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Which electric bikes are suitable for camping?

Aug 26, 2022

Outdoor sports have become a craze of contemporary people chasing sticks. Cycling, camping, and fishing are the three major sports of modern people. The three can be combined at will or even carried out together. Before camping, choose another mode of transportation to reach your destination. It is not like a car that is troubled by traffic jams, and there is no difficulty in parking; it is not like a traditional bicycle, which only relies on the pedaling motion of people to drive forward, which is a test of physical strength. It has more payload and cargo capacity than conventional bikes. The answer is electric cycles.

 A man rides an electric bike on the sand-XF900-0826

As a new mainstream means of transportation, electric bicycles have many advantages and are deeply loved by many. Such of its small size, it can traverse trails and mountains that cannot be reached by cars; it can move flexibly and is not troubled by urban traffic; its driving mode has three modes: pure electric drive, pedal drive, electric, and pedal use together. It helps customers save money by not having to pay for gas and parking and doesn't cause any pollution. Because of its electric drive travels with less effort, travels longer, and doesn't sweat compared to conventional bicycles.

According to data, the sales of electric bicycles in the United States continue to grow, and the year-on-year increase in sales is exceptionally significant. Nowadays, with the popularity of the camping culture, more and more people choose electric bicycles as a means of transportation. So, what are the characteristics of an electric cycle suitable for camping?

Fat tires

The fat tire size of an e-bike is easily noticed and is one of the most significant differences from conventional bikes. The thicker and fatter the tires are, the more stable and balanced the motorcycle and the rider will be, which means fat tires can be ridden on gravel, sand, and snow. Compared with ordinary rubber tires, fat tires are made of more rubber and air, and some fat tires are puncture-resistant, so there is no need to worry about being punctured by unknown sharp objects on the camping road. Fat tires have excellent performance on tricky terrain. Fat tires can absorb part of the impact force when facing bumpy roads, so the rider will not feel tired when driving.

Large capacity battery

When choosing an electric bicycle as a travel tool for camping, we need to consider whether its battery capacity can meet your range. The power of the battery is significant and determines your riding range. If you want to get to a destination safely, you'll want to ensure the battery can handle that range. A good electric cycle can bring 50-60 mileage. You can also get spare batteries to ensure safe travel to and from.

Powerful motor

Motor power is also one of the essential factors we have to consider. On the way to the camping site, you may need to traverse rough mountains and trails, and the motor's power determines the climbing ability. The most suitable option is to look for motor power of 750W or more. With its tremendous power, you can easily traverse steep hills and reach camping spots. At the same time, you should also consider the controller. The controller controls the operation, advance and retreat, speed, and other vehicle electronic components. It is the "CPU" of the entire vehicle and is one of the essential components. The controller has different performance and characteristics because of other models. But there is one thing in common, the higher the Abe value of the model, the better the performance.

Sensitive hydraulic disc brakes

The braking system of electric bicycles can be divided into disc brakes and drum brakes. The former is the most widely used brake system. When there is a brake signal, the piston on the brake caliper will push the brake pad to clamp the brake disc to generate friction to achieve the braking effect. The latter's brake drums are mounted on the wheels and move with them. The brake drums are fitted with special brake pads. When there is a brake signal, the brake cylinder piston will push the brake pads outward to produce friction with the brake drum to achieve the braking effect.

However, many manufacturers do not use this type of braking system due to the disadvantage of slow heat dissipation of drum brakes. Because the heat cannot be quickly dissipated after continuous braking, the contact surface of the brake drum with the brake pad will shrink after thermal expansion, thus affecting the braking efficiency. The heat dissipation of disc brakes is fast because the brake pads are "clamps" to the brake disc, and the contact area will not be affected after the brake disc is heated and expanded. It has the advantages of sensitive response, uniform braking force, and convenient maintenance.

Disc brakes are divided into hydraulic brakes and line brakes. Hydraulic brakes can react faster in the face of emergencies, with shorter braking time and quicker response, providing stable and continuous braking force. In the face of emergencies during riding, hydraulic brakes can respond faster and improve riding safety.

Effective full suspension

Full suspension, as the name suggests, means that there is a suspension fork at the front and rear of the model, which makes riding more comfortable. The extra rear suspension takes you through any challenging terrain. The reliable full suspension gives the rider better control and traction on the ground, improving rider comfort. This design has the performance to traverse any terrain safely, and it can meet the most stringent requirements of customers. On uneven trails or hills on the camping road, the full suspension can absorb most of the impact from bumps and provide excellent comfort without making the rider feel uncomfortable due to ground collisions.

There is also a type of e-bike called a "hardtail," which means that this model has only a front suspension fork, which is more suitable for urban roads. If you use a hardtail e-bike for camping, the woods, hills, and rough trails on the way will be difficult for the rider. Only the fork can absorb part of the impact, and the effect that can't be absorbed will tire the rider. The full-suspension e-bike adapts to a wide range of terrain, and whether it's an urban commute or wanting to traverse wilderness, woods, and mountains, it can safely get to your destination.

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Case in point: The Cyrusher XF900 is an all-terrain electric bike, and its fat tires, larger battery, and frame design make it a power-feeling bike that can traverse any terrain easily.

Motor: With a peak power of 1200W and a maximum torque of 80Nm, the powerful Bafang motor allows you to experience the thrill of high speed; the more significant the torque, you can climb the most challenging slopes.

Battery: For a more extended range, the brand has paired a 48V, 17AH waterproof lithium battery with a range of up to 62 miles, plus a USB charging port for charging G.P.S. or a phone. A 2AH smart charger is prepared. Under the standard 110V~240V A.C., it takes 5-7 hours to charge fully, but its large-capacity battery makes it unnecessary to capture all the time to meet your mileage needs.

Transmission: With a Shimano 7-wheel drivetrain and five levels of pedal assist, just by using the three buttons next to the handlebar display, you can set the pedal system, allowing for complete customization of speed selection and other safety settings. The controller's computer gives you all the necessary information, including battery level, current speed, and distance traveled.

Maximum load: In addition to these high-quality components that can help you save more time and effort to complete camping, the maximum load and capacity of the model are also factors to consider. Cyrusher's e-bikes have a 330-pound payload capacity and a rear-wheel-mounted rack for panniers, or you have better options. It adds to the model's existing ability to accommodate more camping items.

A man rides an electric bike in the forest.-0826

Other accessories: L.E.D. headlights with 250 lumens, integrated brake taillights, and an electronic horn. Brake tail lights come on immediately when you brake, and the headlights can keep you safe when driving in dark weather or at night, ensuring that you can alert vehicles and people ahead and behind you while operating. An adjustable seat post and breathable sports saddle make your ride even more comfortable.

With its powerful motor, large-capacity battery, and full suspension design, it can traverse mountains, deserts, beaches, trails, and cities at will, and no terrain can stop it. No matter what terrain your camping trail is, it will let you traverse it easily. The XF900 combines power, performance, and beauty. Not only does it let you go faster and farther on any terrain, but its one-of-a-kind design and motorcycle-style fork and frame design make you the center of attention wherever you go.

Whether you're heading to the mountains and forests of Colorado, the sandy beaches of Maryland, or the national parks of California, the XF900 can meet your camping needs. Never underestimate the power of the XF900. Go ahead with it!

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