What Makes Cyrusher a Treasure Brand?

What Makes Cyrusher a Treasure Brand?

Sep 20, 2022

At the current stage of social development, the rich material civilization created by human beings maintains basic survival needs. These sufficient material civilizations are also raising people's needs for spirituality, and many young people are trying to find more diverse ways of expressing their individuality.

When there is time to go cruising and time to do outdoor activities in style, go electric. Electric bikes are a new life option. Suppose you only use a single mean of transportation. In that case, you will lose a lot of the fun of exploring the city, so in addition to driving, measure at your own pace. And riding a Cyrusher electric bike to explore, you will find new urban vitality and adventure. "Who is the Cyrusher? Where does it come from?" This question comes to mind when a rider with a strong passion for electric bicycles wants to distinguish a specialized ebike.

 Cyrusher electric bike brand

Who is Cyrusher?

Cyrusher is a high-quality electric bicycle brand. It was established in 2014. The company's headquarters is located in China's Silicon Valley, a rapidly developing city known as "China's Silicon Valley." It has set up offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and other countries and has online sales in more than ten countries worldwide. It has provided high-quality services to more than 60,000 electric bicycle fans.

The name of the company comes from the words Rusher and Cycling. At the moment of Cyrusher's establishment, it was already an ambition to become a pioneer in the electric bicycle industry, driving the brand founder and team to continue to forge ahead step by step. Bring high-quality electric bicycle products to the world.

Cyrusher's mission: Creating amazing personal mobility products for anyone, anywhere.

Cyrusher was founded as a small company selling bicycle parts in China. With every team member's ongoing efforts, it has become a global company selling high-performance electric bicycles since 2015.

In September of this year, it went through its eighth year of development. This journey is full of the joy of exploring products' value and stumbles' hardships. The accumulated value has allowed the brand to integrate professional electric motors with performance and appearance more deeply. Bicycles are brought to everyone who loves cycling.

There's a lot to love about this e-bike brand, from the basic e-bike's performance level to the e-bike's looks. If you're a fan of the bigger things in life, you'll find that Cyrusher electric bikes can make life enjoyable.

Cyrusher electric mountain bike team member

Are Electric Mountain Bike Products Unique?

There are so many brands of electric bicycles on the market. Why is Cyrusher unique? In fact, like every individual in life, the Cyrusher brand, which sells electric bicycle products, also has extraordinary vitality.

Here are some facts about Cyrusher electric bike products:

  • Rims with rich colors
  • Comfortable fat tires
  • Safe and stable full suspension
  • Powerful Bafang Motor
  • Line Brake/Hydraulic Disc Brake

It is precise because the brand insists on using high-quality electric bicycle components that Cyrusher electric bicycles stand on the broad electric bicycle market and show a unique edge.

Cyrusher best electric fat tire bike and riders

Fun and Eye-Catching: Available in a Wide Range of Color Options and Eye-Catching Designs

Cyrusher's e-bikes come in various rim colors, blue, yellow, orange, red, black, and white, to liven up the overall look of the e-bike. Such a design can give the rider a more pleasant riding experience when riding an electric bicycle. There are also some new tread designs in the brand's latest offering, the Kuattro, with a more branded paint, allowing riders to start their riding life with a bright and attractive e-bike look.

Kommoda step through electric mountain bike

Power and Comfort: an Incredible Electric Bike for Everyone

Electric bicycle performance and configuration are essential for a product to gain more fans. Using high-quality gold standard components like Bafang and Shimano, Cyrusher products are the perfect combination of ride quality, range, performance, safety, and practicality for protecting every rider who loves to ride.

Stick with comfortable fat tires that allow the rider to reduce bumps and get enough traction when riding outdoors.

The motor is an essential part of the electric bicycle product, which determines the speed of the electric bicycle. Cyrusher uses the well-known Bafang motor, which mainly uses the 750W motor as the power source, which brings sufficient power to the rider's riding to the destination in his heart.

Suspension safely is an essential factor for e-bike riders to consider when riding, and Cyrusher's e-bikes use hydraulic disc brakes to provide safe suspension in the most urgent riding situations. In addition, Shimano's derailleur is used in the shifting device, which can quickly and steadily complete the speed change of riding.

For some e-bike riders who like to try off-road riding, most of Cyrusher's e-bike products are equipped with full-suspension shock components. The Cyrusher XF900 uses a motorcycle-style suspension front fork and rear shock suspension when the rider encounters rough roads of gravel, gravel, and sand when riding outdoors. Older riders don't stop riding because they get older. They age because they stop riding. This full-suspension device can maximize the protection of the lower back of riders of different ages, reduce the impact force from the ground, and obtain a comfortable and safe riding experience to a large extent.

Cyrusher's e-bike has an exciting emphasis on urban riding and shows its strengths in some mountain biking sports. Not only electric bicycle products, but the brand wants to change the pattern of personal mobile devices. In the future, it will actively explore products suitable for outdoor activities, such as electric scooters and electronic surfboards.

Cyrusher step-over mountain bike XF900 man

Cyrusher has several e-bike models with a wide audience of different riders.

Step-Through Electric Bikes:

The Kommoda and Kuattro uses low-end e-bike frame construction to provide convenience for riders with limited mobility and petite stature. The Kuattro is Cyrusher's latest e-bike this year, and some performance and looks have been further upgraded. The motors used by the Kuattro and Kommada are both 750W motors with colorful rims. The combination of bright colors and fat tires appeals to consumers of all ages and opens up a stylish ride.

Cyrusher kuattro electric trail bike

Step-Over Electric Bikes:

The three electric bicycles, XF900, XF800, and XF650, use high-end electric bicycle frames. The XF650 is a hardtail electric bicycle, an entry-level electric bicycle that is very friendly to novices. The three models use a 750W motor to provide enough power to climb mountains and mountains. The XF900 has a dazzling suspension front fork. This beast-like strong model gives riders power from performance to appearance in off-road riding. The XF800 electric bicycle is a full-suspension electric bicycle with a wide range of audiences. The rear shock absorber can safely protect the rider's lower back and reduce the impact from the ground. It also has battery assistance for the range, whether mountain or road. Has a stable riding experience.

Cyurhser XF800 XF900 step-over ebike

Cyrusher e-bikes range in price around $2,000 for each model. For riders looking for a professional electric mountain bike, getting an e-bike built with high-quality materials and a powerful motor is worth the investment. You know, electric bikes are changing the future of transportation.

Attentive Service Is the Driving Force

The high quality of the product is the essential requirement for a Cyrusher brand to stand on. Attentive service is a significant driving force for the Cyrusher brand to continue to move forward and gain a group of rider fans who love to ride. Every consumer is essential to Cyrusher. In the brand's continuous growth, providing customers better service and giving quick feedback is an important concept to be close to fans, to help riders get the best riding experience, and maintain products.

Shipping Service:

Cyrusher electric bicycles have established warehouses all over the world and have sufficient inventory. To allow consumers to get delivery as soon as possible and understand the performance and natural feelings of the purchased electric bicycles, Cyrusher provides the fastest 2-3 days from the date of purchase. Delivery time. Cyrusher currently ships from distribution centers in the US, UK, France, Poland, Czech Republic, and Japan.

Cyrusher has related stores in Utah, the USA, and Glos, the UK, which can provide the best and most convenient offline services for every customer who loves Cyrusher. For the test drive service of offline stores in the United States, local team members will provide you with professional advice and obtain the most satisfactory electric bike. In addition, in the service of the local French team, regional direct door-to-door distribution and assembly services, door-to-door maintenance and mobile test rides, and door-to-door test ride services in France are also launched.

Pre-sale and after-sale service:

As a professional electric bicycle brand, Cyrusher mainly focuses on online sales. It provides online pre-sale and after-sale services through its official website or sales platform to help consumers solve doubts and questions about car purchases. After obtaining the purchased Cyrusher electric bicycle, the after-sales service can also answer various questions for you, such as assembly instructions and troubleshooting.

Warranty service:

Cyrusher's e-bikes come with a two-year warranty period (including motor, controller, and frame) from the manufacturer for defects in material or quality and a one-year battery warranty.

Cyrusher electric bike team UK USA France

Cyrusher brand electric bikes have great new technology, a great community, and exciting riders with different riding styles and great rides. Since electric bicycles have better speed and power than traditional bicycles, it is very convenient for police to patrol. Cyrusher donated electric bikes to the Utah State Police. In addition, riding an electric bicycle to commute can allow the rider to understand the town in which he is different, have a more sensitive understanding of the area of life such as routes and road names, and know every road along the way. It's a lifestyle experience you can't get by taking public transport.

Cyrusher electric bikes are designed with high-quality components and craftsmanship to interpret comfortable and fun riding and allow riders to show their unique personality. Cyrusher brand, as an ongoing high-quality, treasured electric bicycle brand, wants to provide riders with the most satisfactory riding experience and is willing to accept riders' shared experiences and thoughts of riding journeys in the community, cherish riders' Valuable opinions, and constantly lay the foundation for future personal mobile product upgrades.

Cyrusher electric bike beach man

Ride into a fun and prosperous life with Cyrusher's professional electric bike,
Find the freedom you want, the endless wilderness.
The vast coast you need, the family time you have.

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