Cyrusher Owners Team Share Their Favorite Electric Bikes

Cyrusher Owners Team Share Their Favorite Electric Bikes

Sep 27, 2022

Imagine what interesting stories will happen when a group of Cyrusher e-bike riders gets together?

As we all know, communication between communities can bring much experience worth sharing and rich and interesting information to consumers who buy the same product. As an environmentally friendly means of transportation, electric bicycles will have discussions among their owners. And we can see e-bike riders share stories about their Cyrusher e-bike rides and fun rides on social media.

Cyrusher ebike owener Facebook group is where people with the same hobby can gather to share and discuss. Riders from different countries and regions love to ride together because of Cyrusher's electric bicycles, which makes the group atmosphere active.

There are also some new ideas. Here we can see everyone's colorful riding life, and some riders record their riding growth process. Cyrusher electric mountain bike owners can have good participation. The Cyrusher team is always grateful for this community of owners who share a common passion and, most importantly, the fat tire electric bike features shared by the riders that inspire the brand every step of the way.

Here are some Cyrusher owners who share their favorite e-bikes, they found a better way of life with the company of Cyrusher e-bikes, an incredible journey, and riders will use it to browse Town and get a new kind of pleasure in life. Let's take a look at the unique experiences of different groups of people with electric bicycles!

We LOVE our bikes & now my hubby rides with me all the time! Our friends thought they were awesome so now the 4 of us have one of each color! We look like a really small biker gang.” 

--Kelly Klohs Grady

Cyrusher riders ebike owner team

(Image via Cyrusher ebike owner)

Kelly, a Cyrusher e-bike rider, shared her cycling experience with her friends in the group, exploring towns and cities by electric bike, enhancing the experience exchange of e-bike riders, creating deeper friendships, and allowing interesting souls to collide with more energy.

Electric bikes are great for touring, and they help riders travel more efficiently and make it easier for groups to come together. During the group rides, the riders were able to get on-the-ground communication. Riding with experienced riders helps new riders quickly grasp the intricacies of riding an e-bike and become stronger and more confident.

The fat tire ebike that accompanied them on the ride was the Cyrusher XF650 model, a hardtail e-bike that is the entry-level choice for many e-bike riders. The XF650 uses a powerful 750W motor with pedal assist and great fat tires. Whether it is commuting riding or on road trips, it is a sturdy and stable electric bicycle with the essential functions that riders expect from electric bikes.

Rider Tom Gallagher, who also uses Cyrusher XF650, shared some unique views on the safety or uncertainty of the future development of electric bicycles.

"I think many of us are defensive about our bikes because maybe they don't fit into current legislation. We need to be pushing the green credentials of these fantastic machines."

He also answered one of the more widely discussed questions about e-bike riding, such as whether e-bikes are cheating. This problem, he holds, is that riding an e-bike is doing something to save the planet.

"If your electricity supply has a goodly percentage of renewables power, then your green credentials are even more laudable. So, next time someone says, "That's cheating!" or "That's illegal!" just respond, "I'm doing my bit to save the planet, mate. What are you doing?"

Cyurhser XF800 rider hydropower station

(Image via Cyrusher ebike owner)

Electric bicycles have become popular among the public and have gradually become an environmentally friendly means of transportation for urban people to replace cars.

Louis Palmer travels around the world in a solar taxi and has been named a "World Champion" by the United Nations. He advocated the promotion of electric bicycles to alleviate global rider warming. Cities are congested, climate warming is exacerbated, and promoting fast electric bikes that don't emit carbon dioxide is an easy solution.

Therefore, Cyrusher’s electric mountain bike rider Tom, is doing his part to protect the earth's environment by using an e-bike to ride. Faced with the debate over whether an e-bike is a "cheat," that doubt is quickly dispelled when they effortlessly traverse a hill by riding an e-bike themselves.

"Cycling on a Saturday, We covered 19 miles, We went to Bishop Auckland, The journey made us smile, We got photographed with Stanley, Scratching at his head, Then a photograph of Newgate St, So quiet it must be said, We called at Auckland Castle, Then onto Auckland Tower, Then headed to The Blacksmiths, The bikes were on full power, I had a pint of bitter, Suzie had a lager, A lovely day out cycling, No drama and no saga."

XF800 electric bike rider shoot

Cyrusher rider ebike XF800 man and woman

(Image via Cyrusher ebike owner)

The above is an experience shared by Cyrusher Electric Bike Ride riders who used a Cyrusher XF800 model electric bike to tour their area. Explore forests and carriageways in cold winter; ride around Lincoln; ride along narrow canals and free bays.

They share the XF800 electric bike. The design of full suspension, fat tires, and brightly colored rims liven up the riding mentality, allowing them to move more freely around town and see every exciting scenery.

"Nice ride across Salisbury Plain with my daughter. Absolute lo e this bike. I also use it to commute to work every day."

--Kevin Sutcliffe

Cyrusher XF800 e-bike riders have added exciting seat traction with their modifications, adding to the original basic functionality of the full suspension electric bike. He and his daughter rode through the Salisbury Plains and had a fun and meaningful time.

ebike and children xf800

(Image via Cyrusher ebike owner)

The electric bike that can withstand the extra traction is the XF800 with a 750W motor. When the electric bike needs to climb some hills with extra traction, the motor has enough power to drive the electric bike forward. The Cyrusher XF800 has a load-bearing capacity of 330 pounds. It uses a full-suspension configuration with fat tires and a front suspension fork and rear shock, which can effectively dampen the impact from the ground.

"A 17-mile ride around Salisbury Plain tracks and trails today. The XF900 is still great. That was my longest ride so far. Well, I am 65 and overweight and unfit. Hoping I can do many more rides like this and get lighter and fitter. ."

--Rob Rawlins

Cycling can bring a great sense of freedom and enjoyment to older people. Cyrusher e-bike rider Rob increases his time outdoors by getting in touch with nature, increasing his access to the outdoors. Improve your health so that regular e-bike rides can make life fun.

Cyrusher XF900 electric mountain bike lake

"Just got back from my ride on my Cyrusher XF900 on the flat beach path.

It might not be as beautiful green like so many UK and Colorado's recent pics - but this is the best I can do in LA - warm, sunny, and perfect California sunset shots."

--Greg Voevodsky 

 sunset Cyrusher full suspension ebike XF900

This is the beach Greg has been to on his Cyrusher XF900 electric bike, which he rides. In this way of life, you can enjoy the scenery it brings to you. Go to observe the people on the cycling road escape the heat in a certain shade of greenery, the flying insects fly to a brighter place, feel the sunset on the day of the cycling or see the stars at night on the cycling road.

The XF900 electric bike is Cyrusher's highly praised electric mountain bike now. With its powerful 750W motor and high-quality configuration, it can meet the needs of electric bike riders with different riding needs. It has a beautiful suspension fork setup that makes the e-bike look like a beast and makes the rider feel more powerful when riding. The most important thing is that the XF900 is equipped with a full shock absorption setting, which can provide comfortable and safe protection no matter whether the riding environment is gravel or rock.

"I've been using the kommoda every day for more than a month now to go to work and take my son for a walk, and it's a great bike!"

--Baptiste Plançon

ebike Kommoda man woman children

(Image via Cyrusher ebike owner)

These are the Cyrusher kommoda step-through electric bikes that Baptiste has added with new accessories so that he and his family can enjoy the joy of this stylish electric bike.

"First real trip around the house, Iepuresti, Giurgiu, Romania, heels, and fields in light and colors. Pleasant to drive, powerful, suspended, as described, and about 60 km autonomy in almost only 1st speed. Of course, my Horse!"

--Aaric Gracia

Cyrusher kommoda ebike road

(Image via Cyrusher ebike owner)

Rider Aaric shares the joy her good friend Kommoda's e-bike has brought to his life, riding the golden field road on the field road, and the world is a vast place.

In the sharing of the two riders, Kommoda showed that it has a convenient and beautiful riding experience. The Cyrusher kommoda is a new, stylish step-through electric bike with a motorcycle-style suspension fork and fat tires.

Compared to other Cyrusher models, the tires are relatively small, making them the most convenient choice for petite or mobility-impaired riders. Its power system comprises a 750W motor and a 48V 14Ah built-in battery and uses double shock absorber accessories to support a stable and safe ride. Whether for daily commuting or off-road riding, it's a powerful e-bike.

The Cyrusher electric mountain bike brand has always insisted on creating amazing personal mobility products for people. Cyrusher has offline stores in the United States, France, and the United Kingdom, and you can experience the product's performance through test rides. At the same time, more and more riders share a common hobby of riding in the Facebook group and sincerely hope to join more people in the future to share their accumulated riding mileage and riding roads and landscapes.

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