On August 2, Cyrusher's First Electric Bike Offline Store Opened in Utah, U.S.A.

On August 2, Cyrusher's First Electric Bike Offline Store Opened in Utah, U.S.A.

Aug 17, 2022


The brand "Cyrusher," which means "Cycling" and "Rusher," was Founded in 2014.

Cyrusher's brand concept is driven to be a pioneer and leader in the electric bicycle industry, and its Brand Vision is to bring amazing personalized mobility tools to people around the world; no matter where you are, Cyrusher can bring you a new active and healthy lifestyle, not limited to ordinary ebikes, pioneering infinite possibilities!

The story of Cyrusher's creation is inseparable from the two brand founders, Harry Xie and Néstor Sulú.

Harry was born in an ordinary family in Sichuan. After Harry obtained a business degree from the Xiamen University of Technology, he started the entrepreneurial journey with a strong interest in doing business. The fate is always arranged in advance by chance. Harry met Nestor, who has bold and novel ideas. He has an extraordinary vision for brand building. His joining has made more people aware of the existence of Cyrusher.

Founder of Cyrusher

Harry Xie, founder of Cyrusher.
Graduated from Xiamen University of Technology with a Business Degree. He knew that he could not only change his life but make a huge impact on others around the world by bringing the right product to market.

Néstor Sulú, co-founder of Cyrusher.
An IT engineer who graduated in computer science from the Autonomous University of Yucatan in Mexico, saw in Cyrusher passion and great vision for the future.

The same year, Harry began his entrepreneurial journey; Harry turned his attention to the bicycle parts market, established a new website, and began to sell bicycle parts. The huge industry potential of bicycle parts made Harry quickly realize that he could bring high-quality electric bicycles made in China to the international market at favorable prices. Surprises followed, and there was a lot of excitement about these ebikes, which gave him a huge boost. At this point, Harry planted a seed in their hearts that electric bicycles would become the future of personal transportation. Then, in 2015, Cyrusher officially started selling its product online — electric bikes. The road to success is bound to be full of thorns. Selling electric bicycles internationally is different from regular sales. Harry needs to overcome language barriers and procedural difficulties. Fortunately, with the participation of Nestor, these problems did not become an obstacle for Cyrusher to go abroad. 

Opportunities are always reserved for those willing to struggle and are prepared. Two excellent people complement each other, allowing customers to see Cyrusher ebikes, and everything has a good start. However, as orders grew, Harry and Nestor faced challenges relying on suppliers and business-critical customers. The two spent a few months thinking deeply about what Cyrusher was, looking back at how they started the company and how it achieved its goal. After strengthening the original intention, Cyrusher will continue to bring high-quality and eye-catching electric vehicles to more riders at an affordable price.

Moreover, the two have always believed that Cyrusher can become an excellent e-bike brand to meet the growing global demand for e-bikes. Excellent product quality is the soul of the brand, and the degree to which customers love the Cyrusher is directly proportional to the quality, function, and design of the Cyrusher bike. The exterior design of the Cyrusher is different from the traditional exterior design on the market. If the black and white ebike on the market are classic black and white TVs, then the Cyrusher is a color TV with cool colors and programmable. From the original Cyrusher road ebike XF650, mountain ebike XF800, all-terrain XF900, and commuter folding ebike XF690Maxs to the new generation of women's stepper ebike Kommoda and 2022 new step-through ebike Kuattro...

Cyrusher XF650, Cyrusher XF800 and Cyrusher XF900

Cyrusher Kommoda, Cyrusher XF690Maxs and Kuattro


In 2017, with great determination and confidence in Cyrusher products, Harry and Nestor recruited to expand the team, led a strong team of 25 employees to open our factory to manufacture more professional electric bicycles and future motor vehicles and update our products. Cyrusher's bikes are international quality tested and comply with CE, UL, Rhos, and FCC standards. The Cyrusher brand name is also registered and recognized in Australia, China, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. Our headquarters are located in China's Silicon Valley - Shenzhen.

In the past few years, Cyrusher has accumulated many fans who love and support Cyrusher. Jeff is a true fan of Cyrusher and a freelancer who loves cycling. When he saw Cyrusher on the website, he decided to buy the Cyrusher XF800. This is how the fate between Jeff and Cyrusher began. Jeff often emailed Harry to discuss his Cyrusher XF800, and gradually he came up with an idea to bring this treasured ebike to more people! With the help of Cyrusher, Jeff set up an ebike distribution center in his family's garage. Cyrusher can provide faster logistics services become a reality. In this way, the first distribution center in the United States appeared in Utah, and the distribution center only had Jeff and friends at the beginning, then more and more partners joined the team, so the scale of Cyrusher is getting professional and strong and then there are also Cyrusher distribution centers in the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Japan......

Cyrusher US Support Team

Cyrusher US Support Team


On August 1, Cyrusher brand director office Nestor Sulu released some photos of the first offline store in the United States, which will be located in Utah (124 S 600 W Suite 102, Logan UT 84321). "For more riders to experience Cyrusher's real riding experience and professional bicycle after-sales maintenance services, Cyrusher's first offline store will open soon!" he wrote.

In the new offline store, Ashlyn organizes the display of ebikes with anticipation. Ashlyn has joined the Cyrusher team for more than a year. She loves ebikes, especially Kommoda! She answers questions for many customers who consult on the website and handles some after-sales problems of ebikes. When the team announced that the first physical store will open soon, Ashlyn reacted like seeing a favorite actor. "I love ebikes and work. I have two mountain bikes and a Kommoda, I enjoy cycling with friends, and I can't wait to meet more friends because I'm very communicative." she said.

Cyrusher First Physical Store

Cyrusher First Offline Store

At 10:00 am local time on August 2, Cyrusher's first offline physical store officially opened in Utah! The physical store is divided into three areas. The first area is the ebike showroom, which is full of Cyrusher's all types of ebikes for riders to watch and experience. You can pick your favorite color and ride a few times on the road outside. The second area is the maintenance area, run by Alex, a veteran buddy who can always pinpoint a problem with the ebike and fix it quickly. The third area is the ebike accessories area, which sells a variety of ebike accessories and repair tools such as wrenches, pumps, etc. Cyrusher also sells exclusive clothes and hats. You can also get it in some secret ways.

According to the data, there was an endless stream of visitors on an opening day, and more than 100 people tried riding. Professional electric bike riders will help you to choose a suitable model and provide test riding services on an opening day. Customers can buy them and take them home If it is troublesome to bring them back home. You can also choose to have it delivered to your home after purchase. On that day, XF650 topped the hot list with its excellent performance and affordable price, attracting many customers to try and purchase the next hot products, followed by the best electric bikes under $2000: XF800, Kommoda and new product Kuattro......


The XF650 is entry-level priced electric bicycle from Cyrusher ebike catalog. It’s a fat tire, hardtail electric bike with front suspension. Although sporting a low price, this ebike model features all the main functions you would expect and comes with pedal assist and throttle-only operations. Its aluminum frame and fat tires make it a solid ebike to ride with confidence, great for commuting, and currently best value for money ebike.
Cyrusher XF650
Battery: 48V 16/17Ah waterproof, removable
A power source that allowed for longer, faster rides. We decided on our waterproof, 48-volt lithium batteries. These batteries have 16/17AH and have enough capacity to make round whatever round trip you’re faced with. It is also removable for easy charging inside.
Motor: 750W (With 80Nm Max Torque, 1000W Max Output)
Its max output 1000 watts powerful LKS motor allows you to run at versatility speed, and on assisted mode, cruise around with little to no effort.
Fat tire: Chaoyang fat tire
Chaoyang mountain fat tires provide improved grip and traction on the most troublesome terrain. It makes a good impression even when the ground is covered in snow.
Color: white red yellow blue
Price: $1,599


The XF800 is a full suspension, fat tire electric bicycle. This model rides very smoothly, and with its fat tires, it’s the choice or preference among many of our mountain electric bikers. Perfect for the trails, and the best seller in our ebike catalog.
Cyrusher XF800
Battery: 48V13Ah waterproof, removable
With a power source that allowed for longer, faster rides. waterproof, 48-volt lithium batteries. These batteries have 13AH and have enough capacity to make round whatever round trip you’re faced with. It is also removable for easy charging inside.
Motor: 750W (With 80Nm Max Torque, 1200W Max Output)
Its max output 1200 watts powerful Bafang motor allows you to run at versatility speed, and on assisted mode, cruise around with little to no effort.
Fat Tire: 4.0" Chaoyang Fat Tire
Chaoyang mountain fat tires provide improved grip and traction on the most troublesome terrain. It makes a good impression even when the ground is covered in snow.
Shock absorption: front fork suspension and rear spring suspension
Alloy front suspension fork has 80mm of travel, preload adjustment, and lockout and extra rear spring suspension for maximum comfort.
Color: white green blue red
Original price: $2,199


The Kommoda is the latest electric bike model added to Cyrusher current ebike catalog. This is a step-through electric bicycle that’s ideal for shorter riders and those with mobility limitations to get on and off the bike easier. Its massive fat tires and quality components makes it the perfect match for the XF900 ebike model for couples.
Cyrusher Kommoda
Battery: 48V 14Ah Battery
Powered by a 48v, 14ah lithium-ion battery that lasts 20-50 miles on a full charge, the Cyrusher Kommoda is capable of going wherever your adventures take you. Recharge the battery on the bike or take it out and recharge it separately at your convenience.
Motor:750W Motor
With its 1000 watt peak power, the powerful motor allows you to run at high speeds and, in assisted mode, cruise with little to no effort.
Shock absorption: motorcycle-style front suspension and spring rear suspension
The Kommoda features a front fork suspension with 110mm of travel preload adjustment. Appearance and comfort in one and the spring rear suspension adds to the Kommoda's comfort and versatility.
Color Display: Kommoda's LCD display gives you all the information you need with an easy-to-use 3-button controller. It is fully programmable and allows you to configure your ride your way. The Kommoda's LCD display comes in color for a more enjoyable experience.
Color: orange white blue grey
Price: $2,299


The Kuattro is the latest model of electric bicycle added to Cyrusher current catalog of electric bicycles. This is an electric step-through bike that is ideal for riders with limited mobility to get on and off the bike more easily. This model features a taller frame and bigger fat tires, aimed at taller and heavier riders while allowing for more types of terrain riding.
Cyrusher Kuattro
Battery: 48V 17Ah battery
Powered by a 48v, 17ah lithium-ion battery that lasts 20-50 miles on a full charge, the Cyrusher Kuattro is capable of going wherever your adventures take you. Recharge the battery on the bike or take it out and recharge it separately at your convenience.
Motor: Bafang 750W Motor
With its 1200 watt peak power and 80Nm max torque, the powerful Bafang motor allows you to run at high speeds and, in assisted mode, cruise with little to no effort.
Fat tires: bigger 26" x 4.0" fat tires
Mountain-style fat tires provide better grip, even in sand or snow, as well as giving it a look that turns heads.
Frame: Front fork suspension and roomy rear seat
The Kuattro features a front fork suspension with 80mm of travel preload adjustment. Appearance and comfort in one. Upgraded frame and rear seat for a more comfortable manned ride!
Color: Cyan White
Price: $2,399


"My son and I came from a nearby block to buy an XF650. I had never ridden an ebike before, thinking it would not be as fast as my bike, but I underestimated it; it was the coolest bike I've ever seen, and my friends will envy me when they see me riding this ebike!" Mr. Mathew said.

William recalled: "I would definitely be the atmosphere representative. I was only going to go through the street in front of Cyrusher that afternoon to my next destination, but the ebikes in Cyrusher attracted me, and I was very excited, and I walked in. After I walked in, I saw an extraordinary ebike design, very cool, and I tried XF900. It was really great, especially its motorcycle type Fork! I saw Ashlyn in the crowd introducing shock absorbers to a client. I went straight to her side and joined the conversation. She was very professional, and we talked for a long time, but she was too busy, but I successfully joined her cycling team!"

Cyrusher also received an email from a customer; this letter came from Thomas "I bought a Kommoda last year to use it for work, and sometimes when I get home from work, I will charge the battery with electricity overnight. After a month, the Kommoda seems to be getting weaker, I sometimes have no power before I get home, and I sometimes don't want to ride the bike with my force, which is inconvenient for me and makes me question the quality of the Cyrusher's bike. Kommoda cost almost half of my salary; I think the Cyrusher team should give me a reasonable explanation. I contacted Cyrusher; their solution speed is really fast, I found the battery weakened according to their solution, soon I received a new Kommoda battery, their after-sales service is excellent, I'm still using Kommoda to commute for work until now if I bought an ebike from another company. In this case, I guess I will spend my money to repair it; Cyrusher's service is excellent. I will recommend it to my colleagues and friends. Thank you, Cyrusher!"

Cyrusher brand founder Harry tweeted: "Looking back on the past eight years, Cyrusher has been adhering to the meticulous professionalism and unremitting efforts and perseverance, which has enabled Cyrusher to usher in wave after wave of sales peaks, and handed over a satisfactory answer to customers who love us. The brand also has a reputation for delivering exceptional products and putting customers first. For this, I would like to thank my team." Harry added: "We will continue creating amazing mobility products that our customers love and feel proud of. Cyrusher is definitely committed and well-positioned to meet our customers' needs now and in the future!"

Cyrusher Kommoda

Making Rides Amazing-Cyrusher

  • Provide a test ride; professional ebike players will choose the right model for you
  • Provide two-year warranty service and one-year battery warranty service for the ebike

Business Hours:
MONDAY - FRIDAY 11:00AM - 7:00PM
SATURDAY 11:00AM - 5:00PM


For more information, welcome to contact Cyrusher local team:
Cyrusher official website: https://www.cyrusher.com
Phone: (800) 778-0116
Email: support@cyrusher.com
Address: 124 S 600 W Suite 102, Logan UT 84321


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