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How to perfectly avoid the pit of picking an Electric Bike

Jul 14, 2022

People looking for an easy workout or looking for an adventure find a power bike to suit their needs. These distinctive bikes feature batteries and motors that allow the rider to go faster and farther with less effort than conventional bikes. As a green way of travel, it has many advantages, such as weight loss, exercise, outdoor adventures, and short commutes in the city.

Electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular among many people. If you are considering buying, please keep reading; if you just bought it, you can correspond to the following parameters about electric cycles, have you stepped on the thunder?

Detail of the kommoda Electric Bike

The part should be most concerned about is the battery and motor as one of the most expensive organizational structures.

The battery: The units are volts and ampere-hour. Compared with volts, we can find that the low-priced e bicycles on the market may have 36V batteries. What does this mean? The smaller the volt, the less energy the battery has, and the smaller the riding range, making it challenging to support the commuting needs; the higher the ampere-hour, the longer the battery runs and the longer the driving distance.

Motor: The unit is watts. The larger the wattage, the stronger the power and the faster the speed. Most electric bicycles use in-wheel motors. Pay attention to whether the rear tires are out of air. If you drive in a state of air shortage, hitting an unknown hard object will easily damage the motor. Due to the general waterproof of the motor, riders should mainly not drive in deep water or urban water accumulation areas. Replacing a motor is not a small expense.

Torque: Refers to the torque output by the motor from the crank end. The larger it is, the higher the motor output, which means that the load capacity of the car is stronger within a certain range. It can well adapt to rough riding conditions on the road, such as undulating terrain, mountain off-road, and so on. Most electric cycles on the market have an average torque of around 60Nm, while products of Cyrusher are all 80Nm. Due to the different models, the wattage power varies.

Tires: Tires over 4 inches or larger are called fat tires. Fat tire electric bicycles can be used for various terrains, with solid traction and grip, and some fat tires are puncture-resistant.

Front Fork Suspension: Attach the frame to the tires. The front fork settings of many electric cycles are similar to the telescopic front forks of motorcycles, which can absorb shock well on rough road to satisfy the rider's daily smooth riding. Some productions today also add rear spring suspension at the back to increase the maximum comfort for the rider.

Disc Brakes: There are two types one is mechanical disc brakes, and the other is hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes have high sensitivity and strong ability; oil is the medium, pressure is applied to the brake lever, and the force passes through the oil pipe through the caliper, pushing the piston in the caliper driving the brake disc. Hydraulic discs dissipate heat very well, while mechanical disc brakes heat up quickly, lose balance easily, and are less safe.

Transmission: There are currently two different shifting types: mechanical shifting and electronic shifting. Shimano Electronic Shifting eliminates the need for traditional levers and machine cables while riding, shifting via electronic switches. Electric bicycles like Cyrusher are equipped with Shimano 7-speed flywheel system, combined with a 5-level auxiliary pedal system, bringing a more comprehensive speed combination, which can find the pedaling rhythm that matches your speed according to the actual situation, giving the rider more speed. Comfortable and efficient experience.

Throttle: divided into thumb throttle, half twist throttle, and full twist throttle. Using the thumb throttle or full twist throttle for a long time can easily cause the rider's wrist soreness. The half twist throttle can prevent this from happening, and is safer than the full twist throttle.

E-bike Accessories: Riders will be keen to decorate their bike with accessories such as adding fenders, pannier bags, and racks. But many brands of e-bike accessories need to be purchased separately, and I found that Cyrusher accessories are free, such as fenders and racks. This saves the rider the time and money spent rediscovering the right accessories. And all of its e-bikes come with 250-lumen headlights and brake taillights, which improve the safety of night driving.

A man goes camping with Cyrusher XF800

Pay attention to the size of the power bike: It is not unreasonable for the store to mark the size on the page details. We have to make a reasonable choice according to our own situation. If a small person chooses a model with high height requirements, it will be difficult to get on, and off the bike, it will be difficult to feel comfortable during riding, and the wrong posture of riding for a long time will cause the spine and the spine. Damage to the neck. When buying a power bike, be sure to consult the store with your height data. Although the seat height can be adjusted, the frame size cannot be changed, so take a close look at the size chart in the detailed drawing and compare it with the actual situation. Then you can get a frame that suits you best.

Regulations on electric bicycles

Each state has a different definition of an electric bike, mainly defined by pedals and motors less than 750 watts, which fall into three categories:

Class 1 electric cycle: An e-bike equipped with a motor that runs as soon as the rider pedals and stops when the speed reaches 20 miles per hour.

Class 2 Electric Bikes: Bikes equipped with a motor that can be driven without pedaling, with no assistance from the motor when the speed reaches 20 miles per hour.

Class 3 Electric Bikes: Equipped with a speedometer and pedal-assist motor that stops assisting when the speed reaches 28 miles per hour.

In addition, states have helmet-wearing requirements, e bicycle registration, licensing and insurance requirements, and licensing and operating requirements. For example California, Georgia, Louisiana, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia require riders of three types of power bikes to wear helmets. If it is classified according to the above three categories, the registration, license and insurance requirements are usually not required. Before buying, be sure to check your state's electric cycle laws and carefully check whether the parameters of the product you buy are within the standards. No matter which model of transportation you are driving, safety always comes first.

Which e-bike to buy depends on your lifestyle. If you're primarily looking to commute to and from the city, then you'll want to consider a bike with flexibility and an easy commute. Suppose you're primarily looking to do outdoor adventures. In that case, you'll want to consider whether the frame structure is shock-resistant and whether the fat tires are puncture-resistant and suitable for riding on bumpy roads. The first thing you need to consider is the battery range. You need to determine the total commuting mileage to and from getting off work every day and consider whether the mileage after a full charge can meet your requirements. So you need to consider whether to bring the charger to the office.

Do you understand the brand's customer service?

To ensure that your rights and interests can be guaranteed, have you seriously understood the customer service of the brands on the market? No matter how powerful the brand of the product we buy, how high-quality the organizational components are, and whether the product is used for a long time, there may be unforeseen problems. In order to ensure that the product is guaranteed, the warranty period and customer service must be clearly understood first. The value of having a response to everything is immeasurable. The warranty period of most e bicycle brands on the market is one year, while Cyrusher provides a 2-year warranty period. The company is also equipped with a professional service team in the United States, providing door-to-door delivery and installation services, and 24 hours online customers are always available to customers. Answering questions and actively handling incidents, not only has a local distribution center in the United States but also set up distribution centers in Germany, the United Kingdom, France and other regions. You'll be hard-pressed to find anything like this brand's bike maker anywhere else.

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Of course, buying an electric bike costs a lot of money, so we have to choose carefully. The products on the market are colorful, and it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false. I believe you already have your own insights on how to choose a suitable power bike. We must carefully understand these parameters, compare the data, understand as much as possible, and be more confident when purchasing. When purchasing a product of Cyrusher, trust that it will bring you a safe, high-quality, and enjoyable riding experience.