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Cyrusher XF650 VS Rad Power Bike RadCity 4 High-Step

Aug 16, 2022

Urban life has set off a cycling boom, and cycling has become one of the three major social items in contemporary society. Outdoor activities are becoming the most popular way of leisure and entertainment for urban people. Cycling, camping, and fishing have also become the "social currency" of contemporary people. According to media reports, the sales of power bikes worldwide continue to grow. Electric bicycles are the fastest growing bicycle type in the U.S. market, and their sales have increased significantly compared with previous years.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have gone from commuting to mass-concentrated public transport to seeking power bikes as an alternative to crowded places. During lockdowns worldwide, people turned to power bikes as an optimistic new way of life. More and more users found that electric bicycles can effectively reduce the cost of living, such as car insurance, fuel, parking fees, and other expenses, etc., further expanding the joy of life of power bikes. Amazingly, a small percentage of riders will replace the car entirely, turning a multi-car household into one that uses both a car and an electric cycle.

With the popularity of various styles of electric bicycles, the choices on the market have become more diverse. As a junior player, how should we choose? To give you a clear idea, today we're going to tell you how the entry-level e-bikes from the two e-bike manufacturers compare.


Cyrusher XF650

RadCity 4 High-Step


48V, 16/17AH (768Wh/816Wh)

48V, 14Ah (672Wh)




Ride range

50 miles

25-45 miles


26 mph

20 mph





26" x 4" Puncture Fat

26" x 2.3" Puncture Fat


48V 1000W, Max Output 25 Amps

48V, 750W


54.6V 3Ah Smart Charger

48V, 2 Amp Smart Charger


Half-twist throttle

Half-twist throttle





55 lbs

64 lbs

Payload Capacity

330 lbs

275 lbs


52T 170mm forged double-sided alloy aluminum

46T 170mm forged double-sided alloy aluminum








2 years

1 year


Cyrusher XF650 VS Rad Power Bike RadCity 4 High-Step-0816Battery

The battery is one of the essential components of an electric bicycle and is one of the symbols that distinguish the traditional bike. It is clear from the table that there is no doubt that the XF650's battery is more durable, and two versions of the battery are prepared. These batteries have a capacity of 768Wh and 816Wh and can travel 50 miles per full charge. The battery is waterproof and removable, and you can choose to charge it internally or entirely remove the battery and charge it indoors.

The RadCity 4 High-Step is equipped with a standard 48V, 14Ah battery with 672Wh wattage, providing an electric cycle with a range of 45 miles. A 5V, 1A USB charging port is also prepared, which can charge mobile phones or G.P.S. anytime.

Both chargers use smart chargers to extend battery life. The higher the charger's output power, the faster the charging speed. The cruising range of the former is enough to meet the needs of round trips in the city, the charger is short, and the capacity is large enough to be charged from time to time.


As you can see from the picture, the tire sizes of the two cars are different. Fatter tires will make a good impression on the rider when facing sand and snow-covered ground or gravel roads. Fat tires provide excellent grip and traction when targeting rugged terrain, increasing the stability of the ride. These tires are also puncture-resistant, avoiding the dangerous situation of being punctured by unknown objects when driving on challenging roads, allowing you to ride fearlessly on the road.

Motor and speed

Although both models use a 750W motor, there will be differences in the actual power utilization. Rad Power Bike uses a 750W brushless motor with regenerative braking. The greater the regenerative torque, the greater the regenerative power. It can recover a part of braking energy during the braking process, reduce the wear of the brake disc, improve the braking safety of the vehicle and increase the cruising range. In the actual riding process, the real power will be lower than 750W, and you can get a speed experience of 20 miles per hour; Cyrusher is equipped with a 750W high-speed brushless motor, and the peak value can reach 1000W, and the maximum torque is as high as 80Nm. The greater the torque, the stronger the climbing ability, and the XF650 is handier when faced with a significant slope. This model offers respectable performance in motor and speed, reaching a top speed of 26 miles per hour.

Drivetrain and Pedal Assist

Both models use a Shimano 7-speed flywheel system, combined with a 5-level pedal assist system, which can be customized to choose the most suitable pedaling rhythm for you. The two models are different, but the function is the same. By shifting to a smaller gear at high speeds and a larger gear uphill, you can tune in to the most comfortable setting for the ride. The background of the half-twist throttle avoids the danger of suddenly rushing out, increasing the safety of riding and preventing accidental activation.

Front fork suspension

Depending on the positioning, the travel of the fork has different options. These two models are more suitable for road riding, with only the front fork suspension and no additional rear spring suspension. Generally speaking, an 80mm suspension fork for urban commuting is sufficient. The longer the stroke, the more force it can withstand, and the better the shock absorption. The RadCity 4 High-Step's spring fork has 100mm of travel, and the XF650's alloy fork has 80mm of travel with preload adjustment and lockout. The front fork can be opened during the climbing process, and the front can be closed when driving on a gentle road, which is very convenient.

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After reading the difference in electrical configuration, let's look at the other necessary specifications.


Compared with Rad Power Bike's 46T, 170mm forged alloy crankset, Cyrusher has a 52T, 170mm crankset. The larger the disc brake pads, the more stable the braking and the more resistant to attenuation and wear. Double-sided aluminum crankset guards provide further protection for the chainrings to minimize wear and tear on the bike while helping the chainstays ride over rough terrain.

Dimensions of power bikes

The RadCity 4 High-Step is 70 inches long, weighs 64 pounds, and has a 7.7-pound battery with some power requirements. Equipped with Tektro 180mm front and rear brakes, seven gears, and a backlit LCD; XF650 has a total length of 75.5 inches, 55 lbs without battery, and 61 lbs with battery for lighter overall weight for easy mobility; with 180mm front and rear Hydraulic disc brakes and LCD. Neither model has its mobile app.

Variety of choices

We can find that the color choices of the two models are very different. With the RadCity 4 High-Step, you only have one option; while the XF650 rims are available in red, yellow, white, and blue, the bright rims add to the bike's overall look compared to an all-black electric cycle Focus, giving a unique feeling. You'll be the center of attention in the crowd wherever you go.

Warranty period

One of the essential services any e-bike brand will provide to its customers in terms of giving back and caring to its customers - is the warranty. This service can not only help consumers reduce spending but also reflect the brand's trust and recognition of its own products and can remember the quality information of electric bicycles.

Rad Power Bike offers an industry-standard one-year warranty; surprisingly, the Cyrusher e-bike comes with a two-year warranty, which is very competitive and shows the brand's trust in its products and customers. Sincere service.

Other Accessories

Some accessories of the XF650 are delivered for free, such as fenders and shelves, which have their electronic speakers; RadCity 4 High-Step. In addition to the fenders and racks, semi-integrated headphones will also be delivered. Both models have L.E.D. headlights and integrated brake taillights with different powers. The headlights can increase the safety of driving at night. The taillights will light up immediately when you brake, reminding the vehicles and crowds behind and protecting the rider's safety.

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Overall, the Cyrusher XF650 outperforms the Rad Power Bike RadCity 4 High-Step in terms of battery, motor, range, tires, adequate capacity, and warranty, which is why it's slightly more expensive. The brand strives to balance the price and quality components. Strike a reasonable balance. In the end, I hope these data and specifications can give you some knowledge and help you choose an electric bike better.

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