Where are Cyrusher bikes made?

May 06, 2022

Cyrusher electric bikes as well as almost all of the ebikes worldwide are produced in China, in the area of Shenzhen, the world capital for electronics. The strength of Chinese manufacturing cannot be underestimated, and the quality of its products is internationally certified.

Known as a manufacturing power, China is a natural production base for electric bikes. Even world-famous bike brands like Merida and Trek have factories in China, as well as emerging ebike companies like Rad Power Bikes and Juiced Bikes have also chosen China to produce their ebikes.

Every company develops its brand and provides services. For bike enthusiasts, it is not difficult to predict the price of an e-bike by the level of its accessories. The low-end configuration usually does not sell at a high price. As an e-bike brand with 8 years of history, Cyrusher doesn’t sell their ebikes at a low price, because the quality of their components does not allow them to do so.

Its price depends in great part on the core configuration

•The motor is Bafang

•The battery capacity is 17Ah

•The transmission is Shimano

•Equipped with shock-absorbing suspension 

•Special designs like fork frame

Cyrusher bikes’ configurations are at the higher end of the scale, which also justifies the fact that the prices are in the $2000 range. Uh, Bafang motor, a top brand for high-performance ebikes, makes the riding process easy and comfortable and the high-capacity battery range can last for 62 miles in a fully charged mode which is enough to complete a commute round trip. What's more, its front fork absorbs shocks and enhances the riding experience.

In addition, the service provided by the company also determines whether the customer should choose its products. Some brands have many years in business, however, they do not give special attention to the service aspect. As a brand that focuses on making amazing products that are fun to use, Cyrusher has designed different models for different customers’ needs. For example, a new product, the Cyrusher Kommoda, is designed for girls who are not tall and people with mobility limitations.

At Cyrusher, making the customer's buying experience a smooth one is more important than whether the product sells. One browsing through the comments section of the Cyrusher's Facebook Community Group can see more words like “happy”, “amazing”, and “enjoyable”, so it's clear that Cyrusher wants to promote a positive attitude towards life through cycling, which is exactly what we need in this post-epidemic era.

Cyrusher Bikes Owners Group 自行车手的评论,Cyrusher 让他的旅行更有趣

Cyrusher is making a name for itself in the international market. Its products are sold to more than a dozen countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Japan, etc. And are constantly developing new markets, so that people in more countries have the opportunity to own these amazing ebikes. 

In addition to setup brand website to reach overseas consumers directly, efforts are underway to implement plans for overseas offline sales channels, giving consumers an immersive trial experience. Besides, it also provides a variety of contact information for prompt and timely communication with customers.

Finally, Cyrusher, based in China, has been steadily gaining momentum since its establishment in 2014. In the face of fierce competition in the global e-bike industry, Cyrusher is still a force to be reckoned with.