Electric Bikes Are Suitable for Pulling Goods?

Electric Bikes Are Suitable for Pulling Goods?

Jul 20, 2022

As electric bikes become increasingly popular, they are used in many different environments. Many riders will want to know if e-bikes are suitable for pulling cargo? The answer is yes. E-bikes are powerful in carrying a specific weight of the extra load. In the past, when there were no convenient cars, scenes of bicycles with trailers carrying cargo would appear frequently. Many different types of electric bikes with varying uses have emerged through the changing times and technological breakthroughs. Depending on how people use them, the scenario of using electric bicycles to carry cargo became increasingly common.

There are also e-bikes on the market that are made to carry cargo. Cargo electric bikes come in a variety of frame design shapes and sizes. You can ride the best electric bike through town if it meets the legal requirements for safety. However, because of the wide variety of e-bikes available, a rider’s choice of an e-bike can be influenced by several factors. In fact, e-bikes can be equipped with front baskets and rear seats, and these types of bicycles meet the exact needs for carrying cargo. Most of Cyrusher’s e-bikes offer the practicality and convenience of carrying cargo, whether you need to travel through cities, parks, or mountain trails. All it takes is good use to bring more possibilities for carrying cargo on an specialized ebike.

You can feel the power of electric bicycles in the following video.

Nowadays, most riders choose to use their electric bicycle for road trips, hunting, fishing, or dog walking, so these rides require many extra items to carry. Using the skirt support accessories for electric bicycles can be the perfect solution for transporting your clothes, household goods, pet supplies, or carrying hunting and cargo. Depending on the use of the electric bike, the rider needs to know the maximum weight of the cargo carried by the electric bicycle. The most significant difference between an electric road bike and a car is that e-bikes are smaller and more flexible, which is the key to considering the maximum weight of the load. If you don't know this in advance, it may cause damage to the stability of the e-bike, and to a certain extent, the overweight cargo will also consume the life of the electric bike.

So, how much weight can an electric bike tow?

For different models their load weight is different, depending on the electric bike's original frame powerful motor system and battery power. The motor system allows the rider to pull or carry cargo without pedaling and over different terrain, allowing you to climb hills or ride longer distances more easily. Both save most of the rider's power for carrying cargo.

The average electric city bike can haul or carry about 220 to 300 pounds of cargo, which is more than enough to meet the needs of everyday e-bike cargo carriers. Of course, there are also e-bikes that can carry up to 500 lbs. or more, which are designed for larger loads or for carrying loads up steep hills. the maximum load capacity of all Cyrusher electric bicycle types is 330 lbs (150 kg) e-bikes.

A man riding a Cyrusher XF650 and the back seat with a pannier bag

When you choose to use an electric cycle for cargo pulling purposes, it is essential to consider the performance of the electric bike. Assuming that an e-bike does not have good performance as a foundation, it will not be able to perform well as a cargo carrier. The following will analyze the impact of performance on e-bike cargo carrying from several aspects: motor, battery, and frame.

Power of the Motor

E-bikes offer more excellent range and ease of use for hauling cargo. The motor system of an e-bike used for carrying cargo also has related requirements. The power output of an e-bike affects the rider's speed, so if you need to use an e-bike for hauling goods, it is better to choose an e-bike with higher power output. The standard motor power starts at 250W, and when the rider needs to carry additional cargo weight during the ride, the motor power of the e-bike needs to go up to 500W or even 750W to withstand the extra weight of the cargo and the long-distance of the ride. For example, the Cyrusher kommoda e-bike uses a 750w octagonal motor with a maximum torque of 80Nm and a maximum output of 1000W. Even with the extra load, its hub motor automates your ride and allows the rider to run at a variety of speeds without the need to pedal. Therefore, the higher-power motor can help the e-bike to pull goods. The high power output of the motor makes it easy for the rider to ride without the effort of applying force to the pedals to move the vehicle to complete the task of pulling goods.

The motor of Cyrusher ebike

The Size of the Battery

People use a lot of their energy to carry heavy loads on their backs, and the same is true when you use an electric bike to carry cargo. It means adding extra weight to the load if you want to pull a bag on an e-bike. And if you hit bumpier terrain, the battery will be depleted even faster. Therefore, choosing a high-capacity battery can solve the battery drain problem caused by carrying extra cargo or long road trips. Using a larger capacity battery to reduce energy consumption can increase your load's utility and the ride's range.

The battery of Cyrusher electric bikes

Brake Device

Carrying cargo on an e-bike means that your body weight increases, so to keep the body stable, the rider needs to pay attention to the performance of the brakes. In riding with cargo, you need to control the ride's speed. Because the weight of the body increases, to ensure the stability of people and the goods on the vehicle, it is best not to ride at high speed. Take control of the brakes when going downhill. It is best to choose hydraulic brakes for electric bicycles used for cargo. Compared with wire brakes, hydraulic brakes can better ensure timely and effective braking in wet environments and bring safer riding to the rider's experience. Most of Cyrusher’s e-bikes are oil brakes, which provide that the rider has better traction in controlling the speed of the vehicle when pulling goods on the e-bike.

The brake device of Cyrusher ebike

Sturdy Frame

Most electric bike frames are made of aluminum in the electric bike industry. Aluminum frames are lightweight, easy to install, and safe enough to meet the rider's daily riding needs. Light aluminum frames are a good choice for riders who want to use their e-bikes to pull cargo.

If you are considering using an electric bike for pulling cargo, it’s essential to know how to use an electric bike for towing cargo. Here are some safety tips to help you do it more effectively.

Nowadays, many people use electric bicycles for commuting, or some families use them for shopping, so a front basket is an ideal choice for carrying shopping supplies. Depending on the rider's cargo needs, a pannier bag can be fitted to the rear seat. The Cyrusher kommoda is ideal for holding a pannier bag with a complimentary back seat to carry a certain weight of goods and cargo. If you want to ride an e-bike to the beach and surf, the e-bike can also help maintain a surfboard, which requires an elastic strap accessory. If you need to take your child with you to enjoy the ride, then it is necessary to install a safe child seat and fasten the seat belt for your baby.

  • Check the tire pressure of the electric bicycle in time

Pay attention to timely check whether the electric bike and car tire pressure are regular. If the tire pressure is too high, coupled with the weight of the goods, the electric bike is under a lot of pressure above the bumpy terrain environment can easily cause the risk of a blowout. If the tire pressure is too low, the rider will be demanded to pull the goods in riding the electric bicycle.

  • Check the battery power

As mentioned earlier, the necessary power for the e-bike car to carry cargo comes from the motor and the battery. If you don’t check in advance whether there is enough power support on display, it is likely to cause trouble for your cargo carrying trip. To avoid battery consumption, prepare a spare battery in the pannier bag.

  • Verify that the parts of the e-bike are not faulty

Electric bikes used to carry cargo may have parts wear and tear from long-term use because of the extra weight they need to take. Before riding, the rider must check the normalcy of all aspects of the e-bike components, whether the motor, pedals, sprockets, flywheel, and brakes are running perfectly. Avoid the failure of damaged and dislodged parts when riding an electric bike with cargo.

  • Decelerate in time when turning

Be aware that you have increased the vehicle's weight by using an e-bike to carry cargo. When taking a load, the powerful motor system of the e-bike can, of course, allow you to remain at high speed during the turning circle. But for your safety and the stability of the goods, slow down in time when turning, and do not let yourself and the interests appear to be separated and dumped on the ground causing the risk of bruising. Be ready to brake in time, and at the same time, pay attention to the surrounding observation environment, which is full of goods. Electric bicycle in the high-speed driving process is to take a longer time to stop.

  • Don’t overload

The most important thing about riding an electric bike for cargo is not overloading it. This is because driving overloaded will make Mr. Traffic Police look for you and make it more challenging to ride on your own. In addition, too much weight will damage the relevant performance and various parts of the ebikes, thus, affecting the life of the electric bike.

Four people camping on beach with Cyrusher Electric bikes

If you want to use an e-bike to pull a load, ensure you are well prepared before riding. Depending on the weight of the cargo, the electric bikes show differences in the cargo carrying purposes. For example, the fat tire feature of the Cyrusher fat tire electric bike shows more excellent load bearing and is more stable in moving cargo. If you think about and follow these relevant considerations well, hauling cargo with an e-bike is ideal.