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Electric Bike Manufacturer-- Cyrusher

Jul 11, 2022

How many times have you been stuck in traffic while commuting to get off work? Are you surprised by paying for a full tank? Have you ever wanted to relax on the weekend but gave up because of the traffic? If so, here's the solution -- electric cycles. It can meet the daily commute and is not affected by traffic congestion. When the car driver is anxious because the commuting vehicles gather on the road, you are already on the road. Most importantly, its use cost is much lower than that a car. Unaffected by rising oil prices, riders don't have to feel the pain of a gas bill because it's powered by electricity.

With the advent of the post-epidemic era, people gradually stopped traveling by car. They chose a more environmentally friendly and safe means of transportation, unlike public transportation, which gathers crowds. It has won the favor of many people with its economic, flexible,and convenient features. The popularity of electric bicycles has made more and more people pay attention to the development of this industry. We can find a figure among many brands in the market - Cyrusher.

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About Cyrusher

It is an electric bicycle manufacturer. It was established in 2014 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The founder started selling bicycle parts online in 2014. He realized that Chinese-made products with good quality and affordable prices are still very popular abroad. In 2015, electric bicycles were officially sold on the Internet. At that time, the industry became popular with self-balancing electric cycles, but the founder insisted on making e-bikes. In 2017, a factory was established to design and develop new products. Aims to create amazing and fun products, provide people with an active lifestyle and make a good impact on people all over the world. The typical riding distance of many power bikes is 40 miles, but power bikes of the brand can travel as far as 62 miles. The brand has constantly been innovating, inputting new ideas, injecting vitality into the brand, and designing and manufacturing eye-catching and practical e-bikes according to the rider's height and weight, riding range, purchasing needs, and hobbies.

Features of this brand of bikes

  1. All fat tires are used. When dealing with various terrains, fat tire electric bicycles increase the grip and traction, even on roads covered by snow, which can still ensure safe driving. Also, it is punctured- The XF650 is an entry-level fat tire electric bike that is perfect for first-timers.
  2. Colorfulrims: Unlike the common black and white rims on the market, the rims of this brand are brightly colored, matching the frame paint, which will put you in the limelight.
  3. Full suspension e-bike: The front fork suspension has preload adjustment and locking functions, which can be selected according to the terrain. It can be opened on uneven roads to improve driving comfort, and it can be closed on smooth roads. Rear Spring Suspension: Extra for maximum comfort.

Here are the two models of the brand:

Riding Cyrusher XF900 in the mountain

All Terrain Electric Bike -- XF900

With its motorcycle-style front fork suspension, I believe that it will always be the crowd's focus, no matter where it goes. The frame of the XF900 sets it apart and is the top of the line in the brand's power bike range.

Why does it go as far as 62 miles? A 48V powers it, 17AH removable lithium-ion battery that can travel 35-62 miles on a full charge, has a large battery capacity,and is waterproof. So no matter how you plan your adventure, it's within reach. A USB charging port has also been added to the battery for charging GPS or cell phones.

Besides other accessories:

Rear Spring Suspension: To provide comfort in rough road conditions.

Zoom Full Hydraulic Brakes: 180mm full hydraulic disc brakes with safety cut-off motor function.

Shimano 7-gears: You can freely adjust the appropriate speed according to the actual situation, combined with the pedal-assist system to improve the happiness of riding.

Chaoyang Mountain Fat Tire: To provide great grip and traction on tricky terrain for a safe ride even when the ground is covered in sand.

Double-Sided Aluminum Crank: To provide chain-ring protection and help chain stays over rough terrain.

Throttle: Half-twist throttle. It's safer than full throttle.

A man rides his folding mountain electric bike on the grass-XF 690 Maxs

Folding Electric Bike -- Cyrusher XF690 Maxs

This is a folding electric bike that can fit in the trunk of your car, and if you're short on storage space at home, you can try this model structure. It can meet the daily commute living in the city. Of course, its fat tires and fully suspended frame could also be a mountain power bike. In order to achieve round-trip mileage, it is equipped with a 48V, 15AH lithium-ion battery, which can travel 30-55 miles after a full charge, ensuring that it can meet the needs of daily commuting. The battery is removable, and you can choose how you want to charge the battery.

Other E-bike Accessories:

Motor: With a maximum output of 1000W and a maximum torque of 80Nm, its powerful LKS motor can travel at various speeds, combined with assist mode for easy driving, up to 26 miles per hour.

LCD Display: You can see information such as speed, mileage, battery level, and total mileage.

There are many similarities in the accessories of the two power bikes, including their headlights and fenders. The rack and fender are free and shipped with you; no additional purchases are required.

Bicycle accessories on sale:

I have noticed that they have super cool side mirrors on sale, pannier bags, tool kits, anniversary T-shirts, and more. On its website, you can see a wider variety of accessories.

Currently, there is a three-hundred-dollar discount on purchasing the XF900, and you can get it for $2,399. Get a $100 discount coupon if you buy two at a time.

Cyrusher electric bike team in the US

Brand Service

If you are already excited about it at this time, then there is something worthy of your attention. The brand has distribution centers in the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany,  and Japan, and the service team members are all from the local area, which can support home delivery and installation services and can provide door-to-door service or send a car back for ebike repair services. Goods, successfully repaired and delivered to home. If you have any after-sales problems, you can also contact us on time, and the 24-hour online customer service will provide customers with corresponding solutions. It has a two-year warranty on all bikes, compared to the one-year warranty on many bike brands on the market. Since 2014, the brand has been designing and producing amazing bikes, sold in more than 10 countries around the world, with over 6,000 riders and a growing number. The brand has always been world-renowned for its excellent products and first-class service quality and has won the appreciation and trust of many customers. Before the sale, the sales team recommends suitable types of e-bikes to meet the needs of customers. Whether it is daily commuting or choosing adventure travel, professionals will give customers the most satisfactory response; during the sale, distribution centers around the world will deliver according to your delivery address, choose the best route for you, and insist on delivering the goods to your home in the fastest time; after-sales, if you have any technical problems, you can call customer service at any time for help. The brand pays great attention to details. The design and manufacture of each product reflect the details. It is often said that the devil's always in the details. Considering problems from the perspective of customers is the key to success.

Electric cycles can not only be used for commuting to and from get off work, but the battery capacity has also been expanded, and the driving range has reached 62 miles. It can also meet the needs of short-distance travel. Summer is coming, and it's time to go to the forest and the sea for a little adventure. Just imagine when you are riding an e-bike in the forest, the cool breeze blows on your face, the heat no longer exists, and the tip of your nose is full of fresh air. The aroma is no longer the dust raised by the city; imagine riding on the beach, facing the coastline, feeling the sea breeze, embracing nature, and recording the beauty. In your spare time on weekends, you can spend time with your family or friends, stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, experience the natural environment, take natural adventures, and explore new environmental horizons. Cycling can also help you lose weight, exercise, and enhance your physical fitness.

I believe the advantages and convenience of electric bicycles can bring a lot of touch to your heart. Cyrusher electric cycles come in all kinds, including commuter models, power models, folding models, etc, which can be positioned according to each electric cycle's advantages, different characteristics, and needs. Make the right choice. The service of the brand is guaranteed. If you already want to take action, go there, and you will find the right car.