Ebike Showdown: HIMIWAY Zebra Vs.Cyrusher XF800

Ebike Showdown: HIMIWAY Zebra Vs.Cyrusher XF800

Aug 19, 2022

There are many types of ebikes in the 21st century, and the quality and functions of the same type of ebikes are also different. When choosing an ebike, you may meet some problems in choosing ebike types. For this reason, we have specially designed a questionnaire to help you better choose the eibke types that suits you. If you read the article and are considering buying an ebike recently, you can try to fill the following questionnaire:

Cyrusher Ebike
  1. What type of trips do you take on your ebike? (Total score: 10)

Shopping 4

Recreation 6

Primary Transportation 8

Exercise 10


  1. How often do you make a bicycle trip for transportation? (Total score: 10)

Rare 4

Monthly 6

Weekly 8

Daily 10


  1. how many miles do you travel on your bike in a week on average? (Total score: 10)

Less than 10 miles 4

10-20 miles 6

21 -50 miles 8

More than 50 miles 10


  1. Regarding the braking system of the ebike, do you prefer the mechanical disc brakes or the hydraulic brakes of the ebike? (Total score: 10)

Mechanical disc brakes 5

Hydraulic brakes 10


  1. If you have enough budget, do you prefer full suspension or only suspension front fork? (Total score: 25)

Full suspension 25

Suspension front fork 15


  1. What color ebike do you like best (total score: 25)

Black 20

White 20

Color (red, green, blue) 25


  1. What is your budget for buying an ebike? (Total score: 10)

0-1000USD 4

1000-1500USD 6

1500-2000USD 8

Above 2000USD 10

(This is a questionnaire about mountain bike recommendations, with a total score of 100)

If your score is close to 90, then you need to buy a mountain bike. According to your preferences and budget, I have two mountain bikes recommended for everyone, namely Cyrusher XF800 and HIMIWAY Zebra. Of course, if you have enough funds, you can choose to buy both of them. Therefore, I will also compare the characteristics of the two mountain ebikes and their differences so that everyone can make better decisions.

Cyrusher XF800Cyrusher XF800

CyrusherXF800 is an excellent full-suspension fat tire ebike in Cyrusher ebike catalog, whether it is a dirt road or a special road full of gravel, whether rain or snow, and it will not affect its smooth riding. And with its fat tires, it's the choice or preference among many mountain electric bikers and the best seller in our ebike catalog.

  • Battery

The aspect of the battery is probably the first battery technology that any ebike expert will look at, and it is also a point of concern for many experienced riders, as batteries are a typical feature of e-bikes, and compared to more traditional modes of transportation, they provide for greater range, convenience and cost savings. The Cyrusher XF800 uses a 48V 13Ah Lithium battery; this battery can provide enough capacity to complete any round trip you face. This new battery has a higher energy density, smaller size, and more capacity. This battery is waterproof and detachable, which is more convenient on these foundations!

  • Motor

Another key feature of an e-bike is the motor. The motor is an indispensable part of all electric bicycles. Its quality also affects the speed of the electric bicycle. The 800 has a 750W Bafang electric shock, and the maximum output power is as high as 1200W, which allows you to drive as fast as you want, and on assisted mode, cruise around with little to no effort.

  • Hydraulic brakes

This is the opposite of the mechanical disc brakes that come standard on many bikes, which are paired with more responsive and practical hydraulic disc brakes. The advantages of hydraulic brakes include longer life and less maintenance, shorter braking distances for increased safety, and better control of the ebike

  • Frame

Under the more fantastic and beautiful design, Cyrusher's wires are all tightly fitted in the frame of the ebike, which can achieve higher waterproofness and higher safety. Not only the frame material has also been greatly upgraded, but its weight is also very light! It can meet daily recreational riding and can also support mountain adventure riding.



HIMIWAY Zebra is a classic mountain bike from HIMIWAY. The name concept comes from Zebra. It has excellent endurance, can run for miles without power consumption, and is very popular among riders.

  • Battery

HIMIWAY Zebra is equipped with a large 48V20Ah battery. This battery is the most powerful in the fat tire e-bike market. Each charge is sure to give you hours of riding experience and fun.

  • Motor

Electric shocks are also integral to choosing an ebike, and the Zebra is equipped with a 750-watt motor. This motor has a larger inner ring than regular models and can withstand higher temperatures, giving you the longest life possible.

  • Hydraulic brakes

HIMIWAY Zebra is equipped with a hydraulic braking system. Unlike traditional mechanical disc brakes, hydraulic brakes provide shorter braking times and provide the rider with a safer ride.

  • Frame

The HIMIWAY Zebra's frame is designed to be stronger and made of 6061 aluminum. This shape offers additional size options if you wish to swap your tires for a wider tire!


Cyrusher XF800



48V 13AH



750W Bafang


LCD Display

3.7" LCD display, Smart Computer

LCD display


7 speed

7 speed

Pedal Assist



Fat Tire


26" x 4" Kenda fat tires


Half twist throttle

Half twist throttle


50 miles (80 km)



25~50 miles (40~80 km)


Bike Weight

74 lbs (34 kg) with battery

79 lbs

Battery Lifetime

800 charges


Max Load

330 lbs (150 kg)


Rider Height

5'7" ~ 6'6" (170cm ~ 200cm)

5'2" ~ 6'4"/5'1" ~ 6'4"


White Green Blue Red

White Black




The table above shows that these two ebikes with similar prices are very different in configuration and function. Here we make some comparisons to see their more obvious differences!

  1.  Color Diversity

Red represents passion, blue is quiet and mysterious, white is sacred and pure, and black is mature and stable; each color represents a different meaning, and the design of the ebike is no exception. According to the opinions of the readers, we provide red, blue, blue, and other colors for everyone to choose. Cyrusher is paired with couples ebikes, such as Cyrusher XF900 and Kommoda, and Kuattro's cyan and white couples. With new options for more couples riding, if you ride the Cyrusher, wherever you go, it will incite jealousy.

  1. Suspension Comparison

Suspension systems are divided into four types: spring, resistance rubber, pneumatic and hydraulic.  The most common ones on the market today are the spring and hydraulic types. Spring shocks usually provide considerate shock absorption at a lower cost and are therefore the first choice for most mid-range bike manufacturers.

Cyrusher XF800 and HIMIWAY Zebra are spring. Because mountain bikes need to ride on uneven roads and special routes, the bicycles will be hit and shaken, both large and small. If these forces act directly on the rider, there will be in addition to causing large and small bodily injuries; it will bring an uncomfortable riding experience for the rider. The Cyrusher XF800 adopts a full shock absorption design, while the HIMIWAY Zebra only uses a shock absorption front fork. CyrusherXF800 can put these impact forces on the springs to ensure a safer and more comfortable riding experience for the rider.

  1. More consideratewarranty service

    Cyrusher After Service

    Warranty service may not be so important for some kinds of items, but it is essential for a tool like an ebike that is not cheap and needs to be used frequently. Buying an ebike without warranty service, if there are some problems with the ebike after use, you will need to pay extra money to repair it. Cyrusher and HIMIWAY provide two-year warranty service, an important service that many ebikes lack. It is worth mentioning that Cyrusher provides an additional one-year battery warranty service base on the two-year warranty service. Now the batteries cost around $500.

Cyrusher XF800


Front Suspension

Rear Suspension


Hydraulic Brake


2 years

2 years

Battery Warranty

1 year




Deciding between two good e-bike options can be difficult, but hopefully, the above detailed comparisons of the Cyrusher to other brands of e-bikes will help you know how the Cyrusher is different. And in general, when the price is similar, buying an ebike with full suspension function and considerate warranty service is a better choice.

Cyrusher XF800

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