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What Size E MTB Do I Need?

Aug 02, 2022

Electric bicycles are constantly being improved and upgraded, with various shapes and sizes emerging. Electric bicycle size selection is as crucial as motor and battery selection. Peolple varied from their heights. So, what kind of electric bicycle do people of different heights need?

Changes in the environment are causing more and more people to look at the development of new energy sources for travel, and the market for electric bikes is becoming popular with the development of technology. If you are a new buyer of an electric bike, you may have thought about some types of electric bikes. Still, before you decide, you have a long-term view of having an electric bike accompany you on a long journey, and you don’t want to spend a significant investment for nothing because of a wrong choice. A more critical factor influences the purchase decision than the performance of the electric bike itself: does the rider’s height fit with the electric bike? Faced with such a wide variety of electric fat bike sizes, how can riders determine their purchasing ideas? Please start exploring this issue from this article's perspective, and maybe you can read something you have never thought about and get the answer you want to know most!

If you're shopping for the best e mountain bike, you’ve heard of Cyrusher, a specialized brand of electric bikes, and you'll find that there are many different types of fat tire electric bikes with varying configurations of the frame. The dimensions required for other riders are different. In the face of these differences, it's essential to go back to the beginning of this question and consider why the size of an e-bike is so crucial to the rider and how it affects the rider’s riding experience?

A man and a woman riding Cyrusher electric bike

Why should I consider the size of my electric bicycle?

Even though electric mountain bikes use motor assistance to move forward most of the time, the highest level of riding enjoyment is because the electric bicycle has a pedal assist and the motor works well with the pedal assist. Therefore, the right size electric bike is critical. An unsuitable e-bike size will make you feel tired. Also, the difference in height and shape between men and women extends to the types of men’s electric bikes and women’s electric bikes. For example, Cyrusher’s XF900 is more suitable for taller men, and another Kommoda step-through often paired with it is more ideal for petite women. But this definition is not entirely correct. There will be quite a few e-bike fans who are also attracted to the two different frame models. Therefore, this critical deciding factor is not gender but height. Riding an e-bike that is too big or too small can cause a rider to fall because they can't maintain balance or even push back, and neck and back pain due to poor riding position formed by the mismatch between the size of the e-bike and the height of the rider. The ideal size of an e-bike is chosen by competition e-bikers or a relatively professional rider, considering the frame size, handlebar height, adjustable seat height, stand height, and tire size.

A man rding Cyrusher XF900 electric mountain bike

If you don't take the time to learn about your height and the size of your electric bicycle, the wrong size can cause long-lasting damage to your riding process, such as the following common problems:

  • Spinal pain in the lower back due to poor riding posturedover time.

  • Leg fatigue due to improper adjustment of the seat angle.

  • The low height of the handlebars causes wrist pressure.

  • Unstable center of gravity due to uncomfortable size on rough terrain or racing, resulting in falls and bruises.

Most riders want to feel that after a long ride with the best e-bikes, they will think that riding has brought joy to their lives, rather than having an unpleasant riding experience with an ebike size that does not match their height and increases their injuries. Therefore, riders should consider the size of their electric bikes to avoid these unnecessary and extreme injuries.

What are the dimensions of an electric bicycle to consider?

In the above, the article also mentions that the size of an electric cycle is as important a factor as the performance of the electric bike. Then, when choosing the values of these measurement parameters for an e-bike, another question may arise, from which aspects are the size reference values considered? The rider needs to analyze the frame’s size, the saddle’s adjustable length, and the handlebars' height from several angles.

Frame size:

The difference in the size of an e-bike's frame is most apparent from the outside. Since most electric bikes have non-adjustable frames, they also specify the size of the tires. This also becomes an essential factor in choosing the size of an electric bike. There are different types of frame geometries for e-bikes, including step-over and step-through. Generally, step-through frames are lower and can accommodate riders of lower heights. The step-through frame structure is relatively high, and this type meets the riding needs of many tall people. The size of the frame structure will affect the overall riding effect. For example, suppose a rider has a low height. If he rides a step-over e-bike because the rider's legs cannot properly extend to the pedals to assist the electric bicycle, he may feel discomfort at the waist and back and cannot steadily ride the e-bike.

Adjustable size of the saddle:

The saddle affects not only the rider’s comfort level in terms of material, but its adjustable size and height are also significant factors, especially regarding the knee joint and pedal forces. An e-bike saddle that is too low or too high will not provide you with a comfortable ride. If the saddle is adjusted too high, it is easy to overstretch the muscles due to the long straight line distance of leg extension when pedaling, which is not suitable for leg muscle development, and most importantly, the rider is at too high a center of gravity which may lead to safety problems. Similarly, if the saddle is too low, the leg extension area becomes narrower, quickly putting too much pressure on the knee joint and affecting the rider’s health. The usual range of knee flexion value is 30 degrees to 40 degrees when the leg is fully extended. If the front of the knee feels uncomfortable, it proves that the saddle height is too low.

Handlebar size:

The handlebar is the device that controls the balance of the e-bike. It affects the rider’s riding direction and control stability and is the part the rider attaches to the most when riding. Conversely, choosing the wrong handlebar size can bring shoulder and neck pain to the rider during longer rides. Adjust the height of the handlebars, which needs to be adjusted with the saddle's height. And the body is too forward, leaning wrists too much burden, it is easy to fatigue. Generally speaking, the handlebar and saddle drop less than 5 cms, according to the rider's adaptation to the degree of change, and switch the gap.

So, how do you choose the size of an electric bike for height differences? (Measurement method)

Many people who didn't do the E-Bike size work in advance will encounter a problem: the electric bikes they buy are either too low or too high. Those electric bikes that fit your height always seem to have more or less uncomfortable problems when they arrive. The critical factors of e-bike size have been understood earlier. So, based on the different height differences of riders, you can now pull the focus back to your height to analyze the problem.

On the whole, the contact with the e-bike is concentrated in the three contact points of hands, hips, and feet, and the corresponding contact points include handlebars, saddle, and pedals. The height, front and rear position and width of these three parts will affect the correct riding posture of the electric bike riders. Therefore, the riders must measure the following heights carefully before choosing the size.

  • Measure your height

Your height can be used as a gauge to allow you to find the corresponding size electric bike. Your height determines the type of frame construction you can adapt to, allowing you to select an electric bike frame that fits your size accurately.


Stand upright against a wall and measure your height.

  • Measure your inseam size

This is the distance between your position on the bike saddle and the ground. This will usually be one to two inches longer than the length of your pants, but you will need to measure it. You will use this number on the chart to see how different models will fit you.


  1. Stand with your back to the wall in your regular riding shoes with your feet spread apart and about 7 inches between your feet.

  2. Take a level, place it between your legs, and gently pull it up until it feels like you are sitting on a cushion.

  3. Make sure the level is level and measure the distance from the floor to the top of the level.

  • Measure the sitting height

It would help if you had clearance between your hips and the top tube for safe riding. For mountain e-bikes, you can get extra space by having at least 4-5 inches of clearance. This helps avoid injuries if you need to brake suddenly or jump off the seat.  


Inseam size multiplied by 0.67.

By taking these measurements, the rider will have a clearer idea of what kind of e-bike they need. Cyrusher electric bikes are a professional fat tire electric bike brand, so here are some examples of electric bikes with measurements.

E-Bike Models

Best for riders

Bike inseam

Frame Height

Wheel Size




Step-thru Height:14.1”





Standover Height:36”





Standover Height:34”





Standover Height:34”


XF690 Maxs



Standover Height:32”


cyrusher ebikes insteam size

The table shows the rider's height as the primary reference for comparison and the more critical inseam measurements. But these measurements are used as a reference most of the time. As mentioned earlier, factors such as saddle and handlebar height adjustments affect the fit depending on the rider's height difference. How should these values will be checked, and how does the electric bike fit? If you own or have actual access to an e-bike, find a long hill, warm up entirely, and if you feel you can't use the force, lower the saddle by 3mm and climb again. If you think the pedaling action is smooth on both sides as you pedal past the lowest point, adjust the saddle up 3mm and rise again. Try to resolve physical discomfort by adjusting the saddle height while riding. For example, pain in the front of the knee means you need to change the saddle backward by increasing the saddle height by a certain amount. It is important to note that riders should not tolerate riding in an uncomfortable physical position, which can cause long-term physical damage.

Best electric mountain bikes Cyrusher

Ultimately, the perfect electric mountain bike is different depending on the rider’s height, and the size of the e-bike will most simply and intuitively affect the rider's riding experience. Cyrusher electric bikes are available for test ride in many countries and regions so that riders can get a natural feel for the fit of their e-bike. But don't worry if you can't take a test ride. The brand's website has a sales team available online to answer any size questions you may have. You can get the perfect electric bike for your height based on your riding flexibility changes. In addition, depending on the rider's skill level and health status, the e-bike size options will be upgraded and changed in the future.

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