Cyrusher New Product Kuattro

2022 New E-Bike Cyrusher Kuattro Will Release!

Aug 11, 2022

Cyrusher specializes in producing E-Bike, ranging from the hot-selling multi-purpose commuter bike Kommoda, the almighty road ebike Cyrusher XF650, which is very suitable for beginners, the powerful all-terrain professional mountain ebike Cyrusher XF900, and the high-value foldable ebike Cyrusher XF690 MAXS that is loved by the folding ebike enthusiast. All Cyrusher ebikes are best-selling products designed by Cyrusher step by step. Since the establishment of Cyrusher, Cyrusher has received the love of the public, and its track has spread all over the world. At the same time, we are constantly innovating and upgrading to give better service to our consumers. There is good news in Cyrusher, this month. There will be a new ebike released. Whether this big guy--Kuattro can be loved by everyone or not?

Cyrusher Kuattro

Cyrusher Kuattro


750 watt Bafang


48 volt 17 amp-hour

Pedal Assist

5 levels


Standard 110V~240V AC, 54.6V 3Ah Smart Charger (included)


Half twist throttle


50 miles (80 km)


Shimano SL-TX50-7R, 7-speeds


25~50 miles (40~80 km)

Carry Capacity

330 lbs (150 kg)

Rider Height

5'7" ~ 6'6" (170cm ~ 200cm)

Bike Weight

66 lbs (30 kg) / 74 lbs (34 kg) with battery


Q: What is the design principle of the Kuattro?

A: younger and won't fall down

  • Brand-new Design

First of all, we can analyze the exterior design of the Kuattro. Seen from a distance, Cyrusher E-Bikes have a novel appearance. These bright colors can attract attention with cool creative stitching, interprets a cycling concept that riding is not limited to the times, riding is never out of date, youth is not limited to age, we are always young. The design of Kuattro interprets the concept well. Compared with the XF800, the Kuattro got the color of professional mountain bikes and adds more areas of the style color to plus a different style to the mainstream color of the ebike in the market. At the same time, Kuattro has added better-looking stitching icons and Logos than Kommoda's electric motorcycle tones, which do not look fancy but look more classic and retro. The men look more majestic on the kuattro, and the women look beautiful and unique on the kuattro.

See From close, the frame of the Kuattro is a bit larger than the normal ebike’s frame on the market, and the rear seat size is also larger than the normal ebike’s back seat, which is suitable for riders who love large ebikes and are oversized ebikes. It is very friendly for the rider to ride on the Kuattro, and you will feel a more comfortable and spacious riding experience.

Comparing Kuattro with Kommda and XF800, you will find that the Kuattro has fatter tires with a bigger size. When it comes to fat tires, many people may ask, what is the difference between fat tires and regular tires? Actually, fat tires have a huge gap in function compared to regular tires. The fat tires mean that they can better keep you upright in different terrains and better control the direction of the ebike.

Cyrusher Kuattro

Cyrusher Kuattro


Q: How long will the Kuattro’s battery last?

A: Around 800 times

  • Large Battery System

Ebikes are different from bicycles because ebikes add a big battery and electric motor based on bicycles, so many people will use battery capacity as a selection indicator when choosing ebikes. In fact, one of the most annoying things is when you're trying to ride long distances, and you need to carry a spare battery in case your battery dies while you're on the road,

and the batteries not only take up space but are also very heavy.

So Kuattro is equipped with a large 48 volts 17 amp battery. This large battery can provide a maximum range of 40-80 miles, giving you a full sense of security while you ride.


Q: Are suspension ebikes better?

A: try Kuattro, and you will know

  • Excellent Shock Absorption

If you want an ebike, you must buy an ebike with shock absorption. Like some large vehicles, if you want to install a shock absorption system, it is usually installed on the seat.

These small vehicles often have shocks on the front and rear forks. Like our Kuattro, which looks cooler from the outside. The front fork can also better support and disperse the force of different terrains on the ebikes, bringing more riders a good comfort experience. We can also subdivide the shock absorption. According to the classification of elastic media, bicycle shock absorbers can be divided into two types: Spring and air pressure. As the name implies, spring shock absorbers rely on compressed springs to generate elastic force, while pneumatic shock absorbers rely on compressed air to generate elastic force. The main advantage of the pneumatic shock absorber is its light weight. Because there is no spring, its weight will be relatively small, so its price is almost double of the spring shock absorber of the same grade. The spring shock absorber we recommend is not only affordable but also has its unique advantages. Some mountain bikes that cost several thousand dollars and mountain ebikes are not equipped with a pneumatic front fork but an "oil spring fork," which is a shock absorber that uses spring as elastic medium and oil as damping medium, and the durability of the spring shock absorber is better than pneumatic shock absorber. The shock absorption capacity is no less than pneumatic shock absorber. When we know the shock absorption, We will be more familiar with ebike shock absorption. The shock absorber is the most basic requirement of an ebike, and is also a direct factor in ensuring the rider’s comfortable riding.

Cyrusher Kuattro Motorcycle-Style Front Fork

Front Fork


Q: Can I play drift with Kuattro?

A: Of course, if you are skilled (by the way, remember to wear a hard hat)

  • Better Braking System

The braking system of an electric vehicle usually consists of two types of brakes, disc brakes, and drum brakes. Drum brakes use a set of friction forces that press outward on a rotating cylinder, called a brake drum.

Sometimes we need to brake immediately, but it can be very difficult to brake immediately from drum brakes. And because braking friction generates heat, overheating is another problem you may meet with drum brakes. The braking system won't work properly if it gets too hot. When you need to use the brakes, it may not work and cause some unnecessary traffic accidents. In more detail, the brake line is also divided into the hydraulic brake and mechanical brake. The hydraulic brake is an upgraded version of the mechanical brake. It will work the moment you press the brake, unlike the mechanical brake, which requires an interval time. It can better protect the rider's safety by reducing the braking time. The new Cyrusher Kuattro, uses 180mm hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. Plenty of stopping power even when you're riding in rough conditions. Our engineers have tested Kuattro's brakes in a variety of environments, such as on the road, uphill and downhill in the rain, and dry conditions. The Kuattro's hydraulic brakes will operate successfully in any situation you encounter.

When you need to use the brake during riding, you need to notice this. If you are going downhill or riding at high speed, if you want to brake, you must first use the rear brake and then the front brake, or press and hold the front and rear brakes together, press down from light to heavy, so the ebike will not stop suddenly, then the person won't be thrown in front of the car.

Cyrusher Kuattro Brake

Hydraulic Brake


Q: If I need to climb a steep hill, can I switch to a higher gear?

A: You can also use high gear if you have a lot of strength

  • Flexible Gear System

Kuattro uses a seven-speed shifting system from Shimano, a world-renowned, reputable, and reliable manufacturer of bicycle components. So you can be 100% assured that Kuattro can provide your electric bike with better durability and a different shifting experience. You can use Kuattro to switch to a lower gear for uphill and a higher gear for faster riding. It can also be paired with Kuattro's pedal assist system. So you can easily adjust the gears to the right speed for your entire journey. Also, inside the Shimano gear system, a pointer will indicate which gear you are currently set to, from 1 to 7.

Cyrusher Kuattro 7 Gears System

7 Gears System


Q: Do I need to turn on the display first to use lights and horns?

A: I don't know about other ebikes, but Kuattro's night lights and horns are always available

  • Smart Computer Display

Like the LCD display that other ebike got, the Cyrusher ebike LCD display gives you all the information you need while riding; it includes battery capacity, current speed, pedal assist level, and distance traveled. At the same time, you can also find it has an oversized light for night riding, and the front 48V LED light keeps you illuminated at night, providing maximum brightness; Kuatto's front and rear lights and speakers are powered by the main battery, unlike the Other ebikes on the market need to turn on the LCD screen of the computer first.  When riding Kuattro, you do not need to turn on the LCD screen. You can use the front and rear lights and speakers anytime, anywhere.

LCD Display

LCD Display

Cyrusher Kuattro

Color Display


Hydraulic brake

Front Suspension

Rear Suspension


Front light

Rear Light

2 Years Warranty



Cyrusher Kuattro

Cyrusher Kuattro

Finally, Cyrusher Kuattro is a product that we have been prepared for nearly half a year. No matter what age you are, whether you are a man or a woman, Kuattro can give you 100% rest assured and satisfactory riding experience. Novel design and excellent performance will make it a different fat tire road ebike. Kuattro is an ideal road ebike for outdoor riding and can bring you a more comfortable riding experience!

Riding a Kuattro to be an eye-catching wind,
Riding a Kuattro through the city, bringing a different scenery to the routine city.



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