The Functions of Full Suspension E-Bike

The Functions of Full Suspension E-Bike

Jul 08, 2022

Suppose you are in the market to buy an electric bike for your daily commute. Or perhaps you want to experience the adventure of riding an outdoor all-terrain electric bike. But you may get lost in the vast array of e-bike configuration terms. For example, what are full-suspension electric bikes? What is a fat tire electric bicycle? What is a step-through electric bike? And other related questions. Cyrusher is a specialized electric bicycle brand with a wide range of electric bikes. Fat tires, color rims, full-suspension e-bikes for all kinds of terrain. 

Cool man in the sun jumping on Cyrusher XF900

This article will take you through the four functions of a full-suspension electric bike for sale. To know the role of full-suspension electric bicycles, you first need to understand what full-suspension electric bikes are. Before you can get a deeper understanding of the role of full-suspension electric bicycles, analyze whether you need a full-suspension electric bike.

If you want to understand full-suspension e-bikes, it is worthwhile to take full-suspension and e-bikes apart to understand them. The first step is to understand the springs and shocks commonly found in bicycles and their suspension systems.

What are springs and Shock absorption device?

Shock springs. The spring in an electric bike has been designed to support the vehicle and produce a force for cushioning the bumps of the electric bike ride. They help to absorb bumps when the rider is riding on sandy or gravel roads or when the tires hit objects on the road.

Shock absorption devices, also known as struts. They limit the vertical travel or movement of spring while absorbing shocks from road obstacles.

The spring and shock absorption device are a partnership that pulls on each other. The main principle is as follows: the shock absorption device mainly suppresses the shock when the spring absorbs the shock and then bounces back as well as the impact from the road. The shock-absorbing spring filters the road vibration, as the shock-absorbing spring will also have a round-trip movement after the result from the ground. The suspension is to inhibit this spring jump, the pressure difference between its cavity during the up and down exercise of the suspension, forcing the shock-absorbing fluid to produce resistance through the damping hole or valve system, thus playing the role of suspension.

Cyrusher XF800 rear shock suspension

What do you mean by front fork suspension and rear shock suspension?

When selecting an e-bike, it is easy to find that best-performance electric bikes will be equipped with a front suspension, somewhat similar to a motorcycle's telescopic fork, to meet the rider's needs for a stable ride during daily cycling.
Generally speaking, the front fork suspension connects the frame to the wheel. The front suspension of an e-bike is usually designed as an oil-spring fork suspension system. In contrast, the rear suspension is designed in various ways by different e-bikes, with most rear suspensions using a spring-type suspension system and a few using a resistance rubber-type suspension system. They are shock suspensions consisting of springs, linkages, and shock cartridges. That is the suspension system of an electric bicycle.

front suspension of Cyrusher XF900
rear shock suspension of Cyrusher XF900

What is a full-suspension electric bike?

You may find a lot of product descriptions that will have dual suspension and full suspension. There is no difference between full suspension and dual suspension. Dual suspension e-bike is an alternative name for full-suspension bikes. They both refer to e-bikes containing front fork and rear shock suspensions. A complete shock bike is an e-bike suitable for all-terrain and off-road riding.

According to the different shock suspensions present in the e-bike, the e-bikes on the market can be divided into three different types.

  • Full suspension e-bike: A kind of e-bike with front fork shock and rear shock suspension.
  • Hard-tail e-bike: An e-bike type with front fork shock suspension but without rear shock suspension.
  • Stiff e-bike: An electric bicycle type without any shock-absorbing suspension.

    To better present the difference between the shock suspension of e-bikes, the following will take Cyrusher's XF650 hard-tail electric bike and Cyrusher’s XF800 full suspension e-bike as examples to see the difference between the two types of bikes.


     Front fork suspension and rear shock for Cyrusher XF800
    A picture of Cyrusher XF650
    Front + Rear
    • The rear wheel stays close to the ground
    • Absorbs more impact
    • Greater traction, making the ride more stable.
    • Provide more acceleration
    • Better feel for the riding track
    Slower speed when accelerating
    The rear wheel can be stiff on rough terrain
    For long-distance and explorer's spirit riders
    Low-cost for the ones just wanting to go electric


    The table above shows the advantage of the Cyrusher XF800 with a full suspension system. That it can essentially reduce the impact of riding in rough terrain, and the rear spring suspension buffer can help to keep the wheels in contact with the ground, allowing the rider to ride more steadily. One of the disadvantages of a full shock is that the weight of the shock reduces your pedaling efficiency and slower acceleration when the rider climbs a hill. But this is no big deal for e-bikes with powerful motors. Cyrusher’s hard-tail e-bike XF650 has a fork suspension and no rear spring suspension, so the rear wheel part tends to pop up during the ride due to terrain impact, which is unsuitable for rider control, but it can accelerate faster. This clearly shows the difference between a full-suspension electric bike and a hard-tail electric bicycle.

    Two people on Cyrusher XF900 and Cyrusher XF800 electric bikes

    The suspension system is an essential component of an electric bicycle that allows the rider to be more flexible during the ride, combined with the brakes to give the rider a safe and stable ride and maintain rider comfort and reduce the amount of road noise bouncing and vibration from road bumps. E-bike accessories such as brakes, fork suspensions, and rear suspensions are designed to be adjustable. The suspension system of a full suspension electric mountain bike can protect the bike and the rider and some cargo stability to reduce the loss from bumps.

    The suspension of a full absorption e-bike is configured to make the ride more comfortable and stable. The front fork suspension of electric bicycles can be seen in many mountain bikes. The role of the front fork suspension is to provide enough cushioning force to protect the stability and comfort of the rider and the frame during the ride. However, e-bikes equipped with rear suspension dampers are less standard and are usually found on e-bikes designed for all-terrain use, typically used in rugged terrains such as mountains, gravel, and steep slopes. The front and rear suspension give the rider a more comfortable riding experience, with the rear shock suspension cushioning the impact of all bumps from terrain ups and downs, protecting the rider's back and lumbar region.

    The above provides a partial understanding of the definition of a full-suspension electric bike. Next, recognize some of the roles of full suspension e-bikes so that you can decide how crucial full suspension e-bikes are to you according to your needs.

    • Improve riding comfort and provide good protection for your lower back

    Full suspension e-bikes are more comfortable than hard-tailed electric bicycles, and the overall damping effect will be better. The combination of the front and rear suspensions can reduce the impact of terrain bumps during riding and provide a smooth ride. Some of the electric bikes on the market have powerful front fork suspensions that provide comfortable shock absorption. Fork suspensions like Cyrusher’s XF900 are oil-spring damped and have preload adjustment. You can turn on this fork suspension when you ride in rougher, steeper terrain. You can also lock the fork suspension with preload adjustment when riding on flatter, softer trails.

    Having a full suspension on your e-bike is excellent for lower back protection. Whether you've suffered back pain from a previous injury or lower back pain from sitting still, the full shock-absorbing e-bike protects your lower back during the ride. The rear spring suspended under the saddle absorbs a large portion of the bumps and disproportionate impact on the terrain, safeguarding the rider's body and reducing the feeling of impact.

    • Gather traction in endurance races and downhill sections

    For rocky and bumpy terrain, the dual suspension e-bike can use the stretch of the front fork suspension and the cushioning of the rear spring suspension to protect the stability of the body, soften the body impact and dampen the body vibration. The traction of both can inhibit the vehicle from bouncing and can help improve the grounding of the tires to the ground, ensuring the safety of the vehicle. This brings us to another type of e-bike part, the fat tire. Cyrusher’s Kommoda Fat Tire e-bike, for example, uses a dual-suspension damping system with motorcycle-style fork suspension and rear spring suspension, which, combined with its fat tires, can hold each other in check during the ride. It is enough to fight against all kinds of rugged and treacherous terrain. Compared with the hard-tail e-bike, the full shock e-bike has more endurance. It keeps the rear wheel stable to keep the wheel close to the ground. It does not allow the rear wheel to pop up, reducing the extra force generated by the control of the e-bike.

    • Better performance on long-distance rides

    Full-suspension e-bikes are more comfortable on long rides because you spend most of your time in the saddle, so you can focus more on riding without getting out of the saddle, no matter what rough terrain you're riding. The dual suspension e-bike allows the rider to ride smoother on rugged terrain with a soft landing. The shock suspension cushions bump on the downhill, allowing your hips, arms, and knees to take less of a hit, providing a comfortable and safe experience on long rides.

    • Powerful in supporting the body and keeping riders safety

    The fork suspension of an electric bike is connected to the body and the wheels, so another perfect role of the fork suspension is to support the body. During most rides, the frame moves around, and the fork suspension can stay connected to the bike and give the body a cushion, while the rear spring damping spring can absorb bumps from the ground for the rear wheel and get closer to the ground. When the rider is going downhill very fast, there may be a high jump when crossing the obstacle because of the force. The full suspension can ensure the rider is more stable and safer when landing. Therefore, full suspension is an extraordinary protection design for the frame itself.

    A man rides a Cyrusher XF800 sport in the forest

    There are many options for the best value electric bike. As you learned about full-suspension electric bikes, they are an excellent value for riders who need more control over rough terrain. Suppose you also like to ride at high speeds. In that case, the stability of your electric cycle is essential to your safety, and the suspension can give you traction to reduce unnecessary injuries. When a rider uses a dual suspension electric cycling bike, the shock-absorbing suspension improves the rider's traction and control. This experience is far superior to an e-bike without shock-absorbing suspension. For those who need protection for their lower back, a full-suspension E-bike is the best choice. Would you prefer a fully suspension e-bike? Depending on what you want to buy, the Cyrusher entry-level XF650 hard-tail E-bike may be a good choice for more flat surface riding and improved acceleration. But for all-terrain endurance racing and downhill riding, a full-suspension e-bike is undoubtedly the best partner for an enjoyable and exciting ride! Most of Cyrusher's electric bikes are full-suspension electric bicycles, so whether you're riding through literal mountains or just navigating an urban jungle, the Cyrusher Bikes can go wherever your adventures you take.

    Here is a review video of the Cyrusher kommonda full-suspension E-bike. The video has been tested on the dual suspension system, which you can feel free to review.