Cyrusher XF650-The Best E-Bikes for Beginners, According to Experts

Cyrusher XF650-The Best E-Bikes for Beginners, According to Experts

Aug 29, 2022

"For every 100 ebikes produced, 1 to 2 ebikes will be labeled as substandard and disposed of. " Every Cyrusher ebike is screened according to strict testing standards from the time it is produced, and each process is controlled according to strict standards, from the selection of materials and the production and installation of accessories to the ebike test ride. The goal is to put the best ebikes in the hands of every rider. Among Cyrusher's various selected excellent ebikes, the Cyrusher XF650 to be introduced this time is a classic and hot-selling ebike under Cyrusher, an almighty electric road bike specially tailored for beginners!

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If you've been thinking about getting an ebike recently, I recommend starting with a road bike. Cyrusher's electric road bike, CyrusherXF650, can also be used as an electric commuter bike. It is different from other road bikes in its exterior design; its frame adopts an aluminum frame, which is stronger and lighter than the steel frame on the market, allowing you to provide better comfort on rough roads. Here are a few more features of the Cyrusher XF650 and the reasons why it is so beloved:

CyrusherXF650 Fat TireCyrusher XF650 SHIMANO 7-GEARSCyrusher XF650 Front ForkCyrusher XF650 Zoom BrakesCyrusher XF650 Dual Sided Aluminum CrankseCyrusher XF650 Twist Throttle
  • Can Drive Away the Anxiety Caused by Low Battery

Equipped with a removable, waterproof, large 48V Lithium battery with a choice of 16 and 17 Ah, the Cyrusher XF650 has a powerful battery capacity to help you through any round trip you face. It also has a powerful 750W LKS motor, of which the maximum output power is 1000W, supports multiple speeds, and has a long battery life with auxiliary functions! You will never have to worry about the situation of low power.


  • Give You a Safer Riding Experience

Many road bikes on the market still use the original disc brakes, while the CyrusherXF650 uses a more advanced disc hydraulic brake, which shortens the braking time of ebikes and brings more comfort on the basis of better friction reduction and the proportional braking effect; Cyrusher has done such a test brake test, using Cyrusher XF650 (liquid brake) to compare the braking effect with a similarly priced machine-brake road bike on the market. The test results confirm that the brakes are pressed with the same force at the same speed and the same point on the road. The braking distance of Cyrusher XF650 is nearly 1/3 shorter than that of ordinary road bikes!


  • Make Your Ride Better than Others

To meet the various aesthetic pursuits of consumers, Cyrushe adds red, green, blue, yellow, and other more colorful colors based on black and white classic colors. The concept symbolizes that Cyrusher ebikes can better integrate into nature, bringing about a more low-carbon and green trip. On this basis, the Cyrusher XF650's various colors and unique stitching stripes can make your cycling feel fresh and refined. No matter your age, Cyrusher's ebike will be the ideal one you are looking for.


  • Personally Customized Programming Function

If you haven't tried a programmable computer display, you must try Cyrusher's ebike. The Cyrusher XF650 uses a first-generation LCD screen with a 3.7'' screen. It also has a powerful ebike function programming service on top of providing the power, speed, and driving distance of the ebike. You can program its functions according to P1-P10, from screen brightness to voltage, minimum and maximum speed setting, etc. This small smart computer screen also has a PAS function with 5 gears for you to choose from to meet your various riding needs. There is nothing that can't be done, only the functions of eibkes that you can't think of.


  • Experience High-performance E-Bikes at Affordable Prices

The reason why Cyrusher XF650 can sell well is that it has a high-cost performance. While keeping the price affordable, Cyrusher has put much effort into product quality and function. The Cyrusher XF650 has a stiffer body and excellent performance than other mountain bikes, as well as its unique features. It's hard not to make people excited. It is worth mentioning that riding an ebike is more of an investment in the long run. Compared to a bulky motorcycle, an ebike can save you more on gas and maintenance costs.

Cyrusher Warehouse

In addition to the advantages of the ebike itself, Cyrusher has a good logistics service. It only takes 3-5 days to receive the ebike from Utah. Every ebike will be given free fat tire rear seats and fenders. These things will be great for riding after the rain, it helps keep most of the dirt out of your body and keeps your body clean. One of the reasons why it is more suitable for beginners is that 90% of Cyrusher's ebikes are already installed, so you don't have to worry because you are a beginner and don't know where to start.

Cyrusher XF650

Many ebikes have a service life of up to 3-4 years, and some ebikes will have a problem during riding and need to be repaired. If the Cyrusher XF650's several functions and services cannot impress you, you will definitely like this service. This service is also lacking in other ebikes. Some other ebikes on the market have no warranty service, and some are only 1 year. If you have problems with your ebike or battery after riding, you will need a lot of effort and extra money to repair the ebike without warranty service, which is a headache to think about. Therefore, Cyrusher stands in the consumer's point of view and provides a 2-year warranty service and a 1-year battery warranty service for each ebike. The purpose is to bring a better riding experience and assured service to all buyers.


let's take a look at the basic data of Cyrusher XF650:


Cyrusher XF650 Bike Dimension

Cyrusher XF650


48V 16/17Ah


750W LKS motor

LCD Display

3.7’’ Display


7 Gears

Pedal Assist

0-5 PAS

Fat Tire

Chaoyang 26" x 4"


Half twist throttle


50 miles (80 km)


25~50 miles

Bike Weight

 61 lbs (28 kg) with battery

Battery Lifetime

800 charges

Some ebike experts and experienced professional ebike riders suggest that it is a very good choice for beginners to start riding a road bike; novices need to be familiar with some riding skills on the road before laying the foundation for riding on complex roads in the future.

The Cyrusher XF650 offers a longer-lasting battery, powerful shocks, a safer braking system, and an intelligently customized smart screen within your budget. I don't believe it if you say you don't like the fun and superb ebikes. As a unique design brand in the ebike market, it deeply captures the favor of riders of all ages! Never go out on this electric street bike, CyrusherXF650, because it will make you look more professional and special and even attract the envy of passers-by!

Cyrusher XF650

Height: 5'4" ~ 6'3" (164cm ~ 190cm)
Weight: 330 lbs (150 kg)
Color: white, red, yellow, blue
Price: $1,599 Click here to buy now
Ready stock, can be delivered in 3-5 days


Finally, some getting started advice for the beginners:

  1. Read the Cyrusher XF650's bike manual first; this is the first thing people often overlook
  2. If you are going to ride farther the next day, please remember to charge your ebike the night before, check the tires and test the brakes and horns before riding
  3. Be sure to wear a helmet and high-visibility clothes while riding so that others can see you. This will significantly reduce the probability of traffic accidents
  4. Choose to practice ebikes in areas with little traffic, preferably on a small slope or wide flat ground. Practice the power-assist mode to familiarize the ebike first, like start, stop, practice turning and bypassing obstacles, and then switch gears. On this basis, you can start riding in electric mode.
  5. Be good at using the brake system, from heavy to light. Use the rear brake first and then the front brake, or press the front and rear brakes at the same time to avoid being thrown out of the front of the car
  6. Take the time to test the minimum and maximum speed of the ebike
  7. Obey traffic rules and choose bicycle lanes, do not go wrong
  8. Same as riding a bike, never drink and drive


When each new ebike is delivered to the owner, the journey of each ebike has just begun, and the track of the ebike will spread to every reachable place in the world, From the road to the trail, from the most prosperous city center to the country trails, on the hills, on the beach, in the snow...

Cyrusher XF650

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