What You Need to Know about Ebike Suspension

What You Need to Know about Ebike Suspension

Jul 19, 2022

If you are considering purchasing a full suspension mountain ebike lately, you will struggle to meet a problem whether you need to buy a full suspension ebike? Most ebikes on the market are equipped with the suspension system. And suspension can be divided into hardtail(suspension fork) and full suspension ebike(suspension fork up front and a rear shock).

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For some novices, the suspension is still a vague concept, so what is suspension? Suspension forks are accessories installed on many ebikes, especially mountain bikes and road bikes. To ensure the personal safety and riding experience of cyclists on bumpy roads and to reduce damage to cycling equipment such as ebikes, suspension forks are indispensable: in some cases, there is no suspension fork, and only tires, frames, and the rider's limb joints are used to buffer the bumps of the road, or the improper use of suspension, stiffness, damping, and other parameters far deviate from the normal values, which will break the riding experience,  damage the equipment and interfere with the operation, and then threaten the rider's safety.

The suspension also can be subdivided. According to the classification of elastic media, bike suspension fork can be divided into two types: spring type and pneumatic type. As the name suggests, spring suspension relies on compressed springs to generate spring force, and pneumatic suspension relies on compressed air to create force, but the pneumatic suspension is not an equivalent substitute for spring suspension. The main advantage of the pneumatic suspension is its light weight. Because there is no spring, its weight will be relatively light, so its price is almost double that of the spring suspension of the same grade. At the same time,  the spring suspension we recommended is not only affordable but also has its unique advantages. Some mountain bikes cost several thousand dollars, and road bikes are not equipped with a pneumatic front fork but an "oil spring fork," a spring used as an elastic medium. The suspension fork with oil is the damping medium because it is believed that the spring is more sensitive to rebound than the air pressure. After we learn about the suspension system, we will have a new understanding of ebike’s suspension. The suspension of an ebike is the most basic requirement of an electric bicycle, and it is also a direct factor to ensure the rider's comfortable riding.

As mentioned earlier, hardtail bikes have only a suspension fork, while full-shock bikes have a front fork and a rear shock, the type of suspension on a mountain bike can affect the bike's control, traction, and comfort. It is related to your riding experience directly.

Which type of mountain ebike is right for you? The answer largely depends on how much you're willing to spend (based on the variety of suspension types and prices, we're only recommending spring suspension for this article) and the terrain you like to ride on, but there are other factors. The short answer is: if you're willing to spend a little more and you're looking for professional mountain biking, buy a full-suspension ebike. On the other hand, buy a hardtail bike if you are a novice on a tight budget and spend a lot of time riding on flatter roads.

Cyrusher Full Suspension XF900Cyrusher Full Suspension XF900

Cyrusher XF900(Full Suspension Ebike)

Buy a full-suspension ebike if:

  • You're willing to spend more: excellent quality entry-level full-suspension mountain bikes start around $2,000. It could be a good choice if you would like to spend that price (or more), and the full-suspension function makes a lot of help for your special terrain riding.
  • You ride mostly technical trails: If you love riding in nature, and riding down winding trails and accelerating over rough gravel is your pursuit, then a full-suspension mountain bike is suitable. Full suspension bikes are built for some specific type of terrain; the combination of front and rear suspension creates a smoother ride with better traction and control, which translates to more fun riding experience.
  • You want a more comfortable ride: A full-suspension mountain bike absorbs most of the shock that would be transmitted to your body (in some cases, will buck you off the bike). This helps reduce fatigue so you can ride faster, longer, and more comfortably.
  • You need speed: The front and rear suspensions are so good at soaking up bumps that you can often carry more speed than a hardtail on technical trails.

Buy hardtail ebike when:

  • You have a budget: If you are a beginner and when your budget is set at $1,500 or less. You can try hardtail, and this is because hardtails are simpler in design and less expensive to manufacture, which allows bike manufacturers to use similarly priced but high-end components (such as derailleurs, shifters, brakes, etc.).
  • You spend most of your time riding on flat trails: If you spend most of your time on flat trails, a hardtail ebike can provide you with a fast and fun ride, with its front suspension front forks soak up moderate bumps.
  • You want to reduce the maintenance fee : Hardtail bikes are simpler and less expensive to maintain with fewer moving parts than full-suspension bikes. Of course, some basic maintenance is still required.
  • You want a light ebike: Hardtail bikes are generally lighter than full-suspension bikes because of their simpler design and fewer parts.

My first ebike was a hardtail with a spring suspension fork and hydraulic brakes.After riding my hardtail ebike for about a year and a half, I'm starting to understand what I like best and what type of terrain I ride. During this time, I became more informed and developed basic mountain biking skills. Now that my skills have improved, my desire for a more stable, faster downhill mountain bike. I learned more about mountain bike components and the need for more expensive and fun bike service. So I decided to buy my first full-suspension ebike. I think spending less money is the right thing to do at first because you need more time to acquire the knowledge you need.


If you have a big budget and cost is not a factor, you can buy a full-shock mountain bike for extra stability and comfort. If the budget is not enough, choosing a hardtail is a good choice. As we have discussed, beginners have a lot to gain by starting with a hardtail. Many experienced riders recommend that all beginners start with a hardtail to develop proper ebiking skills.

Cyrusher Full Suspension XF900

Cyrusher XF900(Full Suspension Ebike)

At the end of the article, whether you are a novice or a good rider, we highly recommend you take a look at the ebike below:


Cyrusher XF900  

At Cyrusher we love to make bikes that look amazing and are fun to ride. 

  • 750W Bafang(With 80Nm Max Torque, 1200W Max Output)

Ready, go! Its max output 1200 watts powerful Bafang motor allows you to run at versatility speed, and on assisted mode, cruise around with little to no effort.

  • Go Wherever You Want (High Capacity, Waterproof)

Powered by a 48v, 17ah, lithium-ion removable battery that lasts 35-62 miles on a full charge, the Cyrusher XF900 is capable of going wherever your adventures take you. In case you need to charge a GPS or cell phone, we added an easily accessible USB charging port right on the battery.

  • Technology Smart Computer (Programmable. Fully Customizable.)

The controller's computer gives you all the information you need with the pressing of 3 buttons. Totally programmable, together with the mechanical pedaling system allows you for a total customization of speed options and other safety settings.

  • Motorcycle Style Fork Suspension

Oil-spring suspension has 110mm of travel, preload adjustment, and lockout.The suspension system acts as a major shock absorber that reduces the overall strain you feel while riding over bumpy and uneven terrain.

  • Rear Spring Suspension

Extra rear spring suspension for maximum comfort.

  • Zoom Full Hydraulic Brakes

Equipped it with giant 180mm full hydraulic disc brakes, complete with motor cutoff capabilities.

The XF900 is among the best electric bikes for sale. Its motorcycle-inspired frame makes it unique and our one-of-a-kind electric bicycle. Top-of-the-line in our ebike series, and comes with full suspension, fat tires, and a higher capacity battery for more range. Its motorcycle-style front forks will make you the center of attention wherever you go. The perfect all-terrain ebike and a great match for the Kommoda ebike model for couples.


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