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All Terrain Electric Bike Choice: Cyrusher XF900 VS. Juiced Bikes Rip Current S. Which Is the Best Electric Fat Tire Bike?

Jul 25, 2022

Riders with a passion for cycling need an electric fat tire bike for off-road racing or cycling in different terrain. For this reason, fat tire electric bikes are becoming popular today. In addition, environmental changes and the growing demand for environmentally friendly and fun ways to travel are supporting the growth of the electric bike industry in an increasing number of countries and regions. The market for electric bicycles offers consumers a choice of many types of electric bicycles. A comparative analysis is made between the Cyrusher and the same brand e-bikes to give riders a clearer understanding of the differences between brands and electric bikes. The purpose of this comparison is to help manufacturers find future improvements and upgrades to their electric trail bikes from the strengths and weaknesses of these products and to help customers make a more rational analysis of the features, design, and specifications of their bikes so that they can make a safer and more practical shopping choice.

This article will focus on the comparison of all-terrain fat tire electric bikes. Comparing the two electric fat tire bikes for all-terrain environments, the CyrusherXF900 and Juiced Bikes Rip Current S. With the differences between the electric fat-tire bicycles, one will be preferred by fat-tire e-bike enthusiasts? The article will analyze the performance and configuration of the fat tire e-bike suitable for all-terrain from the perspective of the different perspectives of the analysis to discover some exciting features of the electric bike great for all-terrain together!

The fat tire electric bikes choice: Cyrusher XF900 vs. Juiced Bikes Rip Current S

(Left picture is: Cyrusher XF900 On the right is: Juiced Bikes Rip Current S )

Brief Introduction

The Juiced Bikes Rip Current S is classified in the market segment as a fat tire e-bike with a relatively large motor and battery. This e fat bike has been recently upgraded with some features, but its performance has not been tested more profoundly and comprehensively.

The Cyrusher XF900, also an electric fat tire bike, is a type of top rated electric bikes suitable for use in all terrain. It also offers perfect suspension to achieve stability and a comfortable riding experience and stands out in terms of riding range and power output. It has certain competitiveness in the market as well as a fan base of cycling hobbyists.

Here is a review video of the Cyrusher XF900, you can simply check it out.

First, cyclists will pay more attention to the performance of electric fat tire bikes that can cope with an all-terrain riding environment. Therefore, the perspective of this comparison will focus on the performance comparison of the two fat tire electric bikes. The data presented in the table below provides a clear picture of the performance strengths and weaknesses of the two bikes.

Performance comparison


Juiced Bikes


Rip Current S


750W Bafang
electric motor
(1500W peak)

1,000W Rear Gear Hub (1,300W Peak)


48v, 17ah lithium-ion removable battery

52V/19.2Ah battery


Half twist throttle

Thumb Throttle


54.6V 2Ah Smart Charger

2Amp Charger

Pedal Assist

5 levels

5 levels


50-62 miles

70+ Miles


Shimano 7-Speed

9-Speed Cassette

Bike Weight




28 MPH

28 MPH

Carry Capacity





(Cyrusher XF900)

Advantages: higher peak motor performance

Disadvantage: lower base motor power

(Juiced Bikes Rip Current S)

Advantage: the power of the motor is larger

Disadvantage: the motor tends to overheat when climbing


(Cyrusher XF900)

Advantage: the battery is relatively fast in the charging speed

Disadvantages: battery power will affect the riding range

(Juiced Bikes Rip Current S)

Advantage: the battery is rather large

Disadvantage: the battery charging time will increase

The statistics and information above show consumers the differences and similarities between the two types of electric bikes. If you are looking for information on electric bikes in terms of motor and battery, then you can observe that the Juiced Bikes Rip Current S has a higher motor power than the Cyrusher XF900. Most riders of all-terrain e-bikes may prefer a more powerful motor, but a motor with too much force may overheat during long climbs, which is a safety concern. The Juiced Bikes Rip Current S uses a 1000W rear hub motor, but some states or regions do not allow 1000W motors to be used on the road, according to some US e-bike laws. Imagine what a shame it is when you spend over $2000 on a powerful e-bike and can't ride it where you want to go. In contrast, Cyrusher’s motor shows the advantage that its 750W power motor is allowed in most riding conditions and can reach higher peaks in specific race conditions than the original high power motor.

Juiced Bikes Rip Current S has a larger battery compared to the size of the battery. But as mentioned earlier, Juiced Bikes has a large power motor, which means it also consumes more power, so it seems that a large part of the Juiced Bikes Rip Current S battery needs to service its powerful motor. While its battery lasts a certain amount of time, the more critical point riders need to consider is whether the battery can be recharged more quickly. Cyrusher’s fat tire e-bike has a slightly smaller battery, and with a good charge, the battery is not an essential factor in speed and range. It has a rather unusual design with an easy-to-use USB charging port on the battery if you need to set your GPS or cell phone, which is an excellent option for riders who ride outdoors.

A man riding Cyrusher XF900

In addition to the motor and battery, some fat tire bike enthusiasts seek other auxiliary performance. The differences between the two electric fat tire bikes can also be found in the data sheet.

  • Throttle Setting:

    The Cyrusher XF900 uses a half twist throttle, while the Juiced Bikes Rip Current S uses a thumb throttle. The half-twist throttle is designed for better control among the adventure-loving rider community and allows for quicker launches in cross-country races adapted to top rated electric bikes. Although the choice between half-twist and thumb throttle is based on the rider's usage habits, when you are in the middle of a competition, Cyrusher’s half-twist throttle can help you launch your electric bike in the most convenient way possible, allowing you to win at the starting line.
  • Bike Weight:

    The rider’s weight is a concern when choosing a fat tire e-bike. Both e-bikes are sturdy enough for all-terrain riders to carry out different adventures. Nonetheless, the Cyrusher XF900 is lighter than the Juiced Bikes Rip Current S, which saves some power in pedal assisted mode and reduces rider power consumption.
  • Weight Capacity:

    Comparing the weight capacity of the two fat tire e-bikes, the Cyrusher has a higher weight capacity, which is another way to use the new electric bike. It can carry more goods and supplies during long rides.

rugged terrain and Cyrusher XF900 ebike

As you can see from the comparison of some of the performance and accessories of the two electric bikes, their attributes are very similar. But to present the characteristics of the two electric fat tire bikes more clearly and make a better comparison. The table below shows the subtle differences between the two bikes in a simple way.

Cyrusher XF900

Juiced Bikes Rip Current S

Front Suspension

Rear Suspension


Rear Light


Optional Rim


Air Pump






In the comparison table above, you can see some different characteristics of the two cars.

Suspension Mechanism

The difference in suspension is the significant difference between the Cyrusher XF900 and the Juiced Bikes Rip Current S. the Juiced Bikes Rip Current S fat tire electric bike is equipped with an air suspension fork at the front end. Most electric fat bikes on the market do not have dual suspension. However, the Cyrusher XF900 has a complete shock fork and rear suspension. The Cyrusher XF900 has an attractive motorcycle-style fork, an oil-spring suspension with 110mm of travel, preload adjustment, and a locking feature that allows the rider to lock it in place when climbing hills. The rider can lock it in place and turn on the damping function when the rider needs to go downhill to cushion the impact from the ground. At the same time, the Cyrusher XF900 has an additional rear spring suspension, which provides more efficient protection for the rider on bumpy terrain, reducing the impact on the rider's rear back from terrain bumps for maximum comfort.

Air Pump

The Cyrusher XF900 and the Juiced Bikes Rip Current S are not equipped with an air pump, while the Cyrusher’s accessories box contains the air pump needed for the Fat Tire.

Cyrusher full suspension ebike with motorcycle-style fork

Price and Service

Cyrusher XF900

Juiced Bikes Rip Current S





2 Years

1 Year


Based on the price and warranty comparison between the two bikes and the use, as mentioned earlier, of Cyrusher’s full suspension for all-terrain fat-tire e-bikes, it is clear that it is a relatively good value for the money. The Cyrusher brand’s two-year warranty will give the rider peace of mind that the bike will be damaged over some rugged terrain. When it comes to service, Cyrusher’s pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services also significantly meet the needs of customers. In addition, there are local professional services for riders to help customers feel the performance of electric bikes more realistically.

The fat tire e-bike enthusiast is also essential for the comfort of the accessories of the E-bike. By comparing Cyrusher and Juiced Bikes, some supplements can make your cycling adventure more enjoyable.


Cyrusher XF900

Juiced Bikes Rip Current S


Flat Handlebar

Upright Handlebar


3.7" LCD display

LCD Display


Front Light (250 lumen LED)

1,050 Lum LED & Star Union Rear LED


Breathable ergonomic
sport cushion seat

Selle Royal | A306 URO


6061 Aluminum

full suspension frame

Custom Aluminum Heat-Treated


Tektro/Zoom hydraulic 160/180mm disc brakes front + rear

Hydraulic Disc Brakes


Chaoyang 26" x 4" puncture-resistant fat tires

26"x4" Fat Tires


Front Suspension fork with lockout and adjustment
& Rear spring suspension

Front Air Suspension

Rim Color




Regarding accessories, the two e-bikes are not very different from each other. In the category of fat tire electric bikes, they are designed to meet the needs of riders with their tire size and puncture resistance. Both electric fat tire bikes are equipped with LCD displays. The Cyrusher’s bright display is programmable and works with the mechanical pedal system to customize speed and other safety settings. Also, the Cyrusher and Juiced Bikes have saddles that provide for all-terrain riding conditions consistent with a comfortable ride. The side-by-side comparison table also shows some differences in the design of the two e-bikes.

  • Handlebar Design: The Cyrusher XF900 has a flat handlebar, while the Juiced Bikes Rip Current S has an upright handlebar. Generally speaking, upright handlebars are designed to reduce the pressure on the rider’s wrists. But for electric fat bikes, Cyrusher’s flat handlebars allow the rider to put weight on the front of the e-bike for steep XC style climbs on varying terrain.
  • Rim Colors: Compared to the Juiced Bikes Rip Current S which has only one rim, the Cyrusher's rims come in more color options. Everyone's preferences are different, and the Cyrusher XF900 offers three different rim colors to meet the importance of other people. Colorful rims can make the rider's electric bike more distinctive, and when you ride the Cyrusher, the colorful rims make you more eye-catching.
  • Brakes: Both electric fat tire bikes use hydraulic disc brakes, which allow the rider to quickly and smoothly obtaining a pause during high-speed riding activities. The Cyrusher is more prominent for its front and rear brakes, so safety is improved to a greater extent.
  • Light: Juiced Bikes Rip Current S is equipped with a large headlight and rear light, compared to the Cyrusher with an additional tail light design to provide more night-riding security. Note that the tail light on the Rip Current S is independent, which means you have to turn it off and on manually, so the rider may not run out of battery during the ride from turning on the tail light for a long time.

sunset, man and Cyrusher XF900 Electric fat-tire bike

The Cyrusher XF900 Electric Fat Tire Bike and Juiced Bikes Rip Current S Electric Bike both tend to provide riders with a comfortable fat tire e-bike riding experience by maximizing the contact area between the tires and the ground. Their batteries and motors give riders a substantial power output during the ride, allowing riders who love to ride to enjoy different environments. During the above comparison of Cyrusher XF900 and Juiced Bikes Rip Current S, the two also show some other features. Although the Juiced Bikes Rip Current S has undergone some functional adjustments, the difference in comparison indicates that the Cyrusher XF900 continues to grow steadily in the smoky competitive market of electric fat bikes, showing its excellent performance and gaining support from a group of customers. One of the main reasons that make Cyrusher stand out in the electric fat bike market and attract many fans is its powerful motor and battery combination, full suspension, and unique look. In addition, its motor and battery can also withstand the adventures you need. Additional features include a more comprehensive selection of colors and a handlebar design that is more conducive to off-road racing. The Cyrusher is an excellent value for most fat tire electric bike riders.

Overall, after a comparative analysis with the Juiced Bikes Rip Current S, you will prefer the excellent performance shown by the CyrusherXF900. If you are looking for a more than 2000 dollars fat electric tire bike, there are some higher-priced all-terrain fat tire electric bikes on the market. But at Cyrusher, you can get a satisfying and versatile fat tire e-bike with full suspension for an economical price, so why not go for the best value?

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