The Secret of Life ── Just Enjoy the Ride with Cyrusher Best Specialized Ebikes

The Secret of Life ── Just Enjoy the Ride with Cyrusher Best Specialized Ebikes

Aug 10, 2022

How can you improve your life?
Step 1: Take Cyrusher best fat tire electric bike for a ride.
Step 2: Follow Step 1.

Cyrusher electric mountain bike XF900People want to find answers to how to improve their lives and find new ways of living. The answer to that question is clear. The joy of life is to enjoy riding with Cyrusher. If you carefully feel the sounds in your daily life, often accompanied by the clattering footsteps of people in a hurry, the precise machinery of a car making a whirring sound as it starts up. Do you get burned out on such a life at some point? When work becomes monotonous, when you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of your life, you start thinking about how to find joy in life in this universe and the fast-moving life. Ride a Cyrusher e-bike and head out to the great outdoors! It feels like finding a utopia in the real world as if nothing is a big deal other than the road ahead.

“Cyrusher ── vision is to create amazing personal mobility products for anyone, anywhere.” 

What makes Cyrusher electric bikes the choice for you?

Cyrusher wants to be a good companion in your life.

Cyrusher was founded in 2014, and the company’s name comes from the words - Rusher and Cycling, which shows that being a pioneer in cycling has been the company’s goal since its inception. This goal has been accompanied by the desire to bring quality e-bike products to the world and make an impact, as well as the small accumulation and continuous progress of each step to create new changes. Cyrusher extends their mission from creating the product itself to the spiritual side of cycling:  to create personal mobility products that look amazing and are fun to use, emboldening a new active lifestyle for the many people wherever they may be.

Who created the Cyrusher?

Cyrusher was founded by Harry Xie and Néstor Sulú, who were passionate about developing electric bicycles and bringing this exciting product to the world. Harry Xie, not Harry Potter, does not have the same way of transportation as the flying broom in the Wizard World of Hogwarts in his life. But in the real world, he used his practical action to make Cyrusher a cool and interesting product for travel like the flying broom, accompanying every rider who loves riding and dares to try adventure sports. Harry’s friend Néstor also had a bold and innovative idea for the future of Cyrusher electric bikes. Over time, with his brand and web design expertise, he made the Cyrusher brand more known to the world and gained a growing following.

Victory belongs to the most persevering.

Cyrusher is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, a first-tier city known as "China's Silicon Valley."

You've heard of the "Shenzhen Speed" and the Cyrusher brand embodies that speed of development. Cyrusher started selling Cyrusher electric bikes officially in 2015.

Cyrusher is meeting the future, and its electric bicycle products will be the future of transportation in the weary Western world. This development path is healthy and green, but its growth process is not as easy as it seems, and complex challenges always accompany the road. While the founders were hopeful and determined to create high-quality, eye-catching electric bicycle products and a great electric mountain bike brand, there was a growing demand for e-bikes worldwide and an increasing number of orders. Therefore, in 2017, the two founders started their factory to produce more specialized ebikes.

To become an internationally recognized fat tire electric ebike brand, Cyrusher is constantly pushing the envelope to overcome language and geographic barriers, as well as to increase its presence and localize its products in foreign countries. Cyrusher is continually pushing the envelope. 

The best electric bicycle, Cyrusher, is internationally tested for quality and meets CE, UL, Rhos, and FCC standards. The Cyrusher brand name is also registered and recognized in Australia, China, EU, Japan, Korea, and USA. The Cyrusher team, with its meticulous professionalism, relentless efforts, and persistence, has always given quality products and attentive service to every customer who loves Cyrusher and continues to promote the idea of going global and getting long-term development.

 Two men riding Cyrusher ebike xf800

See, the growth of the Cyrusher brand itself is in keeping with the cycling spirit, the positive attitude of perseverance, and the courage to move forward. The rider who chooses to embark on a cycling adventure uses an electric bike to explore the world. When you choose Cyrusher to accompany you on your ride through outdoor environments such as city roads, challenging race courses, rugged and treacherous woods, or unseen high slopes, you are sure to feel the unique magic of Cyrusher. During the journey, you use the perspective of electric bike riding to observe the world. Therefore, you can find joy in life by enjoying the riding process.

Cycling Stories: Take Cyrusher on a ride, you're not alone.

Stories of life-loving ride can be found in the sharing of many riders who love the Cyrusher electric bike. Before you start riding, take a moment to see the joy of this exciting sport that combines courage, stamina, and endurance embodied in a diverse group of people.

Story 1: Lost 200 pounds in a year of cycling

Marc has been working in IT for nearly 35 years and is often sedentary in his work background, which has caused him some weight problems over time. The weight increase brought him some health problems. He decided to lose weight. He chose the Cyrusher XF800 as his exercise tool and changed his lifestyle by riding the Cyrusher XF800 to work at 25-30 miles per day and ran almost 13,000 miles on his e-bike in 11 months. Ultimately, Marc lost 200 pounds a year through diet changes and exercised on his Cyrusher electric bike. His joy in life is losing weight and staying healthy by cycling with his Cyrusher full suspension e-bike.

Cyrusher rider, Marc and his XF800 electric mountain bike

Cyrusher XF800 model electric bike

Helping Marc lost 200 pounds in a year is this Cyrusher XF800, which is the preference of many electric mountain bike riders. It is a full suspension fat tire electric bike with front suspension and rear shock absorber, which makes it a more comfortable and unique design for larger riders. The full suspension design also allows the rider to ride the electric bike on bumpy sections with less impact from the ground.

What is the performance of the XF800?

  • Motor power: 750W Octagon motor. The maximum output power is 1200W
  • Battery size: Removable 48V 13 AH lithium battery
  • Riding range: 25~50 miles
  • Display: 3.7" smart adjustment display with five levels of PAS adjustment
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano SL-TX50-7R, 7 speed
  • Maximum load: 330 lbs
  • Tires: 26*4" fat tires (excellent traction and grip)
  • Full suspension: Front fork suspension (with preload adjustment and locking function) and rear spring suspension
  • Brakes: Star-link fully hydraulic brakes (with motor cut-off function)

It can be seen that the Cyrusher XF800 has a 750W motor that is capable of giving great power to mountain electric bike riders. In addition, its 48V 13 AH lithium battery has enough capacity to complete your daily ride. The unique feature of the Cyrusher is the full suspension and fat tires, which protect riders with sedentary or lower back injuries and stable control on rough mountain roads. If you also want to complete some daily workouts looking for riding fun with an electric bike, the Cyrusher XF800 has enough advantages to be included in your choice.

Story 2: Help Cancer Research UK take on 100 miles on wheels in May

Lain Ferguson is a former police officer from Ireland who has been touring towns and cities across the UK on his Cyrusher XF690, traversing all sorts of trails with beautiful scenery and a great sense of cycling. In May this year, he also helped Cancer Research UK May Challenge 100 miles on wheels to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. Cruising the scenic trails on his folding electric bike is a way to get some fresh air and stay healthy, and Lain's joy in life is to take his beloved electric e-bike with him and keep it moving.

Cyrusher electric mountain bike rider and his XF690

This life-loving electric bike rider rides a Cyrusher XF690 folding electric bike. The folding design of the electric bike allows some riders to carry the XF690 conveniently in the trunk of their car when they go out, making it very suitable for urban commuters and trail riding. With the upgrade iteration of the product, Cyrusher XF 690 Maxs appeared on the market.

What are the advantages of Cyrusher XF690 Maxs?

  • Motor power: Max output power 1000W LKS
  • Battery size: 48V 15AH lithium battery
  • Riding range: 25~55 miles
  • Display: 3.7" smart adjustment display with five levels of PAS adjustment
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano M370 Transmission 9-speed
  • Maximum load: 330 lbs
  • Tires: 26*4" fat tires (excellent traction and grip)
  • Full suspension: Front suspension (with preload adjustment and locking) and rear spring suspension
  • Brakes: Zoom hydraulic 180 mm disc brakes front + rear

Cyrusher XF690 Maxs the use of two hydraulic brakes front and rear, providing more excellent safety for the rider. In terms of the motor's power, it gets mighty power with 1000W to add fun to the rider's ride. In addition, among Cyrusher's electric bike types, you will find that it is unique in that it is colorful, which can increase the recognition of riding and meet the needs of different riders. The folding design of Cyrusher XF690 Maxs can make it more convenient to carry on trips. It is a good choice for riders who need to ride for travel activities out camping.

Cyrusher electric bike, Sunset and a man

Cyrusher has a wide range of electric bicycles that offer satisfactory stability and fun in performance and related configurations, all of which can give you enough confidence in your riding.

For taller riders,

the Cyrusher XF900's brave look is sure to match your riding style. The gold motorcycle-style shock fork will keep your adventure riding in check, allowing you to dive forward like a hawk on free descents with a steady rhythm of alternating pedaling and powering on.

For smaller or limited-mobility riders,

the Cyrusher Kommoda will raise your riding pleasure level even higher. This electric bike has a very eye-catching appearance, and its step-through frame brings comfort and convenience to the rider. More compact than other types, the kommoda's fat tires and full suspension are designed to get you both up and down steep hills and in and out of congested commuter roads.

For new e-bike riders,

the Cyrusher XF650 can be your entry-level choice. A hardtail electric bike that provides effective speed on uphill climbs will allow you to feel the ground on rough roads to gain more riding skills.

Choose your favorite Cyrusher electric fat tire bike and take it with you to enjoy your ride and create your own story.

Cyrusher XF900 ebike 20220809

About the service

Cyrusher can be your best companion to accompany you in your life to try cycling adventures with the support of the service team.

  • Local team service: 

Cyrusher has relevant stores in the United States, which can provide the best and most convenient offline service for every customer who loves Cyrusher. For the test drive service in the US offline stores, the local team members will provide you with professional advice to get the most satisfying e-bike for you. In addition, the local team's service in France has introduced a direct local home delivery and assembly service, home repair throughout France, and mobile test and home test rides.

  • Pre-sales and after-sales service: 

Cyrusher,  a professional e-bike brand, offers pre-sales Q&A online, and you can contact the service staff through the help center or by phone, and they will provide you with the most detailed answers. If you already own a Cyrusher best fat tire electric bike, the after-sales service can also answer all kinds of questions, such as assembly guidance and troubleshooting.

Cyrusher e-bikes are covered by a two-year manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials or artistry (including motor, controller, and frame) and a one-year battery warranty.


Cyrusher American local team and members 0809

Cyrusher has that magic of enjoying a fun ride where nothing can stop you from moving forward. It can bring fun to your life and always keep an upward stance because Cyrusher is committed to providing fun products and offering an active lifestyle to every customer who loves it. It’s time to go for a ride with Cyrusher electric mountain bikes!

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