service for all e-bikes, reflecting Cyrusher's confidence in all its products and sincere customer service. On the other hand, this can also explain why Cyrusher's customer unit price is slightly higher.

Radpower ebike provides customers with one-year warranty service. Many ebikes are most likely to have problems when they are used for about a year. A shorter warranty period will bring a lot of unnecessary trouble.



The income of each person or family is different, and sometimes the price is a direct factor in the buyer's decision to buy. The prices of the RadCity 5 Plus and Aventon introduced above are the same, and the Kommoda is slightly more expensive at $400.

RadCity 5 Plus and Aventon prices are the same.

Although the price of Kommoda is a little higher, the cost-effectiveness and good service are not inferior to RadCity 5 Plus and Aventon, which is why Kommoda is so popular.


Customer Reviews

Overall score: 4.8

Cyrusher EBike Customer Reviews

Overall score: 4.8Aventon Customer Reviews

RadCity 5 Plus
Overall score: 4.7

RadCity 5 Plus Electric Commuter Bike Customer Reviews



RadCity 5 Plus

Suspension Front Fork




Rear Suspension




Colorful LCD Display




Fully Programmable



Overall rating

The appearance design of Kommoda is more fashionable, and the frame design is suitable for the public. It is suitable for urban women to commute and very suitable for short people or people with limited mobility. Kommoda has a perfect balance between shape and performance, speed and endurance. While meeting many needs of riders, it has front and rear suspension functions, not only on the road but also suitable for various terrains. Cyrusher gives each rider a two-year ebike warranty and a one-year battery warranty.

Aventon's exterior design is aesthetically pleasing. Compared with ordinary ebikes, Aventon ebikes have better performance and functions. The shock-absorbing front fork, fat tires and eight gears can be switched. Of course, it is used for Commuting and doesn't need to be fast. Very suitable for office workers. Free one-year warranty service.

RadCity 5 Plus:★★★
The Rad City 5 Plus has a classic design, is very light, and can go up to 50 miles on a single charge. Free one-year warranty service.


Finally, hope this ebike comparison analysis helps you choose a Step-Through ebike.

Objectively speaking, sometimes, price should not limit the choice of a good ebike. Just imagine, if you buy an ebike for nearly $2,000, the warranty period is only one year, and your ebike breaks down after one year. You need to pay and repair it.

If it is not repaired and you need to buy a new ebike, why not buy an ebike with better performance and considerate service?


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