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What Are the Benefits of Fat Tire E-Bikes?

Jul 17, 2022

People are probably familiar with electric bicycles, but they may be attracted to electric bikes with fat tires when they see them on the road. In most people’s habits, e-bikes are visible in the form of thin tires. For curiosity’s sake, the attractive wide tires of fat-tire electric mountain bike give an unusual and stylish look.

Here is a review of the Cyrusher Fat Tire Electric Bike that you can take a moment to view.

Fat tire e-bikes have existed in the field of electric bicycles for a long time ago. Through the history of innovation and change, the fat tire electric bike has been widely introduced into the electric assist bike market. Why use fat tires? Is it just because the broader tires are more attractive? You know, it can exist in the category of electric bicycle accessories for a long time, then it must have its unique style. As people understand the usefulness of the fat tire e-bike, the fat tire ebike has gained many fans. There are benefits to electric bikes. After all, the potential of fat tire electric bikes is unlimited and needs time to be explored. This article will discuss the benefits of fat tire e-bikes from different angles. It may not be exhaustive, but to a certain extent, it will be able to give you a sense of the charm of fat tire e-bikes.

Two people next to the grass  with Cyrusher XF900 and XF650

First, before you realize the benefits of fat-tire e-bikes, learn what a fat-tire e-bike is.

What is the definition of a fat tire e-bike?

Fat tire e-bike, as the name implies, it is an electric bike that has fat tires. But how are fat tires defined in the bicycle market? The differences between fat tires and regular tires are the size of the tires. Fat-tire electric bicycle tire is wider than the standard electric bicycle tire. Its tires are typically 3.8 inches (97 mm) wide or more significant. This comprehensive design is specifically designed for low ground pressure. Its rims are 2.16 inches (55 mm) or wider. In the market for electric bikes, you may find more 4-inch, 4.5-inch, or 5-inch tire widths. And the typical wheel diameter will probably be 20 inches to 26 inches in size. These sizes allow fat tire e-bikes to be ridden on loose, unstable terrain such as snow, sand, gravel, and swampy areas. Wide tires are used at inflated pressures like Cyrusher’s e-bike's fat tires allow a maximum air pressure of 20 PSI (which cannot be exceeded), allowing for a smooth ride over difficult obstacles for most riders.

The frame with wide forks and brackets is built to accommodate the wide rims needed to fit these tires. The reason is that fat tires have a more significant difference in the width of the tires and the size of the rims than regular thin tire e-bikes. The design of the e-bike is equipped with a broader front fork, which makes the fat tire e-bike more coordinated, and allows the fat tire e-bike to have more vertical space. At the same time, it reduces the friction between the tire and the bracket.

Without a closer inspection, the difference between the fat tire and the standard tire size is not too big, but the fact is that the fat tire changes the performance of the e-bike and the riding experience. Here are two different Cyrusher models, the XF900 and the Kommoda, with different rim sizes but the same tire widths.

The fat tire size of Cyrusher XF900:26*4

The fat tire of Cyrusher XF900

The fat tire size of Cyrusher kommoda:20*4

The fat tire of Cyrusher kommoda

 From the above information about the size of the two fat tire e-bikes, it can be simply seen that the purpose of the wide tires is for the rider to get a larger contact surface during the ride, obviously with a safer ride in mind. In addition, the fat tire design also has specific uses and benefits for the durability and stability aspects of riding. Here are some brief benefits of electric fat tire bikes.

  • Fat tire electric bicycles are suitable for all-terrain riding.
  • Wide tires have more traction.
  • Can adapt to different seasonal conditions.
  • More effective exercise opportunities.
  • Suitable for novice riders to get a more comfortable riding experience.

These advantages of an e-bike with wide tires are of greater interest than the typical electric bike with thin tires. Fat tires are very versatile. If you’re looking for a fat tire e-bike to ride, read on to get more details about the advantages of fat tire electric bicycles.

Benefit One: All Terrain Adaptability

As mentioned earlier, the fat tire e-bike expands the tire’s width, increasing the tire's surface area in contact with the ground. This advantage makes fat tires the preferred choice for all-terrain e-bike tires. The benefits of the fat tire e-bike can be seen according to the characteristics of different terrains.

Characteristics of snow: This terrain is cold, slippery, and easily covered with snow.

Characteristics of sandy land: Loose sandy soil is more abundant.

Characteristics of swampy land: water accumulates all year round, and the soil is too wet. Easy to collapse.

Characteristics of gravel road: The terrain is bumpy, and easy to encounter obstacles.

A man rides a Cyrusher kommoda uphill in the forest

Benefits of fat tires:

The fat tire electric bike’s wide tires are set up to allow the rider to ride on soft surfaces. The fat tire electric bike can break through it all, whether it be snow, swamp, or gravel terrain. Snowy or gravelly landscape can make it impossible for a thin tire bike to achieve a stable ride. The fat tire e-bike has a broader tire size, which increases traction by creating a larger contact surface between the tire and the ground, allowing the rider to reduce bumps on rough terrain and the risk of slipping. As the climate changes and the length of the cold winter months increases, the demand for electric fat tire bike by riders increases. Outdoor riding in winter has also become more accessible because of fat tire e-bikes. Imagine a winter ride planned, and it’s snowing heavily in your area, causing excessive snow on the roads. When you choose to ride a fat-tire e-bike, the snow is pressured by the weight of the fat tires, making the track of the e-bike cut into the snowy ground over a large area. This seems to make the snowy surface no longer challenging to drive on, allowing you to keep moving steadily on snowy winter roads.

For loose sandy terrain, riding an e-bike with fat tires can be more comfortable, with the tires absorbing inevitable bumps and not slipping or sinking on loose surfaces. The fat tire electric bicycle is also well suited for beach sand cruising, as it gives the rider more effective control on loose sand with a larger contact surface. In addition, fat tires are great for gravel terrain with many obstacles. For example, the Cyrusher XF800 fat tire e-bike has a 26-inch diameter tire that is 4 inches wide. As you can see in the picture below, there are some very distinctive patterns on the tire’s surface. This design allows the rider to ride on bumpy gravel roads with minor damage to the tire. When encountering puncturing objects, such as broken glass and sharp stones, the wide tread provides the weight pressure to break through these objects, reducing the possibility of a blowout and allowing the rider to ride more safely.

A man rides a Cyrusher XF800

Benefit Two: Fat tires have excellent stability

Fat-tire electric bikes come to mind when you want a challenging, twisty adventure. In many off-road challenges, the most important thing a rider can do is to maintain stable control over rough terrain. The fat-tire electric trail bike can reduce the rider’s energy expenditure with adequate air pressure. The wide tires allow the rider to corner at high speeds while maintaining control. The thickness of the tires is thick enough to withstand high-intensity off-road adventures, and the camber on the wheels can withstand rough surfaces for a stable riding experience.

In addition, the fat tires require more fantastic rim support due to their greater width. This also means larger tires can give the rider a higher roll speed. For rough roads, the high roll speed can go over obstacles faster.

Benefit Three: Friendly to riders who exercise all year round

If you are an athlete, riding a fat-tire E-bike is good for you. As mentioned earlier, fat tire e-bikes are adaptable to all terrains. This is another aspect that confirms the ability of electric fat tire bikes to adapt to different seasonal changes. Fat tires can ride in many other weather conditions. Whether a snowy road or a slippery mud trail, fat tires give you peace of mind for a stable ride. When riders face different riding conditions, riders can set at low PSI, increasing grip and providing a stable ride with extra damping. As long as the tire pressure is adjusted at an appropriate PSI state, you don't need to worry about slipping or sinking in the mud or snow. If you don’t know much about adjusting PSI for fat tire e-bikes, you can refer to this PSI adjustment guide from Cyrusher. For people who love sports, the change of weather brings the trouble of not being able to exercise citation fat-tire e-bike has been solved to a great extent.

Benefit Four: Riding E-Bikes Exercise to Greater Effect

Although fat tires add to the overall weight of the electric bike when going uphill, it is no big deal for an electric bike with a powerful motor system. Compared to a regular e-bike, a fat-tire e-bike is more like a representative that can persevere relentlessly. It may not be as fast, with the broader tires making more contact with the ground, providing excellent traction and allowing the rider to climb the hills and sprint towards the final destination at their own steady pace. In other words, when you choose an e-bike with thinner tires, you may win on uphill speed over a fat-tire e-bike, but you’ll be bruised and battered on the ride. When you choose a more stable fat-tire e-bike, you enjoy the fun of building up your strength during the ride to take your favorite e-bike for a sprint, steadily surpassing records in terms of speed challenges step by step, getting a long-lasting companionship. At this time, how will you choose? A fat tire electric bicycle is the best support partner for more practical exercise.

A man cruising on a Cyrusher XF900 by the beach

Benefit Five: Make new riders more confident

Electric fat tire bikes are increasingly becoming the choice of novice because of their excellent stability. Fat tire electric bicycles can give you better balance and reduce the possibility of injury for beginners. For new riders taking on challenging trails for the first time, fat tire e-bikes can stably carry the rider with wide tires in contact with the ground. The fat tires absorb a portion of the bumps in the ground to a certain extent, enhancing the new rider's enjoyment of the ride and making the riding process more confident.

Men riding Cyrusher XF690maxs on the trail

Fat tire bicycles have different branches depending on their use. Cyrusher’s electric fat tire bicycles have existed in the market for almost eight years and played an advantage among many cyclists. The following will briefly introduce several common types of fat tire electric bicycles according to the product differences. Fat tire ebike can be used for fishing and family excursions. Fat tires show advantages on different terrains and can be used for beach riding. The Cyrusher’s XF690 maxs is a very convenient model.

Step-Through Fat Tire E-bikes: Some fat tire e-bikes are designed to be more convenient to ride with Step-Through Fat Tire E-bikes. For example, Cyrusher kommoda’s step-through e-bike is a low-profile design that provides convenience for groups with limited mobility and is popular with many e-bike riders.

Full-Suspension Fat Tire E-bikes: Full suspension fat tire bikes are fat tire e-bikes that cover both the front fork suspension and the rear suspension. Although fat tires can reduce the bumps encountered on the road to a certain extent. However, if you want to try a tough off-road challenge, choosing the best fat tire electric bike with dual suspension is better to be more safely protected during jumps and impacts during the ride.

Hard-tail Fat Tire E-bike: A hard-tail fat tire e-bike is sufficient for most riders. Because the fork damping plus the fat tire itself absorbs some of the impacts on the road, it is more appropriate for entry-level electric fat tire bike riders.

The fat tire e-bike, with its excellent stability and eye-catching design, has brought together electric bicycle enthusiasts. By studying the benefits of this type of e-bike, even some outdoor cycling explorers have started to explore the off-road routes of fat tire e-bikes in various regions. Cyrusher, as a specialized fat tire e-bike brand, many types of fat tire e-bikes can be good choice!