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How to choose the right electric bike for you?

Jul 26, 2022

As the number of cars has increased, the traffic congestion has not improved, and environmental pollution has become more serious. In recent years, oil prices have risen, some states have even exceeded $6 per gallon of gasoline, and the cost of using cars is increasing. Many people use electric bikes to replace cars, eliminating the warranty, maintenance costs, and fuel costs of vehicles, which are characterized by flexibility, low cost, and green environmental protection. I believe you have done your homework before you want to buy it, but purchasing an electric bicycle is a lot of money. You don't want to buy cheap and poor-quality products. There are various products on the market. How can we ensure that the choice is correct?

A man rides an electric bike

Below we will introduce some professional terms for power bikes. What do the corresponding words mean?

First, to understand the classification standards of electric bicycles in the United States.

Currently, 26 states in the United States regulate power bikes according to the following classification standards. These states do not require registration, driver's license, insurance, etc., for electric cycles, and some states do not have specific restrictions on the age of cyclists.

Category 1: Equipped with a motor to assist when a person steps on the pedal, the upper limit of the riding speed is 20 miles per hour; the safety factor is higher, and the rules for electric bicycles of categories 2 and 3 are relatively loose.

Category 2: Equipped with an accelerator drive motor, which can be operated in the purely electric mode without pedal assistance, and the upper limit of the riding speed is 20 miles per hour;

Category 3: Bicycles with a speedometer and pedal-assist electric motor that stop assisting when riding at 28 miles per hour.

The statutes vary from state to state in the US, and the rules are inconsistent. Before choosing the right electric bike, we must familiarize ourselves with local laws and regulations.

Electric bicycle battery and motor

The battery determines the distance; the motor determines the speed. For example, Kommoda is equipped with a 48V, 14AH Samsung lithium-ion battery, which can travel up to 50 miles, including a 54.6V, 2AH smart charger, which takes 4-7 hours to charge and can travel 25 miles on a single charge. -50 miles. Its motor is a 750 watt (1000 watt peak), 80Nm high-speed brushless motor that operates efficiently in combined assist mode. More torque means more power is provided.

Lead-acid battery: Its price is low, the pollution coefficient is small, and the maintenance is convenient, but its specific capacity is small, which cannot meet the rising needs of consumers.

Lithium-ion battery: It is the battery with the highest specific capacity. It is small, easy to carry, discharges quickly, and has no environmental pollution. Lithium-ion batteries account for the largest share of the battery market today.

Battery adaptation: try to use a charger that matches the battery. Unsuitable batteries are prone to inappropriate input, output, and battery parameters. This behavior will damage the battery's life and may cause serious accidents.

The position of the motor

Mid-wheel motor: The motor is located in the center of the car (that is, at the pedal), which can maintain front and rear balance. It has ample torque and a suitable output effect, but its components are complex and have high maintenance costs.

Rear in-wheel motor: installed on the vehicle's rear wheel, usually a brushless motor. The front and rear weights are different, and the center of gravity will shift to a certain extent. However, when riding on a relatively flat road, the riding effect is no different from that of a mid-mounted motor; depending on undulating terrain, the rider will have an enormous inertial impact.

However, manufacturers prefer to use rear in-wheel motors. The biggest reason is the cost difference between the two. The cost of the mid-mounted motor is several times that of the rear, and the overall presentation effect of the rear in-wheel motor is not much different from that of the mid-mounted motor, which can meet the needs of the rider. The positioning of the central motor is mainly in motion, pursuing high speed. The two are positioned differently.

A man and a woman ride an electric bike in the forest

Other components (take Kommoda as an example)

There are three forms of sports mode: pure pedal mode, pure electric mode, and electric mode combined with pedal assist mode.

Levels of pedal assist: All Cyrusher e-bikes offer five levels of pedal assist.

Transmission system: This brand provides a Shimano 7-speed flywheel rotation system, combined with a 5-level pedal assist. Try different gears and pedal assists several times, and you can always find the pedaling rhythm you want.

LCD screen: The rider can clearly understand the current speed, mileage, battery level, pedal assist mode, etc.

Integrated accessories: Most power bikes on the market are equipped with integrated accessories.

Lighting: Equipped with large headlights on the front of the bike to improve driving safety at night. The lighting parameters of each brand are different. The Kommoda houses 250-lumen LED headlights. Free fenders, electronic horns, and racks also increase the vehicle's storage capacity.

Integrated brake tail light: The function of the tail light is to warn the rear personnel that the rider in front has braked. Please pay attention to slow down. So manufacturers have programmed them to turn on the rear tail lights when the brakes are applied and turn off when the brakes come to a stop.

Suspension design: It can absorb the vibration caused by the tire when it encounters rough roads, making it more comfortable when riding. The Kommoda uses a spring suspension front fork with preload adjustment feature, which can increase the strength of the spring when it is actuated and absorb the energy of road impact; the additional rear spring suspension can increase the comfort and versatility of the vehicle. An excellent hydraulic disc brake is also a must, with the function of safely cutting off the motor and high sensitivity, allowing the bike to slow down at high speeds.

Frame: The most commonly used frame material on the market is aluminum alloy, but some are steel, titanium alloy, and carbon fiber. The rigidity of the aluminum frame is more substantial, and the weight of the aluminum frame is lighter under the same volume. However, with other electronic components and metal parts, the self-weight of the electric bicycle is still relatively large, and it needs a solid force to control. The fat tires can increase the safety and comfort of riding, have a firm grip and traction on rugged terrains such as gravel, the ground covered with sand, snow, and rock, and can drive safely and smoothly.

A man and a woman ride their electric bike on the grass

How to choose the right electric bike for you?

Choosing the right bike size is one of the essential factors to consider when buying. The inconsistency in height can affect the overall experience of riding. Before buying, remember to look at the detailed size chart of the product and choose a suitable bicycle frame according to your height; if it is difficult to grasp, you can seek professional service personnel and consult their opinions. The right size is one of the factors that ensure the correct riding position. In the face of long rides, improper posture can cause discomfort in the spine and neck and even shorten your cycling career. When riders want to use their electric cycles for commuting, mountain adventures, or working out, having the right saddle is essential. All Cyrusher e-bikes feature breathable ergonomic sports saddles that fit the body and use high-quality materials to provide rider comfort on long rides.

Ease of assembly of parts is one of the factors to consider when selecting. If it is difficult for you to assemble a bicycle, when choosing to buy, we should consult professional service personnel in advance. What is the difficulty of assembly? Are the assembly tools included with the delivery? Is the installation video clear and straightforward? Is there a door-to-door installation service? All Cyrusher bikes ship 90% pre-assembled and come with an Allen key, charger, and wrench. Follow the assembly guide, install the front wheel, assemble the pedals, and tighten some bolts. A two-year warranty is provided, and 24-hour online customer service can be sought for any technical problems.

Choosing the right e-bike for you depends on your lifestyle. What do you want to do with an electric bike? Whether it's a city commute, an adventure on rough terrain, or a workout that adds cardio and improves your fitness. In what scenarios would you use it? Would you use it for short trips? Or long rides? What is the riding surface like? Any thoughts on biking to camp with family and friends? The answers to these questions will help you choose which type of electric cycle to use.

Buying an e-bike is an investment, and choosing the right e-bike is a sizable investment that, combined with the proper maintenance, can last for years. Compared to a car, the savings are unimaginable. Notably, Cyrusher has a campaign: Buy 2 of the best-selling electric cycles for $700 off, and the deal ends July 31, 2022, at 11:59 pm. The brand has opened an offline store in Utah, and those who are interested can go to the store for a test drive, and a professional electric vehicle engineer will choose a suitable riding mode for you.