Why Are Electric Bikes so Popular?

Why Are Electric Bikes so Popular?

Jul 26, 2022

Occident is the birthplace of bicycle culture. The topography and natural scenery in Europe and the United States are special. So many people like to ride long trips and enjoy the scenery along the way. And as everything is updated and iterated, starting with the original quad bicycle, the bicycle has been constantly updated to give it a new look - the electric bike is in our era.

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The emergence of electric bikes not only solves the problem of tired riding, so more people can choose to try long-distance riding without psychological burden, without worrying about physical exhaustion and heavy luggage. While experiencing the fun of riding, with more energy to appreciate the scenery along the way. Now many countries in Europe and the United States have opened up a lot of bicycle tour routes. Take Switzerland as an example. With a cycling one-day route of more than 70 kilometers, you can enjoy the villages, lakes, farms, and mountains along the way. This old way of getting close to nature is to drive a car but can't feel it, and it is difficult for ordinary people to ride such a long trip on a bicycle, and an ebike has become the best travel tool.  It is providential that the ebikes play an important role in people's daily life.

Seeing this, you may have a question: What other reasons can the bicycle win the love of so many people, which is closely related to the benefits of the electric bike. Here are a few reasons why people love ebikes:

  • Riding with Fewer Efforts

Many countries in the world with complex terrain. Various slopes on the road are common. Using ordinary bicycles will bring great physical burden. Therefore, more and more people give up using bicycles as a daily commuting tool. So the electric ebike has been on a downward trend for several years. The emergence of ebikes has solved the obstacle of "physical burden." In recent years, the annual growth rate of more than 30% has become the biggest driving force for the development of the bicycle industry. The future trend of ebikes will also be more committed to moving closer to green living and low carbon. The ebike may be refitted and upgraded to solar cells on the basis of the battery, which can reduce the number of battery charging times and save electricity. It only needs to turn on the solar energy when the ebike is out of power's charging function. When you go to ride outdoors and forget to charge, and the power of the ebike is almost exhausted at this time, the solar energy function of the ebike will help you.

Cyrusher XF900 and Cyrusher Kommoda

Cyrusher Kommoda and Cyrusher XF900

The Kommoda is the latest electric bike model added to our current ebike catalog. This is a step-through electric bicycle that’s ideal for shorter riders and those with mobility limitations to get on and off the bike easier. Its massive fat tires and quality components makes it the perfect match for the XF900 ebike model for couples.

  • More Convenient Transportation

Different countries vary in topography, and the number and distribution of large and small cities are also different. Large cities are more prosperous and have convenient transportation. Various grades of roads in small towns require different means of transportation. The streets are narrow and not suitable for too many cars. Public transport can only be covered by a mesh, and there is often a certain distance between nodes. Many small cities and towns do not have enough public transportation, so many people use ebikes that are not tiring to ride but are as convenient as bicycles as a daily commuting tool. Cycling is not only more labor-saving and convenient in small cities but also big cities. There are more and more types of ebikes, and many practical models have been developed, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, commuter bikes, folding bikes, etc. In big cities, riding a folding bike is very happy because the folding car takes up very little space.

Cyrusher XF900

Cyrusher XF900

The XF900 is among the best electric bikes for sale. Its motorcycle-inspired frame makes it unique and our one-of-a-kind electric bicycle. Top-of-the-line in our ebike series, and comes with full suspension, fat tires, and a higher capacity battery for more range. Its motorcycle-style front forks will make you the center of attention wherever you go. The perfect all-terrain ebike and a great match for the Kommoda ebike model for couples.

  • Good for Health

There are a large number of cyclists in the world, and bicycle-related physical injuries are relatively common in various countries. Muscle strains, cramps, falls, etc. On the other hand, people can always design ebikes as excellent products in response to the situation. The design of ebikes adds spring or air pressure suspension function on the basis of the previous hard ebikes. The appearance of suspension ebikes has greatly alleviated the problem of compression of knees and waist while greatly reducing the damage caused by physical exhaustion. In addition, in European and American cities, it can be seen that a large number of "Silver Hair People" ride ebikes. Ebikes not only allow them to continue to use bicycles but also effectively protect their bodies.

A 2022 study shows that people's use of ebikes can lead to increased or decreased physical activity, depending on the mode of transport chosen. Simply saying, riding ebike gives more exercise than riding a bicycle. The study's authors mainly attribute this to the fact that e-bikes can be used on a variety of special surfaces, whether an uphill or downhill road or bumpy dirt or gravel road (no matter what seasons), the bicycles also need physical power to ride.  Compared with people who ride ordinary bicycles, people who ride ebikes will be willing to run farther and spend more time riding. Earlier this year, a study by the University of Glasgow revealed new evidence: Researchers studied more than 260,000 people over a five-year period and found that cycling to work could cut a driver's risk of heart disease or cancer in half.

It is worth mentioning that among the various professions in the world, postmen have the longest average lifespan. One of the reasons is that they often ride bicycles when delivering letters.

Cyrusher XF650

Cyrusher XF650

  • Ebikes Can Save Energy and Reduce Emissions

Ebikes are the first helper for energy saving, emission reduction, and green travel. Riding an ebike is a "little thing" that saves time and is very convenient and quick. According to the 2022 Bicycle Market Report, reducing carbon dioxide emissions can protect a small animal's home if a person chooses to commute by ebike instead of driving a private car. More in-depth, compared to driving a private car, riding an ebike is good for fit (mentioned above in the article) and saves a lot of fuel and parking space fees. Green travel, energy saving, and emission reduction are not only for ourselves but also for the global village on which human beings depend for survival. Ebikes can assist in green and low-carbon travel and play an active role in improving travel efficiency, ensuring cycling safety, promoting industrial development, and stimulating employment.
Cyrusher XF650

Cyrusher XF650

  • More Exciting and Refreshing Riding Experience

Riding is extremely developed in Europe and the United States. Not only the well-known "Tour de France" but also various road cross-country and mountain events are extremely prosperous. However, for non-competition purposes, it has long ceased to pursue high-speed experience and endurance performance but advocates returning to riding fun, especially mountain bikes, such as better control of different terrains, stronger passability, and better control. More riding skills, etc. For example, by making mountain bikes easier to climb without getting off the bike due to climbing or fatigue, you can ride higher and farther, save a lot of physical strength and have better control when going downhill. You can experience more speed and passion and improve security. Therefore, now ebikes have penetrated roads, commuting, folding, and other models and have been fully popularized and recognized by senior players. A large number of ebikes can be seen in mountain bike parks or wild roads.

Cyrusher XF900

Cyrusher XF900

Ebikes are closely related to people's daily trips, and their trajectories are all over the world. Nowadays, the popularity of ebikes has become a trend in almost all European and American countries such as the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, etc., like China, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan. The popularity of ebikes has become a trend, and the development is still accelerating.

At Cyrusher, our vision is to create amazing personal mobility products for anyone, anywhere.

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