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How To Decorate Your Electric Bike - Unique Focus

Sep 02, 2022

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular around the world. With its features and advantages, electric cycle sales have been skyrocketing. The riders are all people who enjoy riding e-bikes. Whether it's urban commuting or mountain adventure, they always choose electric bikes as their first choice, they are suitable for people of all ages, and I believe everyone will want to have them.

Out of love, I believe you will be very willing to choose the right accessories to decorate your car and make you stand out from the crowd. Redecorating means you can get a cool electric bike, but you'll be paying time and money. Luckily, we've put together some cool accessories to help you with that idea. This list is not exhaustive, we have some fun ideas to decorate your bike, but we understand that some decorations require professional help.

There are a variety of bicycle accessories available on the market. You can unleash your D.I.Y. creativity and enjoy the fun of hands-on decoration. You can try to choose and combine power bikes with decoration. The final decoration result will show your unique personality. And idea needs. See what your car will look like?

  1. Take advantage of your rack location

A variety of panniers can be used to place in the rear rack to expand the capacity of the car. The metal frame is paired with a piggyback for a relaxed look. The wicker basket can be stored on the front wheel and decorated with flowers, ribbons, and tiny light bulbs around the basket. Whether it is the top, bottom, or blank canvas, you can use your imagination and arrange it as you want.

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  1. Liberalized handlebars

The handlebars have lots of spare space to decorate and add flags, streamers, mirrors, and more. Streamers are the easiest to buy, and there are many ways to D.I.Y. them. You can search online for tutorials to style streamers. Streamers give you a sense of freedom moving with the wind, equivalent to the emotional thrill of riding an all-terrain e-bike: the streamer lifts and frees you as you ride.

The easiest way is to tie a couple of matching color streamers in knots to the handlebars. You can also prepare streamers, eye screws, and nails. First, find a suitable position on the handlebar, use a hole punch to drill a small hole, screw the screw into the hole, pass the streamer through the eyelet, tie a beautiful streamer knot, and enjoy the freedom of the wind.

Adding rearview mirrors can improve the safety of the rider when exercising. When riding, you can see the traffic and crowd behind you and make adjustments in time. The rearview mirror needs to be selected to match the size of the electric cycle. Regarding the size of the rearview mirror, you'd better choose to buy it from the brand where you bought the electric motorcycle. Most of the accessories from the manufacturers match. Mirrors like Cyrusher can be used with most products without worrying about the size.

  1. Decorative lights, wheels

Lights are essential bike accessories and can also be used to decorate your bike. You can choose L.E.D. lights, colored lights, solid lights, etc. There are unique L.E.D. lights for power bikes to choose from. It is not recommended to buy or make your lights. I hope you can combine the accessory decoration with safety.

If you think electric cycles with regular tires are boring, electric fat bikes are a good choice for you. It can not only deal with rugged terrain and provide a firm grip and good traction but also decorate the bicycle well, making your car look more authoritative and influential.

If the electric fat bike weren't impressive enough, and if you're tired of the standard black and white, what about bright rims that match the frame paint? I found that the boundaries of electric fat bikes produced by Cyrusher are not standard black or white. The edges are the same color as the frame. I believe that if you ride it out, no matter where you go, it will be the crowd's focus.

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  1. Change the helmet (shape)

The decor isn't limited to bikes; you can also make some changes to your bike gear. We know that safety is the number one priority in riding an electric cycle. Safety is the foundation of your ride, so a helmet is always paramount. If you don't think it looks stylish, you can choose a helmet with a specific theme, such as your favorite T.V. character or a sports team you support. If you have painting skills, you can choose from various materials and paint colors on the helmet to make people shine. Updating your current helmet is a great decorative idea.

  1. Upgrade the look of your frame

Are you tired of the frame color after riding an electric cycle for a long time? If there is, you can follow a professional painting helper. If you are confident that you can match them, you can go to shops and manufacturers specializing in painting bicycle frames. They are not only familiar with the organization of electric bicycles but can also bring ideas to life and make your car look stunning. It's worth reminding that you'd better choose a familiar and well-known brand that sells paint with guaranteed quality and more paint options, such as glossy paint, flat paint, semi-gloss paint, etc. The most gratifying thing is that their colors are complete. You can make a good choice in them.

  1. Bring your pets – the furry family

If you want to take your furry family on an e-bike, you can choose to purchase a pet-sized basket and add your favorite items to decorate the outside of the basket. Be sure to remember to put a cushion in the basket. To prevent curious and active pets from jumping, you'd better limit its range of motion and tighten the leash to a shorter position so you can ride confidently. Your family can sit or fall asleep comfortably.

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If you're concerned about your basket being unsafe or can't find the right one, you can opt for a pet trailer. The pet trailer has a large capacity, which can meet the needs of medium and large dog breeds, and is safer and more comfortable. The trailer is generally connected to the rear wheel through a universal link, which is safe and attractive. Because of the low position of the trailer, you can set up reflective sheets or strips at the rear and both sides of the trailer and install eye-catching flags or streamers to remind the motor vehicles and people behind and on both sides to pay attention. Remember to fasten the leash, and the zipper of the trailer should be locked to ensure the pet's safety. (The following pictures are all from the accurate evaluation of Cyrusher riders)

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  1. Sticker lovers

Stickers are a quick and easy way to decorate and show your unique personality. There are various styles of stickers and many channels to get them. Whether it's a sticker showing the human qualities of the trip or a sticker of animals and plants, or other labels, it can be applied to any space on the frame, handlebar, beam, or fender. It should be noted that when choosing a sticker, it is best to select a non-marking one. When the ordinary sticker is torn off, the glue will stick to the car, which will take some time to remove. So to avoid subsequent troubles, seamless stickers are a great way to decorate.

Reminder: Decorating is not the same as remodeling

We can personalize the electric bicycle, but it is clear that the decoration is not a modification. We better not try to modify the power and speed of the components, etc.; we are not familiar with the structure of the details, so it is better not to change the factory settings. For example, by increasing the vehicle's speed limit, the controller is modified, and the large-capacity battery is replaced. The enlarged battery is equivalent to a powerful time bomb. Although you can enjoy the pleasure of high speed for a short time, the safety risks will also follow. Come. Some riders will install audio, which may have the chance of short circuits, which will seriously cause self-explosion and casualties.

The electric bicycles are finally launched after various rigorous tests by manufacturers. Electric bikes like Cyrusher have undergone strict tests and comply with C.E., U.L., Rhos, and F.C.C. standards. The brand has been delivering high-quality e-bikes to riders worldwide for eight years, and customers have raved about it.

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No matter how you want to dress up your bike, the ride and results are yours to enjoy. As long as it is a good and legal decoration, there is no right or wrong way. You can share decorative ideas for components in your cycling community or learn from other's successes. Because Cyrusher riders from all over the world share their daily rides in it, showcase their decorative achievements, highlight their focus, express personalization and creativity, and give themselves a different riding experience.