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E-Bikes are the Main Force of Low-Carbon Life

Jul 15, 2022

When the glaciers melt and Sea-level rises, when the dust and smog still do not dissipate, when the garbage that generated by human beings is becoming a stress on the earth, when the variety of the creatures is decreasing, and when the homeland disappears.

In the era of diversification of transportation, more and more people tend to choose the low-carbon transportation. So what exactly is low carbon? Therefore, we need to understand the concept of low carbon. Low carbon means that with the development of the industrial economy and the sharp increase in labor, everyone inevitably participates in the emission of carbon dioxide. The emission of carbon dioxide is increasing, and the ozone layer is being destroyed. The global crisis are arising ,have seriously endangered the living environment and health and safety of human beings. When we know low carbon, we will understand that low carbon is closely related to human activities. The implementation of low-carbon life and green riding is a thing that we need to do and do well.

Cyrusher XF650Cyrusher XF650

The good news is that more and more people choose to travel by ebike instead of large vehicles that occupy a lot of space and consume high energy. And it depends on the structure and function of the ebike. There are many types of ebikes, including mountain bikes, road bikes and folding bikes. Although there are various types, the structure and design of ebike is similar. First of all, just like the name of the ebike, the structure of the ebike is based on the ordinary bicycle, and there is an extra battery. Don't underestimate this battery, driving this powerful ebike, can take you for a few hours (for some riders, If you want your legs to rest, you can directly turn on the power and control the direction to accelerate), and the design of the battery on the ebike is special. For example, some designers will put the battery inside the bike (more space-saving), Some will be designed on the outside. Second, on the basis of ordinary bikes, most ebike will add a suspension system on the front and rear wheels. It is an amazing design. Its existence can make ebike run more stably on different roads, especially on some uneven roads, or special road conditions full of gravel and stones. In addition, the design of ebikes will add front and rear lights on the basis of bike. For some situation that need to drive in dark environments, it can better illuminate the vision of the rider and reduce the occurrence of some traffic accidents.

Cyrusher XF690Cyrusher XF690 MAXS

In fact, ebike is an brand-new and low carbon transportation tools. With the function of convenience, economy and low carbon, they provide people with choices for short and medium distance travel. By implementing the concept of green emission reduction, The relationship between ebike and human being is more and more closer, and the application scenarios are varies. In many big cities, such as commuting Bus and subway is a common tool in the city, but the number of passengers is crowded, so some people are inclined to ride ebikes, and ebike can offer you an amazing riding experience.It is very convenient to ride the ebike for shopping. For destinations with relatively short distances, if you go shopping alone, Riding ebike is a faster and easier way to do. You can see a group of people riding ebike  in the shopping plaza. People riding ebike can save more time for people to experience leisure. You can also take a look at the people riding ebike. They ride without any effort. They are more like floating on the ebike . As light as a magpie flying in the air.The last point is that riding ebike is inseparable from people's leisure and entertainment. In this fast-developing Internet world, everyone is under a certain amount of pressure, so we will have some rest time to decompress, which also can improve our work efficiency. Recreation always goes well with ebike riding. One can ride very fast and freely, and there is a feeling of leaving the whole world behind. A group of people can ride for fun, explore the scenery along the way, and compete in speed with your friends. You can ride an ebike to the most prosperous city center, or you can go to the stone alleys in the ancient town, you can speed up on the urban bicycle lane, or you can go slowly on the winding mountain road. you can experience the small steep slopes that are difficult to ride, or you can go to the small slopes that can run smoothly, you will experience the riding experience like a slide.

Cyrusher XF900Cyrusher XF900

Low-carbon riding is accepted and advocated by more and more people. ebikes improve travel efficiency for everyone and save a lot of precious time for riders. Low-carbon emissions are becoming less and less, and the use of private cars is also decreasing. The city also provides special roads for ebike and can better ensure the safety of riders. It is worth mentioning that the popular use of ebike can better promote the healthy development of the electric bicycle industry and help the construction of smart cities. At the same time, more jobs will be created.

According to the survey, more than 90% of users believe that ebikes are more environmental friendly, low-carbon, faster, more time-saving and more cost-effective than most big vehicles. ebikes are a popular product all over the world, because no matter what age you are, you can ride your ebike. For teens under 16, this will be another fun new skill for you to learn, and for adults, you'll love this fun, stress-relieving and exercising thing, and by the way, cycling can also make you Finding a group of funny partners and can also lead you to find your lover. For those aged 40-50, this is a good activity to keep fit and allow you to experience the feeling of youth.

Riding ebike is not just a form of entertainment, it is also a sport, and the benefits of riding an ebike are almost as endless as the long roads you explore. And if you're thinking about getting into riding and comparing it to other sports, then we'll tell you that riding an ebike is the best option.

A YMCA study showed that people who were physically active had 32% better health than those who were inactive. Exercise can elevate your mood in many ways: the basic release of adrenaline and endorphins, as well as the boost of confidence that comes with achieving a new goal, such as completing an exercise or getting close to it. Cycling combines physical activity with outdoor activities to explore new landscapes. You can ride alone: giving you time to deal with troubles or worries; or you can ride with a group that broadens your social circle.

Cycling raises your heart rate, fills your body with blood, burns your calories, and reduces your chances of being overweight. As such, it is one of a range of forms of exercise recommended by the NHS to reduce the risk of major diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Earlier this year, a study by the University of Glasgow revealed new evidence: Researchers studied more than 260,000 people over a five-year period and found that cycling to work could cut a driver's risk of heart disease or cancer in half . Dr. Jason Gill of the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences commented: "Cycling for all or part of the journey to work is associated with a lower risk of adverse health outcomes."

Cycling also has the added benefit of losing weight. The simple formula for weight loss is "calories must exceed calories". So you need to consume more calories than you eat to lose weight. Cycling Burns Calories: Between 400 and 1000 per hour, depending on intensity and rider weight. Of course, there are other factors: the calories you burn will be affected by how often you recover; the quality of your sleep is also a factor; and of course, how many calories you burn will also be affected by how much you enjoy the exercise you choose. If you like to ride an ebike, you will burn calories. If you eat too well, you should lose weight.

If you ask some pedestrians a question about “ What can you do for the low carbon living ” on the road, eight out of ten people will tell you riding ebikes is good way to keep low carbon living. If I ask you” What can you do for the low carbon living? ”What is your suggestion?

We strongly recommend this Cyrusher XF900 for you:

Cyrusher XF900

Cyrusher XF900

  • 48V 17AHBattery(High capacity, Waterproof)

Powered by a 48v, 17ah, lithium-ion removable battery that lasts 35-62 miles on a full charge, the Cyrusher XF900 is capable of going wherever your adventures take you. In case you need to charge a GPS or cell phone, we added an easily accessible USB charging port right on the battery.

  • 750W Motor(With 80Nm Max Torque, 1200W Max Output)

Ready, go! Its max output 1200 watts powerful Bafang motor allows you to run at versatility speed, and on assisted mode, cruise around with little to no effort.

  • Motorcycle Style Fork Suspension

Oil-spring suspension has 110mm of travel, preload adjustment, and lockout.

  • Zoom Full Hydraulic Brakes

Equipped it with giant 180mm full hydraulic disc brakes, complete with motor cutoff capabilities.


Extra rear spring suspension for maximum comfort.


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