Cyrusher Electric Bike Opens an Offline Store in Utah, USA

On August 2, Cyrusher's first electric bike offline store opens in Utah, U.S.A. -- a different riding experience

Aug 10, 2022

At 10 a.m. local time on August 2, Cyrusher's first offline electric bicycle store officially opened in Utah. As soon as the news came out, more than 100 people took test rides on an opening day. The store provided test drive services, and professional electric vehicle engineers could guide you in choosing the appropriate model.

Cyrusher's offline e-bike store in Utah, USA

Founded in 2014, Cyrusher has a name inspired by rusher and cycling, two words that mean being driven to be a pioneer in the sport of electric cycling, which was the brand's original purpose. Over time and today, the brand's mission now is to create personal mobility products that are beautiful, stylish, and fun to use, with an optimistic lifestyle option no matter what situation they face.

In 2015, the brand's founder officially sold electric bicycles online and internationally and faced language barriers and procedural obstacles, which did not stump the company. In the field of vision, orders are constantly growing. In 2017, the founder opened a factory in Shenzhen to produce more professional, high-quality electric bicycles and updated products. Today there are distribution centers in the U.S., UK, France, Germany, and Japan.

Many customers visited the store and decided to experience the test drive. They all believed that the brand's electric bicycles were beautiful and fashionable and also sped and comfortable, which surprised many people and won the audience's favor. Among them, three models are the best-selling models, namely the XF650, XF900, and Kommoda.

XF650--Hardtail Electric Bike

The entry-level entry in the brand's e-bike catalog is a fat-tire hardtail e-bike with a front suspension. It's affordable while having all the major features you'd expect, with pedal assist and throttle-only operation. It is very suitable for commuting and is currently the most cost-effective model.

Battery: A 48V, 16/17AH lithium battery is prepared. This battery version has a 7-speed transmission and a solid axle for the front wheel. They want enough battery capacity for any round trip you need. It is waterproof and detachable for easy charging inside. Up to 50 miles of riding also includes a 54.6V, 3AH smart charger, which takes 5-7 hours to charge.

Motor: Using a 750W L.K.S. motor, the maximum output power is 1000W, and the maximum torque is 80Nm, which allows you to run at various speeds. Combined with easy cruising in assist mode, it can achieve a faster riding experience. The setting of the half-twist throttle can prevent accidental activation and improve riding safety.

Frame: The material uses 6061 aluminum, which is light and robust and can better reduce the weight of the electric bicycle. In the face of many unknown objects on the road, the sturdy frame can well block the attack of objects flying up due to friction. The cranks are 170mm forged alloy double-sided aluminum, which further protects the chainrings and helps the chainstays travel over rough terrain.

A man rides an electric bike on the beach

This model is more suitable for daily commuting, its aluminum frame and fat tires are easy to face some tricky terrain, but if you want to traverse the steep and rough mountain trails, it is a bit tiring. Because the design of the XF650 has only 80mm front coil hydraulic suspension with locking and adjustment, no additional rear suspension is added. In the face of rough terrain, even if the fat tires can cushion some pressure, most of the shock is not softened, the bumps are difficult to control, and the rider will feel fatigued.

The following two models are not only suitable for commuting but also mountain adventures, bringing you a completely different riding experience. It is worth noting that the structural design of these two models can be purchased together as a couple of models.

XF900-- All-terrain Electric Bike

It's at the top of the brand's range of power bikes, with a motorcycle-inspired frame and an excellent, stylish design that will keep you in the spotlight wherever you go.

Battery: A removable 48V, 17AH waterproof lithium-ion battery is prepared, which can travel 50-62 miles on a full charge, fully satisfying your ideas for outings and adventures. It also adds a USB charging port to the battery so you can charge your phone or G.P.S. on the go. A 3.7-inch LCD screen on the handlebar is easy to operate with just three buttons. A fully programmable and mechanical pedal system allows full customization of speed options and other safety settings, 0-5PAS modes.

Motor: The maximum power can reach 1200W, and the maximum torque is 80Nm. The speed can run at 28 miles per hour. The higher the torque, the stronger the climbing ability. The powerful Bafang motor can face any challenging terrain and climb rugged slopes. The high-power motor can ensure you run at high speed and bring you different rates and passion. Add in a Shimano 7-speed flywheel drivetrain and five levels of pedal assist, and you'll always find the most comfortable pedaling rhythm.

Fat tires: Chaoyang puncture-resistant fat tires are used. Mountain-style puncture-resistant fat tires can provide good traction and grip and increase friction even on blood-covered ground. With bright rims that match the frame paint, this sleek look will make you the center of attention wherever you go. Combined with the use of breathable ergonomic sports cushion seats, the design fits the curve of the human body and has the advantages of shock absorption, water resistance, and scratch resistance, which increases the riding comfort for the rider.

Whether camping or adventure, this vehicle is full of power, and there's no terrain you can't cross. There's no even whether to hold it back, a proper utility bike where the weather isn't an issue. To a certain extent, even in the face of rain or low temperature, it can be as powerful as bamboo. It truly has the power to enjoy nature and give the rider a sense of security.

Kommoda-- Step-through Electric Bike

It is a newly added e-bike model of the brand, and the frame structure considers the problem of getting on and off for people with short heights and mobility problems. Despite its smaller size, it's equally powerful and significant for commuting, mountains, and trails because it has a solid frame, effective dual suspension, and substantial fat tires.

Battery: Equipped with a 48V, 14AH waterproof Samsung lithium battery, which can travel 25-50 miles, and a 54.6V, 2AH smart charger. The charging time takes 4-7 hours. You need to calculate your travel distance and whether you need to prepare an extra battery or bring a charger. The battery is detachable and easy to remove and charge.

Motor: 750W, 80Nm high-speed brushless motor, peak 1000W. Its powerful motor handles steep trails and other complex surfaces, and the fat tires provide more grip for gravel and various small obstacles. The half-twist throttle is more convenient and safe when accelerating.

Suspension: The Kommoda's fork suspension features 110mm of adjustable travel preload, and a different spring rear suspension is added to increase its comfort and versatility. Aesthetics and comfort are the cornerstones of this powerful bike. It also uses 180mm dual hydraulic disc brakes that are responsive and quick to stop and an added cut-off motor function for improved ride safety.

A man and a woman are riding their electric bikes on the road

This model has a beautiful appearance, suitable for use on various terrains, and has a stylish appearance while being practical. Its fat tires and quality accessories make it a perfect match for the XF900.

The brand actively listens to its customers and combines the two models as the perfect pairing to offer options to their loved ones.

Mr. Victoria, who bought it online, said: "We recently bought a couple of XF900s to ride with, have never ridden an e-bike before, and haven't ridden a bike for many years. We were amazed by the speed and acceleration of these. No flaws or issues so far. The artistry is of fairly high quality. Ride over 400 miles in the first week. We have it without any issues. We are very impressed."

The brand has been shipping excellent electric bikes for eight years. The team has complimented them for their meticulous professionalism and relentless persistence in delivering quality products and top-notch service. There will be a 24-hour online customer service on the official website to answer questions, solve customer problems, and provide customers with the most professional knowledge services. Countries with distribution centers will offer door-to-door delivery and installation services. Customers do not need to worry about installation. 90% of the goods have been organized before they are sent out. There will also be installation videos about the model on the video website, which will be sent with the goods. There is also a toolbox and installation manual.

Cyrusher Electric Bike Company's American Team

The brand backs the e-bike with a two-year and one-year battery warranty, and the racks and fenders are free and ship with the bike. "My motivation is to continue to create amazing and fun to use personal mobile products that customers love and be proud of, giving more people a new active lifestyle," said the brand founder. Cyrusher is committed to satisfying customers' present and future needs."