A Cyrusher XF650 electric bicycle is parked on the sand

Cyrusher XF650 VS. Aventon Pace 500 NEXT-GEN Electric Bike

Jul 17, 2022

Crude oil prices have continued to rise since the European Union announced a partial ban on imports of Russian crude. Currently 13 states in the United States have an average gas price of more than $5 a gallon, and California has exceeded $6 a gallon. Summer is the peak driving season in the U.S., and many analysts don't think the situation will ease in the future. People are considering whether to choose a more economical way to travel. Electric bicycles have come into people's world. It does not need to refuel and insurance, which can save a lot of money. It has no age limit and can be driven by people at any stage. It can carry out adventure sports and enhance people's physical and mental health. At the same time, electric bicycles are greener and environmentally friendly with the increasing development of cities, the increasingly serious environmental pollution, and people's increasing awareness of environmental protection. They are gradually win the first choice of many people. So, as a novice, how should we choose the right one from the two models?

Today we will introduce two entry-level electric bikes to compare the differences and similarities between the two models. Which model is better?

Cyrusher XF650 and Aventon PACE 500 NEXT-GEN Electric Bike




Pace 500 NEXT-GEN


750W (Peak 1000W)



48V 16/17AH

48V 12.8AH

Mileage range

25-50 miles

25-48 miles





Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Pedal assist level

Level 5

Level 5


26"*4" Puncture Resistant Fat Tire

27.5"*2.2" puncture-resistant tires

Maximum load

330 pounds

300 pounds


62 pounds

52 pounds


Half twist throttle

Thumb throttle








54.6V 3AH Smart Charger

48V 3AMP Fast Charger








6061 Aluminum Hard Tail-stock

6061 single butt aluminum alloy with built-in battery


Consistent with the color of the body






250 lumen headlights

40 lux headlights

Warranty period

2 years

1 year





When facing these data, we can clearly see the difference between the two vehicles. The most prominent one is the difference between the battery and the motor. The size of the battery determines the distance, and the size of the motor determines the speed. The battery and the motor are two of the most important components that determine whether an electric bike can run successfully and quickly.

Both use waterproof lithium-ion batteries, improving the bike's cruising range and safety. The Pace 500 NEXT-GEN has a smaller battery capacity and a smaller one-way range than the XF650. Although the Aventon charger has fast charging capabilities, the battery capacity of the other one allows it to go further. Range determines whether you're going to take the charger to the end, and whether that's enough for round-trip mileage, it doesn't have to be charged on the road all the time.

We can see that the wattage of the two motors is different. The 750W rear hub motor has a maximum torque of 80Nm and a maximum output of 1000W. Its powerful LKS motor can travel at various speeds, providing the best take-off speed. Compared with the 500W motor, the 750W motor is more potent at the starting speed, bringing a good sense of experience to the rider.

A man riding Cyrusher XF650 e-bike on the beach

Both frames are made of 6061 aluminum, which has good mechanical properties and gives the frame a solid appearance. Nowadays, in the pursuit of fashion, the Pace 500 has only two colors, yellow and black, and the rim color is single, without any bright spots. In comparison, the Cyrusher has four colors, namely white, red, yellow and blue, and the color of the rim is the same as the color. The bodywork is identical, which stands out in a market of so many black and white vehicles so that you'll be the center of attention in the crowd wherever you go.

The XF650 has a 3.7-inch LCD with five modes and eight functions, connected to the machine pedal system through 3 simple buttons, and then programmed according to the information you provide, customizable, and freely definable speed modes and other safety settings; the screen displays speed, battery, current mileage, total mileage, etc. The Pace 500 NEXT-GEN uses a full-color display showing speed, distance, pedal assist levels, and more. It also adds a USB port for charging the mobile phone; downloads an APP on the mobile phone; views the information of the electric bicycle synchronously; sets the basic information, and shares it with the brand community. It is best for novices not to modify the factory settings easily and follow professional guidance.

A man riding the Cyrusher XF650 electric bike on the grass

Compared with the 2.2-inch fat tire, the 4-inch fat tire is handier when facing various difficult terrains. The 4-inch fat tire has a stronger grip and traction and is characterized by puncture resistance. When dealing with unknown objects on the road, the rider can ride with peace of mind and increase the ride's safety.

We found that both the controllers are hidden in the car, which is a very reasonable setting to avoid some objects flying up and hitting them due to the friction of the tires. The controller is equivalent to the CPU in the computer. It is connected to the battery, the motor, and the stopwatch. The core controller controls the switch, speed, advance, and retreat of the electric bike and other electronic devices. It can transmit the collected information to the chess board. Hand display.

The 5-level pedal assist is a standard non-uniform system in the industry. You can choose a comfortable pedal-assist according to the road surface and physical conditions. The pedal assist has five instructions that will give the rider the most help, and both bikes have five levels of pedal assist; you can set the power and pedal assist levels between 0-5.

The two bikes have different throttle styles, with many riders preferring a half-twist throttle, which is safer and easier to control. At the same time, the thumb accelerator requires four fingers to hold the handlebar, which can easily cause wrist pain when driving for a long time.

Both cars feature large headlights and brake taillights. When driving at night, you can put some reflective strips on the front and rear for added safety. Combined with the front and rear lights, it's safer for you, traffic and crowds.

The two cars have different gearing systems. The Pace 500 NEXT-GEN E-bike has an 8-gear drive-train, which means you can go up and down hills more easily, and when combined with pedal assist, switch to larger gears at high speeds. You can freely adjust the appropriate speed to complete the ride, providing you with a comfortable experience.

The alloy front suspension fork of the XF 650 is an 80mm hydraulic suspension with locking and adjustment. The suspension can absorb the bumps of the road while riding. It is connected to the tire and has a good shock absorption effect on the rough road. You can open it when the road is bumpy and close it when it is smooth, bringing a more relaxed and pleasant experience.

Frame: The XF650 is a fat-tire hard-tail electric bike with front suspension; the version with a 16/17AH battery comes with a 7-speed cassette drivetrain setup and a solid axle for the front wheel. Its premium frame is perfect for riders 5'4"-6'1", Aventon's frame is an upright cruiser, regular size fits riders 5'1"-5'11", plus size fits 5' 11"-6'4" rider.

Accessories: Cyrusher accessories are included free of charge, such as fenders and racks, which reduces the time and money for customers to repurchase. Aventon accessories need to be purchased separately. Both models can add shelves on the front and back, increasing the bike's capacity, which is very suitable for daily outings and picnics.

Electric bike is parked on the mountain

Comparing the components of these two e-bikes, we can see their differences. However the Aventon is superior in the display, gearing, and size selection. The Cyrusher compares the performance of other components. It's still better than it. In addition, in terms of after-sales service, the two-year warranty is even more surprising, which recognizes its own products and protects the rights and interests of customers. It can provide foreign local team services and 24-hour online customer service to answer questions for customers. The brand's attention to detail is reflected in the design, production, and service of e-bikes. It is manifested in a series of processes. We believe that only through constant comparison can bicycle manufacturers become more aware of their advantages and disadvantages and then carry out a series of actions to upgrade and design electric bicycles that are more suitable for customer.

All in all, while the Pace 500 NEXT-GEN is an excellent entry-level e-bike, on the whole, the Cyrusher's more powerful motor provides a variety of speeds, and the larger battery provides more extended range and room for exploration. The fat tires can handle all kinds of terrain calmly, the extended warranty period can bring us more peace of mind, and the more affordable price makes it the first choice in comparing the two.