How to Extend the Life of Your Ebike Battery

How to Extend the Life of Your Ebike Battery

Aug 09, 2022

Many experienced Bicycle professional athletes and excellent Ebike players, For how to protect and maintain your ebike, you will have your unique insights and experience. When you want to purchase an ebike, after receiving the package to ride, you may have questions about how to charge the ebike: how to charge your ebike so that the battery can last longer?

Based on this ebike charging problem, we sent out a questionnaire to some buyers. Surprisingly, we received many responses from buyers, including professional Bicycle riders and many purchased customers since several years ago (The customer is still using the Cyrusher XF800). So everyone must be curious about the knowledge point of ebike charging, So how should we better extend the life of E-Bike Battery?

And we can follow this principle: when you choose an ebike, selecting a product with a 1-2 year warranty service is better. E-bikes belong to means of transportation. Buying an ebike with warranty service is like buying auto insurance for your car. When riding an ebike outdoors, there will inevitably be scratches or improper use of the ebike, which will cause the ebike to be damaged. Buying an ebike with a warranty service can save you a lot of money.




Dear Cyrusher fans,

Hey guy! Not sure how far you've been riding with your lovely ebike?
Cyrusher Company
We appreciate that you choose Cyrusher product. There is a significant relationship between us because of this particular fate. And thank you very much for your support Cyrusher. Your satisfaction and feedback are the driving force for our continuous driving force.
This email is to collect some tips and suggestions for ebike battery maintenance from the majority of riders. Yes, when people receive a brand new item, there is always a strong desire to take good care of your new ebike and protect it. Do you have the feeling that when you first saw your long-awaited ebike, it was like finally seeing the friend you will always like from the bottom of your heart. Full of longing and love, I started to try so how to maintain and repair the ebike battery as if it were new.
We know you'll always have a good way to better charge the battery.
If you are interested in this question solicitation, we look forward to your reply.
Cyrusher Team




Hi Cyrusher,

I am a mountain bike enthusiast; my hobby is collecting mountain bikes, and riding is not only a sport for me but also my spiritual sustenance, XF900 is my favorite mountain bike that I ride farthest; I've been riding it for over two years now!

Cyrusher XF900

(My Cyrusher XF900)

Suppose you ask me, as a professional mountain bike rider, to tell you how to maintain the battery of your ebike and to make it last longer. In that case, I may not give you a very professional answer, but you give it the way I suggest to charge your battery. Your battery will be maintained very successfully.

In general, you should charge your e-bike battery frequently. Most e-bike batteries are lithium-ion batteries that require regular charging, even if you don't need to charge them after every ride. If you've left a car idle for weeks without driving it, you know it probably won't work again without starting the battery. This same principle of maintaining battery life can also be put on an ebike, although it has a different type of battery.

So how do you charge your ebike? Charging an ebike is very easy. Just follow these steps:

  • First, only use the battery or the charger that came with the e-bike!

lIf possible, charge the battery in a room between 60º and 70º Fahrenheit (F). Absolutely avoid charging in freezing temperatures (below 32º F) or ambient temperatures above 100º F.

lFind a safe place to charge it; it won't be disturbed by children or animals and won't let anything splash on it. Turn off the battery (but you can turn the e-bike charging on or off).

  • Insert the charger into the battery, then into the wall; ensure both ends are fully inserted, and you will see the indicator light on the charger. This tells you it's charging.
  • Once plugged in, ensure not to cover the battery or charger and keep it away from wet or flammable surfaces to avoid overheating your e-bike battery.
  • Let it charge until it reaches 80-90% (if you won't be riding it anytime soon) or until the light on the charger turns green (if you plan to ride it).
  • Unplug the charger and store it in a safe area where it will not be damaged.
  • Note: The charger should not be plugged in all the time; just plug it in when charging

In addition, most of the batteries we have on the market are 48V batteries, and a flat 48V battery will likely take 3-6 hours, depending on whether it is fully drained or partially charged. After 1.5-2 hours, it should be 80% charged, but it slows down the charge at the last 20%. The charging time should not exceed 12 hours. Due to the larger capacity, the 48V 15Ah battery will last slightly longer than the 36V 10Ah battery.

And during the charging process, it is possible to overcharge by plugging the e-bike battery into a power source when it is fully charged. However, many newer, more advanced lithium-ion batteries prevent overcharging by automatically cutting off the charge when the charge reaches 100%. And if your battery is damaged or old, it may not cut off the charge, which can be potentially dangerous. Also, this may shorten its lifespan and further damage it.

If you want to charge your ebike overnight, you need to make sure your ebike is using the included battery pack. First, it's usually safe to leave the battery plugged in overnight. And be sure to follow the manufacturer's charging recommendations. But be sure to take it out of the charger in the morning.

Finally, e-bike batteries can generally be repaired or refurbished by a professional battery technician if the battery is unusable. The battery will probably work better and last longer than before will save money over buying a new one. Rebuilding the battery may require replacing the battery. So you need to make sure that the person working on your battery is professional in using high-quality hardware and has good workmanship (recommended to go to the company where you bought the product for a replacement)

But keep in mind that if your battery is too old, damaged, or defective, it may not fit new parts. These are my opinions on how to maintain the battery of the ebike, and I hope my opinions can provide some useful suggestions to the majority of cyclists. Finally, I am very grateful to Cyrusher for producing such a nice XF900 and providing professional services.


Best regards





Dear Cyrusher Team,

I have three children; our love of e-biking began on a whim after all 3 of our kids had "left the nest." Before officially retiring, we need something new to bring excitement, health, and adventure to our lives. So, when we saw the Cyrusher, we found what we were looking for.

Cyrusher XF800

(Our time with Cyrusher XF800)

In the days when I met the Cyrusher XF800, I liked my Cyrusher EBike more and more, whether it was the ebike itself or the main points of riding skill. After my husband and I studied and researched, our understanding of ebikes became more and more comprehensive. This is also why I want to reply to you, and I hope my suggestions can help other riders!

In fact, when the ebike is delivered to our hands, the battery of the ebike is in a dormant state, so we must charge it to 100% when charging it for the first time to wake up the sleep mode. The storage battery will receive a charging request and automatically stop charging when fully charged. Additionally, by starting your first ride with a fully charged battery, you'll be able to better assess your ebike's range, which will give you an idea of ​​how much power is required for a particular length of ride. 

The battery's service life is closely related to the charging habits and charging times.

In the following situations, you may need to charge

  • You will ride it the same day or the next day
  • It is less than 30-40% of full battery capacity
  • It has been idle for a few weeks, but not more than a month
  • If you need to idle the ebike for a period of time, you need to start the ebike occasionally.
  • Never leave a nearly or completely depleted battery in storage (or unused for several days).

On the other hand. So what can I do to extend the life of the battery?

  1. Store the battery pack (or e-bike with the battery connected) in a cool, dry place, preferably between 60º F and 70º F, and between 5º F and 7º F
  2. Do not use batteries or chargers that cannot be paired with your e-bike!
  3. Do not place the battery in direct sunlight when charging
  4. Always keep the battery partially charged, at least 30%-40%
  5. Avoid mountain climbing or riding on rough terrain
  6. You can pedal more while riding
  7. Ride at a consistent pace instead of stopping and going fast
  8. Learn how to use mechanical gears to help reduce the need for battery work
  9. Do not let water enter the inside of the battery (avoid spray cleaning the electric bike)

Not all batteries are created equal. How long they will last, and their range will depend in part on the battery management system, the number of batteries, their voltage (V), and their capacity or amp-hours (Ah).

All in all, the higher the volts and amp hours, the stronger the battery. Therefore, it is essential to know these before buying a new or new electric bike.

The above two precautions are our ebike riding experience over the years. We hope we can help all riders. I'm going to a ride activity with my husband this weekend, and I can't wait to start!


All the best





The battery is usually the most expensive part of an ebike, so when you use it every day, you must be aware of the precautions for charging, such as what you need to pay attention to during the charging process, under what circumstances the ebike needs to be charged, and how to ride better to preserve the life of the ebike's battery, as well as to avoid prematurely repairing or replacing it.

Have every pleasant ride right here at Cyrusher.


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