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Energy Thinking - Are Electric Bikes "Eco Warriors"?

Aug 18, 2022

With the dependence on oil in various sectors of society and everyday life, people are consuming increasing amounts of oil. The price of gasoline has also soared due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. The dwindling oil resources and thinking about energy have become an essential issue in people's lives.

The ecological environment is constantly changing, and new energy sources are becoming another available resource that is much cleaner. In terms of transportation options, people are turning more to electric-powered transportation for their daily activities. It is undeniable that the world is moving from an era of fossil-fueled vehicle development to one of electrification in the face of unknown oil reserves.Cyrusher XF900 and a woman-20220818Researchers have also found that the growing convergence of the sharing economy, electric power, and autonomous driving technology is bringing more mobility to people and changing transportation tools.

Technology news outlet The verge has reported that a battery-powered transportation revolution will define the next decade.

In recent years, this revolution is reflected the United States and parts of Europe are seeking fuel-efficient habits. In addition to the choice of public transportation or electric car travel, people's daily activities kind of new energy travel, such as the emergence of the electric bicycle.

Many e-bike brands, including Cyrusher, have emerged worldwide, creating a new experience for riders with their unique design and professional technology and gaining popularity among riders. E-bikes are becoming the latest trend for low-carbon mobility, and more and more companies and consumers are taking the initiative to embrace this battery-powered, high-tech mobility tool as a new generation lifestyle.

Market Trends of Electric Bikes

During the development of high-speed technology, new technologies have allowed the world to continue to iterate and update the way we travel, with most traditional means of transportation experiencing upgrades.

Electric bicycles are a hybrid that uses less fuel and has lower emissions, making them the travel choice of the people in the age of electric power. Especially after the epidemic, the electric mountain bike boom has not slowed down.

In addition, policy support has led to the rapid growth of the electric bicycle.

The U.S. has created an incentive to start the Environmental Act to purchase some e-bikes in the category, providing a 30% refundable tax credit for purchasing new e-bikes. This policy has made a simple and convenient form of transportation more affordable to consumers in the United States.

Many countries and regions are also beginning to make significant investments in a "car-free" future, such as the expansion of bicycle streets in the city of Berlin, Germany, and the Italian government's subsidy of up to 500 euros for the purchase of bicycles and scooters. By increasing cycling infrastructure and opening up streets to cyclists, the shift to cycling is being furthered.

What sets e-bikes apart from other electrified modes of transportation is their unique ability to combine pedal power and battery motor co-energy to give customers who use them a more exciting riding experience. Compared to electric cars, e-bikes are relatively accessible, flexible, and easy to use. Whether for getting back in shape, staying healthy, or being a recreational cycling sport, e-bikes capture the key to people wanting a comfortable, convenient, and easy travel option.

A gallery of Cyrusher New ebike kuattro

Reasons why electric bike transportation meets the future

First: Electric Bicycles Reduce Carbon Emissions

When people travel by fossil fuels, there is a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions, and this large amount of greenhouse gas emissions can lead to global warming. The emergence of electric bicycles as an environmentally friendly travel method releases zero carbon emissions.

This phenomenon is not only good for people to travel themselves but also good for the environment. Unlike cars or motorcycles that use fossil fuels for energy, e-bikes are powered by pedal assist and electric motors.

Cyrusher's electric mountain E-bike travel is taking over the previous gasoline and diesel-powered modes of transportation, most of the time with a positive impact on the environment.

Second: E-Bike Off-Peak Hours Charging Helps Peak Shaving and Valley Filling

As mentioned earlier, e-bikes use lithium batteries for charging. When the battery is depleted, you need to connect to the grid for power. Usually, electric bike riders choose to charge their electric bicycles at night during off-peak hours. This protects the environment when the e-bike is charged at night or during off-peak hours, the grid will be less stressed, and peak shaving will be achieved.

Third: Create a Healthy Ecological Environment

The electric mountain bicycle is a new energy source powered by electricity, and the damage to the environment is minimal. The world is still suffering from a new coronavirus epidemic, and some studies have pointed out that environmental factors partly influence this pandemic.

Therefore, spending a few hours a day on an e-bike increases your love for nature and the environment, inspires you to find new ways to protect the environment, or can be considered an effective way to create a healthy ecosystem. Cycling can also help improve heart and mental health and, to some extent, help people fight the new coronavirus.

Fourth: It Is an Effective Form of Physical Exercise

Electric bicycles were once considered "cheating" because of their motor assistance. But they are suitable for physical exercise, mainly for the human body, society, and of course, the environment. They help improve blood circulation, promote stress release, and are great for assisting families to bond.

If you are told that e-bike exercise is a "cheat". you can tell him that it is a meaningful environmental action and that by riding, you are effectively getting your body into a healthy balance. You reduce your carbon footprint and don't get stuck in traffic.

Fifth: Convenient for People's Working Life

Electric bikes play a significant coordinating role in people's daily work life. Except for commuting to work when riding electric bikes can reduce sweat, they are also used for travel in some towns and cities to meet the daily travel needs of many people.

There are even duty work units that use electric bikes as patrol equipment. For daily duty personnel in a more established work system, the most significant benefit of e-bikes is to alleviate call response time and shift work fatigue.

Since professional duty officers will be relatively heavy in their attire, by moving around the duty area on an e-bike, the extra weight of the dress can be offset by the power propulsion provided by the motor, which can give the duty officer help in coordinating busy patrol areas and frequent calls.

Compared to duty motorcycles, in a small area, for the relief of duty fatigue role and environmental benefits of help, electric bikes will be more advantageous, not only in facilitating the work life but also in reducing ecological emissions pollution.

Cyrusher XF690 maxs electric bike and a man-20220818

How to choose an electric bike to travel and protect the environment?

In recent years, many new e-bikes have entered the market, the industry is rapidly emerging, and the trend is affecting the previously existing transportation landscape of motorcycles, cars, and traditional bicycles. Cyrusher electric bikes, a specialized fat tire e-bike brand, brings a lot of exciting products for electric bicycle travel. The following uses the Cyrusher Kommoda as an example of why e-bikes can effectively protect the environment.

Kommoda step-through fat-tire e-bike

Kommoda electric mountain bike shoot-20220818

The Kommoda is an electric fat tire bike better suited for urban commuting, touring the city, or riding on trails and mountains. It uses a 750W high-speed brushless motor that allows the rider to ride at high speeds. For commuting, as mentioned earlier, used for duty officers is a patrol tool that is both fast and environmentally friendly with a powerful 750W motor to help people cruise easily.

The e-bike is equipped with a 48 V 14AH lithium-ion battery. Compared to lead batteries, which hurt the environment, lithium-ion batteries can effectively protect the environment, reduce carbon emissions and create a healthy ecological environment.

In addition, its charging time is 4-7 hours. The battery can be disassembled and charged separately. It takes less time to complete charging during off-peak charging hours, slowing down the pressure on the grid and keeping the electric energy system in balance.

The Kommoda has five levels of pedal assist, which can be adjusted as needed, and the level of travel changes to help people complete their workout at different speeds.

It benefits riders who need to improve their physical size and exercise through electric mountain bikes. The comfort of the suspension also enhances the rider's desire to ride for more extended hours each day, and the more trips you make with an e-bike, the more effective it is in reducing carbon emissions for the environment.

Couple and Cyrusher ebike kommoda and XF900-20220818

All in all, the best electric bicycle is an "eco-warrior". When people are thinking about energy issues, the electric bike comes to life with its electric power supply, making people happy to see the industry's future, which is undoubtedly an exciting product for new energy development!

For the changing needs around the world, there are also still some issues to think about regarding energy use, such as whether the product's high-quality battery can be charged using solar power and the upgrade of the motor material needs to be considered when it can bring more protection to the ecological environment, electric mtb brands still have a long way to go.

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