A man rides an electric bike on a mountain road

Can electric bikes go uphill?

Jul 28, 2022

With the popularity of electric bicycles, people have more demand for them, and the styles on the market are becoming more and more diverse.

The composition of an electric bicycle is to add a battery, a motor, a controller, and a charger to the original frame structure of the e-bike. Its working principle is that the battery provides energy, and the controller supplies electrical power to the motor. The motor converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy and combines the pedal assist system to drive the power bike. The controller is the CPU of the whole vehicle, which comprehensively detects the status of each component, and can control the operation, acceleration, deceleration, braking, and other functions of the electric bicycle according to the rider's instructions. Because of the current research and technological breakthroughs in new energy, electric bikes are designed in various types and are influential in function. The answer to the question of whether you can go uphill is obvious.

Batteries: Lithium batteries are gradually replacing lead-acid batteries and have a high market share. Common battery materials are mainly lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. The lead-acid battery is cheap, but the conversion rate is not high, and it is bulkier; the lithium battery technology is mature, the energy conversion rate is high, the volume is light, it can be recycled, and the environmental pollution is negligible. Therefore, lithium batteries are likely to become the first choice for batteries in the future.

Motors: There are three main types of motors: brushless low-speed motors brushed low-speed motors, and brushed high-speed disc motors. These three types of motors have different advantages. Brushless low-speed motors are currently the most widely used in the market. The benefits are low maintenance cost, no noise, and good uphill ability. Because the brushless motor has no brushes or reducers, the possibility of motor wear is reduced, and the service life of the motor is extended.

Controller: It is the part that controls the speed of the motor and the core part of the system. There are two types of structures: separate and integrated. The former refers to the separation of the main body of the controller and the display part; the latter refers to the integration of the control and display parts. It generally has the functions of braking power-off and under-voltage protection.

Charger: According to the charging form, it can be divided into two types: series charging and single constant charging. According to the circuit structure, it is divided into the constant current charger, constant voltage charger, fast pulse charger, and intelligent three-stage charger. Among them, the quick pulse charger has a short charging time, but maintaining high voltage for a long time makes it easy to cause the battery to lose water. The cost of intelligent three-stage chargers is low, and the market distribution rate is significant.

A man rides an electric bike in the mountains

How many slopes can an electric bike go up? (Take Cyrusher XF900 as an example)

It's an all-terrain electric bike, and the highlight is the motorcycle-style frame that makes it unique.

The XF900 is equipped with a 750W Bafang motor, with a maximum output of 1200W and a maximum torque of 80Nm. The standard torque on the market is 30-40Nm. The greater the torque, the greater the climbing angle. The main factor of the climbing ability is the power of the motor. The greater the power, the greater the torque, which means that the administration is sufficient and the climbing is easy. At the same time, various factors such as load capacity, battery, and drivetrain are also considered. The XF900 is powered by a 48V, 17AH high-capacity Li-Ion battery with a range of 35-62 miles on a full charge, and an easy-to-use USB charging port is added to the battery to charge your phone and GPS; 54.6V ready, 2AH smart charger, charging time is 5-7 hours. This large-capacity battery can also ensure a continuous power supply if you climb a lot.

The XF900 has a Shimano 7-speed flywheel system, which means you can adjust to a larger gear when going uphill. The 5-level pedal assist system allows you to adapt to the appropriate speed to complete the climb. An excellent full hydraulic disc brake is also a must, and it has a motor cut-off for a much safer ride. Generally speaking, as long as the motor power is sufficient, the load is within the standard, and the battery current is large enough, the power bike can climb a slope of 30-45°. If you want to challenge a higher pitch, you must pay attention to safety and see the following preparation work.

DETAILS OF All-Terrain Electric Bike--XF900

To check the tire pressure of an electric bike.

Tire pressure is a point that we tend to ignore. After this instruction, I hope you can remember to check the tire pressure with a pressure gauge before driving, or the most convenient way is to press the tire with your hand to see if it is flat.

When the tire pressure is too high, the tire's rigidity will increase, making the tire hard and reducing the riding comfort. When driving on rough ground, due to the unknown road conditions, if an unidentified sharp object punctures the tire, it will cause a tire blowout; tire pressure If it is too low, it will be unable to maintain balance while driving and fall over, the tire will become soft, and its strength will be reduced. The tire is likely to puncture when causing at high speed because it cannot bear the load. We'd better prepare a pressure gauge, the value will be more accurate, and the manufacturer will print the tire pressure value on the tire. If you ride frequently, it is best to check every three days; if you have not ridden for a long time due to seasonal reasons, check every two weeks and use an air pump to inflate in time.

Do not change factory settings.

Even if you have researched power bikes for many years, it is best not to change the factory settings. These settings are all safety tested by the manufacturer. All data are within the safe range. If you change it at will, it may be dangerous to drive. It is best not to do things that are harmful to your safety, such as: modifying the maximum speed of electric bicycles, illegal modification, modification of electronic components, etc. Suppose you want to use change to achieve your expectations within a reasonable and legal range. In that case, it is best to seek professional help and not arbitrarily modify the factory settings yourself. We know you may want a thrilling ride, but safety always comes first, no matter how you drive.

A man rides an electric bike--Cyrusher XF900

To drive within the load range.

Riding on urban roads, if you are overloaded, the traffic police will stop you; if you are on a climbing road, the heavier the weight of the car, the greater the torque required. If the motor power cannot be satisfied due to the overload, it is easy to cause a Landslide. If it is too late to control, you will not only fall but also wear various parts of the vehicle due to the excessive load, shorten the service time of the vehicle, and the loss outweighs the loss.

To check that the vehicle is in good condition.

Before riding, we need to check the various parts of the vehicle, such as: whether the braking device, transmission system, pedal-assist system, and motor are running normally, to avoid landslides caused by damage to a particular component during the climbing process. This move is also significant.

To check battery level.

If we're going for a climbing challenge, it's best to have a full battery. Before riding, check whether the power is sufficient and the continuous power supply can be guaranteed. If you are riding a long distance, you can prepare an extra battery to avoid battery consumption.

To prepare a supply pack.

Cycling is an exhausting activity. Before riding, we should prepare enough dry food and water. For food, you can prepare nuts, eggs, bananas, apples, etc., that are easy to carry. For water, try to choose mineral water that contains trace elements and minerals to get sugar and electrolytes. After a long ride, pure drinking water can quench your thirst for a while, but you will get thirsty if you drink a lot of pure water. Severe cases will appear "water poisoning" phenomenon. Therefore, when riding for a long time, it is necessary to prepare supplies in advance due to the consumption of physical strength.

Be ready to protect your equipment.

Rough mountain roads and unidentified ground objects mean you will need to be fully armed with protective equipment, keeping you safe no matter the road you're driving on. Safety helmets, heavy-duty knee and elbow pads, back pads, and other protective gear. All in all, there are thousands of roads, and safety comes first. You have to make sure you are safe while enjoying the ride. Mountain adventures are unpredictable, and these gear are here to protect you.

A man prepares to put on a helmet to ride an electric bike

If you're up for mountain adventures and climbing challenges, we prep these moves before you ride. In climbing, if the slope is significant, we need to use a combination of electric and pedal assistance. Do not encounter large gradients, and directly adopt high-speed mode, which is easy to wear out the motor. The best method is to slow down first, then slowly Increase the speed and pedal up with the pedal assist mode.

Of course, we have to do what we can when climbing, and we can't break through the bottom line of safety.