What I Need to Know Before Buying an Ebike?

What I Need to Know Before Buying an Ebike?

Jul 09, 2022

If bicycles are closely related to human daily life like commuting, sports, recreational activities. You will know ebike is a wonderful product after you ride it by yourself. Ebike combine the lightness and agility of bicycle with convenience and durable advantages of electric vehicles. You will never worry about you won’t like it after you placed the ebike. Or worry about it is not convenient to use after you receive the ebike. Ebike always can give you a fabulous experience of riding.

Cyrusher XF900

Cyrusher XF900

In the beginning, We need to know some knowledge of ebike. Electric bike are divided into mountain bikes and road bikes. Mountain e bikes are mostly used for adventure riding, while road bikes are used as transportation. And both mountain bikes and road bikes come in different sizes. So before you start choosing your own size, make sure you know what the main purpose of this e bike for you. Then we need to pay attention when choosing an e bike. Because the choice of e bike size is one of the most critical parts of buying an ebike. If you choose an ebike that is not the right size for yourself can lead to uncomfortable and inconvenient riding and may possibly bring you injury. So the worst thing about riding an ebike is that the wrong size can give you a really bad riding experience. So choosing an ebike of the right size can ensure comfortable riding , the longevity of the e bike, and an overall riding experience. Therefore, we should focus on looking at the size comparison table and to see which size is more suitable for you. If you're not sure about the right size, you can ask an experienced salesperson in a physical e bike store or a customer service in an online store.

After we know the knowledge above, You may immediately think of the price of e bike. Is the higher the price, the better the e bike? Yes, the good product deserve the price in the high side. Like some affordable e bikes with bikes in very good performance. Among the expensive bikes, there are also some bikes that are not use-friendly and will bring you a bad riding experience. Therefore, it is recommended that purchasing a bike with a suitable price according to your own economic situation. It is strongly recommended choosing an e bike with affordable price and good performance. On the other hand, what are very good e bike with good price companies you may think of ? Like Radpowerbikes, Aventon, Cyrusher and so on are the first brand you may think of. There are so many e bike companies in the market, We also can choose brand-new ebike company, because those famous e bike companies had come from the zero to the 1 when it was first founded. Try to give more support to some new companies, and you will find a better scenery.

Let’s go back to the key point, after we determine our size, we only need to pay attention to the following three points and add an after-sales service (some companies do not provide after-sales service). Then we can select a satisfied e bike.

The Cyrusher XF900's Battery

First of all, As we all know electric bikes are different from the ordinary bicycles, a powerful battery is added on the basis of ordinary bicycles. So the first thing we have to think about is the battery and the motor of the e bike. There are two principles of ebikes, the battery is related to the cruise, and the motor can decide the speed. A standard-sized battery will suffice for most consumers, with a range of up to 50 miles without the help of an assist mode. with the power on, it can take you cruising from home and back safely for a round. Or when you feel your legs are a little bit tired after riding for a while, just turn on the power and accelerate. Then is the motor, for some e bike enthusiasts who love to take adventure, they are keen to choose higher speed ebikes. Generally, the speed of 50mph on the market can satisfy the requirements of most ebike enthusiasts. The feeling of accelerating of an ebike can always give people the feeling of riding the wind and waves. For some stressed friends, when they feel stressed, riding an ebike to decompress, surpassing all the things they don’t want to see or hear.

Cyrusher XF900's Hydraulic Brake

Then the second point, we need to consider is the braking system of the electric bicycle. When you watch TV or News, you will inevitably see some sad traffic accidents. Electric bicycles get the convenience and speed of small vehicles and the durability and labor-saving of large vehicles, but the e bikes have a disadvantage that they cannot be fully protected the rider. So we have to choose a more safer and sensitive brake system. The common e bike brake systems are wired brakes and hydraulic brakes. The wired brakes use the original mechanical line brakes, so the time from triggering to opening is not so quickly. The hydraulic brake is a new braking system that can be more sensitive and quick to control the ebike and ensure the safety of the rider. As long as the powerful hydraulic pressure is turned on, the electric bike can be stopped within a moment. It can good escort your safety when you meet the situation of emergencies.

Cyrusher XF900's Suspension

Then apart from the two points mentioned above, we also need to consider the experience during riding. So we have to be clear that an e bike with suspension can bring you a stable comfort feeling during riding, and help you reduce shaking when riding on uneven roads and rough roads with gravel or sand. Most of the electric bicycles on the market have a suspension function. In this comparison, we can also look at whether there are e bikes with suspension devices on the front and rear tires. The principle of suspension is to add a spring to the connection between the tire and the front /rear fork, and transmit the pressure of different shaking generated by the contact between the tire and the ground to the spring, so that the rider will get a more comfortable driving experience.

 Finally, to add one more thing to everyone. When choosing electric bicycle, you can check whether the seller has provided some necessary riding equipments (such as bezels, helmets, glasses) or installation tools (wrenches, pumps, etc.), because like some Safety shields and helmets are essential equipment for riders. If the seller didn’t offer free gifts, you will need to pay extra money for the necessary riding equipment and installation tools. Therefore, it is recommended that you can choose  an e bikes with gifts, and you will save money if you purchase the e bike with free gift.

Last but not least , the final thing that we are supposed to consider is the after-sales service and warranty service that I mentioned above. After purchase an e bike, some consumers may meet the problem with a physical damage on the e bike while riding, which may cause after service problems. Consumers are supposed to pay a lot of repair fees after taking the e bike to the e bike after-sales service point for repair. Actually this money could have been saved, It is necessary to choose an e  bike with warranty. Like the aforementioned company, Cyrusher, not only does it give away a two-year ebike warranty and a one-year battery warranty service. So choosing to buy warranty service is a wise choice. It's like a good friend who is unconditionally on your side and help you solve the problem when you have a conflict with someone else.

All in all, when we know the basic categories of e bike and some purchasing suggestions, we can plan whether to buy online or buy from the physical store. In today's Internet era, more and more people choose to shop online, and online shopping malls are developing more and more formal and real. Therefore, the decisive factor for choosing online or offline purchases is what item you want to buy. For some daily necessities, it is recommended to buy online, because it can save you a lot of money. As for electric bicycles we are talking about, we highly recommend that you go to the official ebike company’s website to make an appointment for a test ride to experience the real feeling of the e bike, you will meet the satisfied e bike, and then you can place an order online. You will receive the satisfied e bike few days later.

Taking ebike as a carrier, Ride free to see the world!

And we strongly recommend this Cyrusher XF900 for you:

Cyrusher XF900
  • 48V 17AH Battery(High capacity, Waterproof)

Powered by a 48v, 17ah, lithium-ion removable battery that lasts 35-62 miles on a full charge, the Cyrusher XF900 is capable of going wherever your adventures take you. In case you need to charge a GPS or cell phone, we added an easily accessible USB charging port right on the battery

  • 750W Motor(With 80Nm Max Torque, 1200W Max Output)

Ready, go! Its max output 1200 watts powerful Bafang motor allows you to run at versatility speed, and on assisted mode, cruise around with little to no effort.

  • Zoom Full Hydraulic Brakes

Equipped it with giant 180mm full hydraulic disc brakes, complete with motor cutoff capabilities

  • Motorcycle Style Fork Suspension

Oil-spring suspension has 110mm of travel, preload adjustment, and lockout.


Extra rear spring suspension for maximum comfort.

The video below is  a simple video about Cyrusher’s specialised e bike XF900. You can take a moment to view it to get a better start on your fun ride with your e-bike!