Why Are Electric Mountain Bikes with Rear Suspension More Expensive Than Regular Ones?

Why Are Electric Mountain Bikes with Rear Suspension More Expensive Than Regular Ones?

Sep 29, 2022

Answering questions about the value of an e-bike without knowing the rider's riding purpose and conditions is difficult. Every consumer wants to choose an e-bike that suits their purpose, hovering between price and finding the right balance of essential features to get a quality electric mountain bike at the most affordable price.

Different riders of electric bicycles need other models. In the electric mountain bike market, you can also see products from brands like Cyrusher electric fat tire bikes. There is a lot of full suspension electric bikes out there, and because - full suspension - it's more expensive than regular electric mountain bikes out a lot.

Every basic e-bike comes with a shock-absorbing front fork that connects the bike's frame to the wheel, which gives the rider a certain level of safety. In addition, the rear shock absorber is also an essential electric bicycle component to maintain the security and stability of electric bicycles for most long-term riders. It matches the solid suspension front fork of electric bicycles. Electric mountain bikes with rear and front suspension provide more traction, comfort, and stability to the rider. This article will analyze why some different electric bicycles are more expensive than ordinary ones from the perspective of the shock absorber of electric bikes.

As can be seen from the following two figures, there is a big difference between the prices of the two Cyrusher ebike models, and there are also other differences in the suspension:

Cyrusher hard-tail ebike rider

(Cyrusher XF650)

Cyrusher XF900 electric mountain bike

(Cyrusher XF900)

The Cyrusher XF650 is priced at $1599. It is an entry-level electric mountain bike that is easy to assemble and cost-effective. Its electric bike is not equipped with a rear shock at the rear end, so it is a hardtail electric fat tire bike. The alloy front shock fork has 80mm of travel, preload adjustment, and lockout. The XF 650 without the rear shock is also a good choice for new e-bike riders and those riding on flat roads in town.

Priced at $2,499, the Cyrusher XF900 is a sleek-looking all-terrain electric off-road vehicle at the top of the Cyrusher line of electric fat bike models, combining looks and comfort in one. With its unique motorcycle-style gold suspension, adjustable 110mm of travel preload, and rear shock setup, it is an excellent value full-suspension e-bike as a long-term investment.

The simple comparison above shows why the XF900 full-suspension electric bike is several hundred dollars more expensive than a hardtail electric bike without a rear shock. The most significant difference lies in the suspension, which is an investment in safer and more stable riding.

Benefits of Full Suspension Electric Bikes

A full-suspension e-bike is a type of bike that includes a suspension front fork and rear shock. Compared with hardtail electric bicycles (electric bicycles with only front shock suspension), full suspension electric bicycles can reduce the impact from the ground during large jumps on downhill or riding sections with solid bumps.

A full-suspension e-bike is a type of bike that includes a suspension front fork and rear shock. Compared with hardtail electric bicycles (electric bicycles with only front shock suspension), full suspension electric bicycles can reduce the impact from the ground during large jumps on downhill or riding sections with solid bumps.

If you like outdoor high-speed off-road riding, the dual-suspension e-bike will make the ride safer and more stable when the e-bike is riding downhill at a faster speed or passing over bumpy roads. The rear shock absorber buffers the impact of such large jumps and reduces the damage to the rider's lower back.

Just imagine, when you use an electric bicycle without a rear shock absorber, suppose that in the process of riding, riding on a long bumpy road has caused damage to the lower back, and it will cost a lot of money for treatment. Therefore, the full suspension electric bicycle is a practical choice for alleviating the soreness of the lower back after long-term riding, absorbing a large part of the bumps and disproportionate impact on the terrain, and protecting the rider's body to reduce the effect.

Whether you want to climb the mountains or go through the rough woods, trails, or wilderness, the dual suspension of the electric mountain bike will be your first choice. The front suspension can be preload adjusted even for daily routine or town travel riding. Lockout on flat trails and open the fork shock on bumpy roads. Nothing can stop you from riding with full suspension on your e-bike.

In addition, increasing your knowledge of the front suspension and rear shock absorber can more effectively allow you to decide whether to choose an electric bike with a rear shock absorber. Here's something about the essential components of an e-bike suspension:

XF900 electric bike front rear suspension

  • Suspension Front Fork:

The suspension fork of an e-bike, the front suspension, is an essential component that maximizes the performance and comfort of the suspension system. When the electric bicycle is subjected to gravity and resistance during riding, the suspension fork is compressed to the extreme, rebounds, and repeats the action. This component dramatically reduces unnecessary bumps and provides a comfortable ride.

The Cyrusher kommoda electric bike's suspension fork is equipped with large struts, adjustable settings for big shocks, and a flexible 110mm of travel for off-road riding. When upgrading and matching the journey of the suspension fork, you need to choose more riding habits and terrain. This compression adjustment helps maintain traction and forward momentum, providing more support for bigger hits and overall system weight.

  • Rear Shock Absorber:

The rear shock of an electric mountain bike is specifically designed to allow the rider to make bigger jumps and make the ride smoother, especially downhill. Its main function is to suppress the shock when the spring rebounds after shock absorption and the impact from the road surface. The rear shock absorber is mainly composed of springs and struts. The shock-absorbing spring can filter the shock on the road surface, and the spring will reciprocate. Integral shock absorbers are used to dampen this spring jump.

Rear shock absorbers vary in the design of different brands of electric bicycles. Most rear suspensions use a spring-type suspension system, and a few use a resistance rubber-type suspension system. Both are suspension systems for electric bicycles. They are shock-absorbing suspensions composed of springs, connecting rods, and shock-absorbing cylinders. The rear shock on the Cyrusher electric fat tire bike is spring-loaded.

Could a Suspension Seatpost Be a Replacement for a Full-Suspension E-Bike Shock?

The price of a dual-suspension electric bicycle with a rear shock is so high. Is it possible to add a rear shock to the electric bicycle? Could a shock Seatpost be a suspension replacement for e-bikes?

Many riders try to modify the suspension of their e-bikes on their own, and if you have a solid understanding of how to develop and build a frame for an e-bike properly, the answer is yes. But if you're not particularly aware of this suspension just to save a value investment in e-bikes, the answer is no.

Full suspension's main advantage is guaranteed ride comfort and the ability to traverse any terrain and safety, allowing both novice and experienced professional riders to ride with greater peace of mind and confidence. E-bike manufacturers based on high-quality materials can make the suspension setup of their e-bike products as light and trouble-free as possible.

Due to the long rides, some riders will opt to use a shock Seatpost to ease the damage they take in the saddle. A suspended Seatpost maximizes the amount of flex the seat post, reducing the transmission of frequent bumpy road vibrations from the ground to the body, resulting in a smoother ride and less fatigue. The suspension Seatpost relieves the rider's pressure on the saddle to a certain extent and cannot wholly replace the shock absorber of a full-suspension e-bike.

 man Cyrusher fat tire ebike XF900

In short, the suspension system of an electric bicycle plays an important enough role in the safety and stability of the rider's riding. The front and rear suspensions work together to give the rider a smoother ride. Cyrusher electric bicycle is a professional global electric bicycle brand. The configuration of fat tires and full suspension is enough to meet the needs of riders. In the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and offline store test ride, you can truly feel the performance of electric bicycles, not Choose only on the surface of price.

Although a dual-suspension e-bike with a rear suspension is more expensive than an e-bike with only a single suspension, it is worthwhile for a long-term investment like an full suspension electric bike. After all, a safe and stable ride is another form of investment while enjoying the joys of an electric mountain bike.

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