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Can a Novice Ride an Electric Bike?

Jul 12, 2022

Electric bicycles have become increasingly popular because of their lower-carbon and environmentally friendly features. Novice bicycle riders may encounter many common problems. Thus, it would help if you prepared well before riding. Electric bikes play an essential role in the long term for the health and enjoyment of cyclists. To a certain extent, acquiring an electric bike is considered as an important decision. The rising gas prices in the US are changing people's commuting habits. They are faced with those trends of gas prices that are always going up again and again but can't go down for long. At this moment, you may be the one who needs an electric bike. With various policies' support and performance, most electric bicycles have substantial advantages and charm. After riding an electric bike, people no longer need to always pay attention to the fluctuating trend of gas prices, more freedom and convenience to go!

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Many people will think long and hard before choosing an electric bike. After all, there is a cost involved. Some riders look forward to buying their first e-bike and then regretfully get an unsatisfactory product. This is because the beginner did not do an excellent job purchasing an electric bike. If you've learned about the electric cycle industry before purchasing, then Cyrusher will be on your mind. To reduce the regret of riders who desire a quality e-bike due to improper purchases and reduce the amount of work involved in researching the riding of electric bikes.

Next, the following content will let you know some things new riders need to know about electric bikes and sincerely solve your doubts.

Why do you use electric bikes?

For those who don't know much about e-bikes, imagine that the point of choice might be cool looking, fantastic speed, and super fancy devices. Choosing an e-bike this way ignores the crucial factors of a specialized electric bike, looks pretty blind, and in the long run, you are spending a considerable amount of money on getting an electrical bike that is indeed not the right fit for you. The essential thing in a good life is to find something that matches. So, when buying an E-bike, you use it first. Everyone can see the e-bikes that best fit their riding style. Depending on how you travel, an electric bicycle can be helpful as a commuter, so a step-through e-bike like the Cyrusher kommoda is a good choice. A full-suspension E-Bike will give you maximum safety if you want to use it for endurance racing or a cycling adventure. You want to exercise on an e-bike and have some knee and back pain from past over-exercises, but you choose an e-bike without shock absorbers. Then you'll give up on your e-bike because of the impact it causes during a rough ride. That's why it's essential to put your use first before you choose to ride an electrical bike.

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How do batteries and motors work?

The difference between an electric bicycle and a traditional bicycle is its complete motor and battery unit. The motor can determine the ride speed and is a significant device to look at. There are two different types of motors: built-in motors and hub motors. The built-in motor is mounted near the center of the e-bike and transmits power from the motor to the rear wheel through a chain and a flywheel to drive the e-bike. It helps the e-bike to reduce coil leakage and has better handling and stability. The hub motor is usually placed in the center of the e-bike wheel to drive the wheel to rotate freely. It is relatively easy to install and easy to modify equipment.

The battery determines the riding range of the e-bike and stores the electricity to drive the motor. Therefore, the battery of an electric bike can be the heart that contrasts how long the electric bike can go. When you choose to replace the battery of your electric bike, you will find Cyrusher in the market, and you will find that its electric bikes are equipped with high capacity and waterproof removable lithium-ion batteries. The Cyrusher XF900, for example, can travel 35-62 miles on a full charge. Also, if you need to charge your GPS or cell phone, there's an easy-to-use USB charging terminal on the battery. Whatever your riding adventure, the combination of a high-capacity battery and a powerful motor can meet the essential factors in speed and range for anything you go on an e-bike to do. So, understanding the motor and battery has a vital role to play before riding an electric bike.

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Cyrusher electric ebike

Next, it is also necessary for novice riders to know about the dos and don'ts of riding an E-bike for the first time.

Accessory selection

The most important thing for a novice to choose relevant riding accessories is the security of safety. The first is head protection. Most studies have found that not wearing a helmet during riding is the most damaging to the head. For novice riders unfamiliar with electric bicycles, they need to be equipped with a safe riding helmet to ensure some unnecessary injuries during the ride. In addition, different riders have different functions on various occasions, and some will equip their e-bikes with personalized accessories such as fenders, racks, panniers, or front baskets. At Cyrusher, purchasing an e-bike usually comes with some accessories, reducing the hassle of buying them separately. More experienced riders need to ride e-bikes for adventures in more complex environments and may also need to be equipped with GPS electronics. Riders can choose different accessories according to their needs before riding an e-bike, and being well equipped will make a more confident ride!

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Cyrusher helmet

Riding Precautions

Riders riding an e-bike for the first time need to be aware that to reduce the damage caused by improper operation, try to ride with the power off while riding. Wait until the rider and the electric bike are stable, and then you can try to turn on the power. Understanding the computer settings of the e-bike and the configuration of pedal assist and other start-ups is essential. Start with Level 1 assisted pedal mode and progressively level up during the ride. New riders can get a feel for how the electric bike starts and shuts down and slowly learn how the electric bike's switch responds. Cyrusher's electric bikes will have throttle control, pedal-assisted motor movement, and a pedal-only start mode when the power is disconnected. There are offline stores in the U.S. where riders can test ride the bike to get a better or more realistic riding experience. Another issue is how to turn and feel how it maintains balance. Adjusting the throttle by increasing the strength of the throttle helps to get over the obstacles.

Cyrusher computer setting

Understanding the rules for electric bicycles

E-bikes are suitable for all-terrain riding in most states in the United States, and most off-road e-bikes can be used for any desired off-road adventure in the field. However, more and more people are now learning about the various advantages of electric bikes, adding to people's daily activities as well as fun outdoor explorations. For example, if you want to use an e-bike for commuting or moving around the city, you may face some regulations. In order to ride an electric bicycle better, riders need to know where they can ride an electric cycle in each state. Every rider, whether new or experienced, should be aware of the e-bike laws and regulations in every state in the United States.

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Brand first

When riding an electric bike, new riders need to choose the best electric bicycle to make the ride more enjoyable. Cyrusher electric bikes offer a complete pre-sales and after-sales service and can provide a warranty to customers, avoiding the uncertainty most new riders feel about electric bikes. High-quality e-bikes are more effective for new riders to start their adventure on an electric bike. Preferring a branded e-bike will also see more extensive customer support and reviews as well as provide excellent customer service, making it easier for new riders to learn about electric bicycles.

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Before riding entirely on a good riding strategy, new riders can certainly ride electric bicycles. Carefully read and understanding the considerations of electric bicycles can allow electric bike riders to avoid many similar mistakes made on the first ride.No matter what type of electric bicycle you ride, safety is the most important thing to remember. In addition, you should familiarize yourself with your electric bike and understand how it works and the local riding regulations. You can also personalize your e-bike with some relevant electric bike accessories. Once you are fully prepared, take your time to explore your joy with your e-bike!

Here's a video on pre-ride checks that will give you more information about e-bikes.