A man rides an electric bike on the grass

How to extend the life of Electric Bike?

Jul 07, 2022

In recent years, due to the impact of the epidemic, coupled with the gradual popularization of camping and fishing culture, electric cycles have become more and more popular. The use of power bikes can be regarded as an investment. The rise in oil prices makes the cost of automobiles continue to rise. Long-term use of electric bicycles will save us a lot of expenses. It's low up-front costs, and you may not see much change in your home's utility bills, but the cost of filling up your car is rising. When buying an electric cycle, we always use it with joy. After riding, we will have some questions? If the electric vehicle is used for a long time, how can we perform daily cleaning and maintenance better? What measures should we take if any irresistible causes people not to use electric bicycles for a long time?

First, let's understand part of the organizational structure of an electric bike (take Cyrusher Kommoda as an example)

A man is pushing Kommoda

Frame: 6061 aluminum full suspension frame

Bicycle Saddle: Breathable Ergonomic Sports Cushion Seat

Crank: 170mm forged 52T alloy double-sided aluminum

Tires: 4" puncture resistant fat tires

Rear Derailleur: Shimano SL-TX-50-7R, 7-speeds

The core part of an electric cycle is the motor. The ability to use power to rotate depends on the installation of the motor. This is one of the most expensive parts of a bicycle's organizational structure, which means that it is the place that riders should care about the most and needs to be protected.

Second, let's assume several weather conditions that can cause damage to the car:

Sun exposure, hot weather

It is said that the growth of all things in the world is inseparable from the sun's irradiation, but if the temperature is too high, which will cause the plants wither without water. Similarly, high temperatures can cause abnormal electronic products. Continuous high-temperature exposure will cause the internal temperature of the motor to rise. And if the temperature is too high, a protection mechanism may be triggered, causing the motor to stop working or explode. Therefore, to protect the beloved power bike and for the safety of your own life, the car is indoors or in a cool place in hot weather.

Rainy season

The growth of plants is inseparable from the water, and the plants can grow fast when they are full of water. But electronics are afraid of water. Although the battery of the e bicycle is waterproof, it can't stand being soaked in water all the time, and the plant will rot if there are too many blisters. Although the battery can withstand part of the impact of rain, it cannot be placed outdoors and is continuously impacted by rain or directly soaked in water. Due to the air-tightness of the battery, nothing can be seen from the outside of the battery is damaged.
Moreover, battery replacement is cumbersome and expensive. Therefore, to save this unnecessary trouble, it is best to put it indoors when it rains or build a covered canopy to block the sun and rain. If it is in the rainy season, you come back from going out, or the electric bicycle is placed outdoors, and it has entered the water, immediately dry the water with a towel, and put it in a dry place, preferably to evaporate the water that has penetrated.

Extreme hot and cold weather

The United States is a vast territory with numerous geographical features. The hottest summer in the southwestern United States will exceed 100℉ for several weeks, snow will occur in the northeast, and many of the world's extreme weather will occur in the vast plains and grasslands. How to deal with electric cycles at this time? The best way is to put it indoors, and if it's not convenient, you can build a carport or pay a small commission to put it in the neighbor's garage.

Now, let's talk about daily maintenance:

fat tire of electric bike

To check tire pressure

After a period of riding, the tire pressure will gradually decrease. Too high or too low pressure will cause a certain degree of damage to the tire. Too high or too low pressure will cause a certain degree of damage to the tire. Too high PSI will cause severe bumps in riding, which is difficult to control due to the expansion of the air inside the tire. For e-bikes, proper tire pressure can make driving more comfortable. If the tire is not used for a long time, it will cause a certain loss due to the poor sealing of the tire. We need the instruction manual or the PSI data on the tire to inflate with the air pump. If we want to make the pressure data more accurate, we can use the pressure gauge and then inflate it with the air pump. If it is not used for a long time, it is best to check it every two weeks.

Daily inspection, cleaning and maintenance

After riding for some time, the car will be stained with mud and dirt; if it is not used for a long time, the car will be covered with dust. At this time, we need to clean and maintain the car regularly, just wipe with a wet sponge and gently dry with a towel to keep the parts dry. Some parts are made of metal. Although they are protected by paint, the moisture and temperature in the air will chemically react with the metal to gradually cause corrosion. If it is idle for too long, we often use some oil to rotate the chain to ensure its smoothness of the chain. Checking the status of the fat tires. Due to the instability of the riding road, the puncture-resistant fat tires contact ground objects. After the ride, we can observe whether the tire's appearance is punctured by an unknown object and use the pressure gauge to detect whether the pressure loss of the fat tire is normal.

the battery of e-bike

Additional notes on batteries

The cold winter air from the northern hemisphere is coming, and the rain and snow will hamper riders' plans. In winter, the e-bicycle will stop use for some time, and the power will gradually lose when idle. If possible, do not run out of power. This will cause great damage to the battery. To ensure that there is an energy supply in the battery, it is best to check it once a month and charge it when the remaining battery is more than 30% - 50%. In low-temperature weather, the gelatin in the battery will be frozen, and the battery will become cold. Try to disassemble the battery and place it in a room temperature area. The battery of Cyrusher is detachable. When cleaning the electric vehicle, please remove the battery to avoid water. Although Cyrusher's batteries are waterproof, the amount and strength of the water pipes vary from person to person, and there is no guarantee that water will not penetrate during cleaning. In addition, the charging time of the battery should not be too long. When the indicator light changes from red to green, the battery is fully charged at this time. We can charge it for up to an hour. If the time is too long, the battery will be damaged, and the battery will be deformed. We usually check the operation of the motor to see if it is abnormal. Don't think that this is a waste of time and meaningless behavior. If you do it well, it can save us a lot of money.

To check the brake system

After a long period of idle time, we need to test the sensitivity of the brake system. We can choose a steeper road, provided that we can control it. Use the brakes during driving and observe whether the response is sensitive. Braking is a line of defense for life safety. In the face of some emergency situations, we must stop them. Cyrusher electric cycles use zoom full hydraulic brakes, equipped with 180mm full hydraulic disc brakes, which have the function of cutting off the motor and have a higher safety factor than wire brakes.

The above is part of our maintenance on power bikes. Doing this can better protect the electric bicycle and prolong its use time. Riders can join their bicycle communities, many of whom will share their riding experience and personal maintenance. Skills, novices can learn a lot. Power bikes can solve daily commuting and short trips and meet people's exercise and weight loss needs. If you choose an e-bike for travel, you will not only be shocked by paying the gas bill but also the traffic congestion in the city will exhaust people. Using the bicycle is low-cost and flexible to move. When others still sigh because of traffic jams, you can wave at him naughty, leaving only a handsome back. Compared to car users, the cost of use for the rider is much lower, which must be a winning return on investment.