Cyrusher Gives back: Ebike Donation to Logan Police

Cyrusher Gives back: Ebike Donation to Logan Police

Sep 01, 2022

On August 30, in Utah, U.S.A., Cyrusher donated ebikes to the Logan Police Department. The enthusiastic move was reported by local news in Utah. The Logan City Police Department thanks the generosity of a new local ebike shop-Cyrusher for donating e-mountain bikes to the patrol station.

Cyrusher Ebike Donation to Logan Police

Parslow (left)and Flammer (right)

Logan is considered one of the safest metro areas in the West. Logan, Utah, has approximately 55 violent crimes per 100,000 people. This is in contrast to the most dangerous areas in the Western United States. This is inseparable from the police department that has always defended and protected the citizens of Logan.

Officers engaging in a variety of activities to fulfill the mission of patrol. Patrol vehicles are the most visible. So traffic jams are also most likely to occur in places with dense vehicles or crowds.

Logan City Police Administration Lt. Barry Parslow said his neighbor recently approached him about wanting to donate the ebikes to officers. That neighbor, Jeff Flammer had recently opened a new physical store and distribution center in Logan for Cyrusher, a global cycling company with sites already in France and the U.K.

"I was out in my yard, and Flammer rode by on his ebike," said Parslow. "He and his family ride ebikes a lot, and he approached me and said they wanted to provide the police department with some ebicycles."

Last week, Flammer showed up at the police department to formally give officers the two mountain bikes. The donated Cyrusher XF690 Maxs is a multifunctional fat tire foldable ebike and retails for around $2,000, for both on and off-road use. The yellow and black painted frame can also be folded in half to make them a bit more compact. It is convenient to carry but can save space by placing it anywhere.

Police and Cyrusher Ebike

Cyrusher XF690 Maxs

The Cyrusher XF690 Maxs are fitted with 4-inch wide fat tires, which can reach up to 26mph and travel over 50 miles on a single charge, Enable the police to patrol and dispatch the police faster in dense crowds and complex terrains, especially in the face of some special situations, riding ebike can make quicker responses, arrival time can be reduced better compared to police cars, and, as we know, every second saved can also mean a life saved.

Maybe more importantly than the time saved by the speed at which these ebikes can propel polices along is the pedal assist function found on Cyrusher ebikes. The pedal assist function means that these ebike polices will not be pedaling furiously to get through the sand on the beach or running miles down the boardwalk like foot polices have to. Instead, the pedal assist function means that these folk will be able to travel at full speed, 26mph, without hardly breaking a sweat, meaning that they can arrive at the location with a clear mind, ready to address the situation at hand.

Parslow said the new motor-assisted bicycles will allow officers to travel faster in unique circumstances. The bikes will be particularly valuable when patrolling large gatherings of people.

"We plan to use them at parades to help keep crowds back and safe, so the floats can go by and everybody can have a great time. We have special events during the fireworks at Willow Park, around Independence and Pioneer day celebrations. I believe these ebikes will be of great help to us. Activities like this are always crowded, and in the event of an accident, we must rush to the location in the shortest possible time. The XF690 Maxs will help us keep the crowd safe."

Flammer said the Cyrusher bikes will allow police to travel quickly, both on and off-road. They are equipped with hub motors, full suspension, and the hydraulic disc brake system.

"They handle trails and cruising around town," said Flammer. "So anything the Logan City Police Department uses them for will be just fine. And that's what donating ebikes is all about"

According to the report, over 90% of the customers are extremely attractive and supportive of electric bikes, electric scooters, a completely new power bikes, people are very happy to use these ebicycles for a valuable cause.

Flammer said he got involved with Cyrusher when he started looking to buy e-bikes for his family. The popularity of pedal-assist bikes is continuing to grow. This is why I chose Cyrusher.

Cyrusher has been manufacturing bikes in Shenzhen, China, for seven years and opened their hub in Logan to increase their U.S. sales base. Their warehouse is located near 700 W. 200 North. In July, they opened a store at 124 S. 600 West to be able to provide customers with test rides and solve after-sales problems. Cyrusher ebikes have been quality tested internationally and meet CE, UL, Rhos, and FCC standards. The Cyrusher brand name is registered and recognized everywhere - in Australia, China, the United Kingdom, Canada, Taiwan, Philippine, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

Electric bikes, motorcycles, and electric skateboards are everywhere on the road. Low-carbon will be closely linked with electric travel. The demand in the European and American markets has exceeded that of ordinary electric bicycles. It shows that this field has entered a stage of rapid development, which will also be the direction of the future market. According to industry data, fat tire electric bicycles have rapidly risen in the past two years.


About Cyrusher

Since 2014, The Cyrusher team has always given back to every customer with meticulous professionalism, relentless efforts, and perseverance. Cyrusher has developed from a small electric bike company to a global company that covers ten countries and has offices in 4 countries. The Brand Vision is to bring amazing personalized mobility tools to people around the world; no matter where you are, Cyrusher can bring you a new active and healthy lifestyle, not limited to ordinary ebikes, pioneering infinite possibilities!

If you are interested in Cyrusher electric bikes, you can find more information about Cyrusher at the following link.
Cyrusher Contact:
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Phone: (800) 778-0116
124 S 600 W Suite 102, Logan UT 84321

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