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How to protect the motor of an electric bike

Aug 04, 2022

People use electric bicycles as a way to replace cars and public transportation. It has the advantages of not being troubled by traffic jams, not producing any environmental pollution, and is light and flexible. More and more people will choose it when traveling. Buying an e-bike is a lot of money, and after much deliberation, we purchased it. Of course, it is hoped that it will remain in good condition for a long time, so how do we maintain the components of electric bikes?

The battery, motor, and controller are one of the most expensive components of an e-bike. The motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy is costly to maintain. Let's learn about how to maintain the engine.

There are three types of motors in common e-bikes on the market.

Brushless low-speed motor: This motor has no brush, no reducer, runs smoothly, can reduce friction, and the main component of wear is on the bearing. It has the characteristics of maintenance-free, low noise, and stable operation. Its performance and life are better than brushes, the control circuit is more complicated, and the screening components are more strict.

Brushed low-speed motor: This motor has brushes and no reducer. Due to the structure of the brushed motor, the contact resistance between the meeting and the commutator is large during operation, and it is easy to generate heat. If the temperature is too high, the thermal elements in the motor will be affected, shortening the motor's life.

Brushed high-speed disc motor: This motor has brushes and a reducer. It has the advantages of simple structure, stable operation, ample starting torque, etc. Still, when the brush and reducer run, the friction generated is considerable, the loss is also significant, it is easy to heat up, the life is shortened, and the output power is small, etc.

The three types of motors have their advantages and disadvantages. At present, brushless low-speed motors are standard on the market.

A man rides an electric bike on the road.

According to the position, the motor can be divided into a mid-mounted hub motor and a rear-mounted hub motor.

Mid-wheel motor: Install the motor in the middle of the frame, i.e., at the pedals. On the premise of ensuring shock absorption, the front and rear balance of the electric bicycle is maintained to the maximum extent, and it has the advantages of fast speed change, ample torque, rapid acceleration, and strong climbing ability. However, the structure of the mid-mounted motor is more complicated, the circuit is messy, and the maintenance cost is high.

Rear-mounted hub motor: The motor is installed in the rear wheel, and the driving device is integrated with the hub, which significantly simplifies the mechanical structure of the electric bicycle. Due to the structural characteristics of the rear hub motor, the rear wheel will experience more stress during riding. The battery is installed under the handlebar to balance the front and rear. When driving at high speed, the rear in-wheel motor needs to be braked by the disc brake due to inertia. Therefore, the braking effect of the rear motor is not as good as that of the middle motor.

The orientation of the two is different. The mid-mounted motor is designed for competition and sports, and the rear is biased towards practicality. Therefore, manufacturers are more willing to use rear motors in terms of selection. The cost of the middle motor is several times that of the rear, and the functionality of the rear motor is sufficient to use.

For example, Cyrusher Kommoda uses a 750W brushless motor with a maximum peak value of 1000W. Its powerful motor operates at high speeds, combined with a 5-level pedal assist mode for easy cruising. It also has a 48V, 14AH lithium-ion battery that can travel 20-50 miles on a full charge. The battery has enough capacity for your adventures and is removable, allowing it to be removed and charged while charging. Its step-by-step construction also considers shorter riders and those with limited mobility. Its other high-quality components allow urban commuting and a variety of rough terrain without restrictions, giving the rider an incredible experience.

As the power unit of an e-bike, the motor is one of the most expensive components. Proper maintenance and maintenance can make it accompany us for a longer time. What can we do to maintain it better?

Be extra careful when placing your car in summer.

We all know electronic products are most afraid of water, and motors cannot escape. Summer is the peak rain season. The rainy season is long and frequent. If there is a road with stagnant water ahead and the water level is high, try to avoid it by hanging other routes. If it is a must-pass route, we must pass quickly and not let the motor soak in the water for a long time. Immediately after returning, find a dry and ventilated place, dry the water with a towel, and ensure that the water in the motor can be evaporated by drying. It is worth noting that it is forbidden to put electric bicycles outdoors when it rains. We cannot estimate the amount and intensity of rainfall. The current motor can block some rain because the casing has a particular waterproof ability. Still, under the long-term impact, the water will Take advantage of the infiltration of the gap, and the internal bearing condition cannot be seen with the naked eye. If the moisture is not dried in time, it will cause the metal parts in the motor to corrode and rust. It is best to build a canopy outside or put it indoors.

A woman rides an electric bike in the mountains.

The temperature rises in summer, the e-bike is placed in the open air, and the direct sunlight will make the motor temperature rise. If the electric bike is directly started at this time, the motor's temperature will rise sharply, it will be difficult to dissipate heat, and the aging of the motor will be accelerated. If not treated, the high-temperature exposure may melt the plastic components inside the motor, making it challenging to repair. At the same time, prolonged direct sunlight also affects the tires. The tire's material is rubber, which may puncture after high-temperature exposure. Due to the high temperature of the punctured tire, the tire pressure will increase. If you hit the road directly at this time and hit a hard object, the tire will explode. If the car has been exposed to the sun, immediately move it to a ventilated place without direct sunlight to let it cool down. Be careful not to pour water directly on it. The excellent temperature difference will cause unavoidable physical damage to the tire, that is, small cracks on the surface.

Check the looseness of the nut before riding: If the nut is not found to be loose in time, there will be shaking during the riding process, it is difficult to maintain balance, and it is easy to fall. Before riding, remember to check the tightness of the motor hub shaft end and the motor end cover. The nut may be loose during riding due to bumps on the road. If there is any abnormality, tighten the nuts and screws in time to prevent a situation that endangers personal safety and vehicle failure. At the same time, remember to start the motor before riding, check its working condition, and observe and listen to whether the motor is running normally. If there is any abnormality, it should be repaired in time.

Do not drive overloaded: Electric bicycles send electricity to various electronic components through batteries, and the operation of the motor moves the bike forward. The motor and all members will bear more pressure if the load is exceeded. The car's load is the conclusion drawn by the manufacturer through safety tests, and the rider's safety can be guaranteed within the value. Exceeding the weight will cause the motor and circuit to heat up and affect its service life. And overloading will accelerate battery capacity decline and shorten the cruising range. Therefore, overloading is prohibited.

A man rides an electric bike on the road.

Keep the motor clean: The long-term use of the electric bike motor will attract dust, dirt, and mud. If it is not cleaned regularly and accumulated for a long time, the motor structure is not entirely closed, and the tiny dust is likely to stay inside through the gaps and cannot be cleaned. If things go on like this, there will be foreign objects inside the motor, which will easily damage the performance of the motor and cause the motor circuit to age. Therefore, according to the dust falling situation of the motor, clean it every three days. Note that the cleaning here is not directly washed with water. It is the same as rainwater, which is easy to seep. Wipe with a damp sponge, then quickly dry with a dry towel. 

Pay attention to check the voltage of the battery: low voltage is harmful to the motor. Low voltage will cause the current to increase, and the present will be more prominent at startup, causing the motor to heat up and speed up the aging motor. It is worth noting that do not modify the motor without permission. Because they want to pursue exciting speed and more extended cruising range, some riders will choose to make modifications. If you're not a professional, wipe this thought out immediately. If considering modifying the motor, also think about the battery's capacity. If non-professionals do not have a comprehensive knowledge structure, they should not change it privately but seek professional help. Moreover, you also need to know in advance how your state defines electric bikes. If the modification is successful, it is still unknown whether it will be on the road.

These behaviors have a specific effect on the maintenance and maintenance of the motor. If you want to know more, you can go to the bicycle community, where there will be many like-minded people who share their riding experiences, adventure places, and bicycle knowledge. You can increase your knowledge and make friends.