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Step-Through Electric Bike Comparison: Cyrusher Kommoda Vs. Lectric Ebikes XPremium

Aug 26, 2022

Do you want to use an e-bike to commute to work in your daily commuting activities, but the formal dress code makes it inconvenient to ride? Or do you feel discomfort in your lower back when riding a high step-over e-bike due to your height and size?

These problems are causing more and more riders to look for a step-through electric bike that is more comfortable than a step-over e-bike. The best step-through electric bicycle has a significant presence in today's electric mountain bike market. Its triangular geometric frame structure forms a convenient design that is easier to ride across and attracts consumers' attention.

Due to changes in the environment and the new pursuit of environmentally friendly and fun travel methods, more and more countries and regions are supporting the development of the electric bicycle industry.

The demand for many outdoor adventures, such as electric bike cycling, has grown significantly, and riders with different heights and riding habits have begun to seek a low-level e-bike to solve the problem of riding when they have limited mobility. The step-through electric bikes of many electric mountain bike brands, including Cyrusher, bring people a very convenient riding experience.

Cyrusher is always in pursuit of providing people with high-quality electric mountain bike products and considerate service. Of course, the Cyrusher brand will not stop at the superficial " better " level. The brand is still working tirelessly to seek leaps and bounds to maintain a balance of development and meet the changing cycling needs of electric mountain bike riders. In this process, we regularly compare our products with high-quality electric bicycle brands in the industry to bring newer upgrade experiences to users.

For step-through electric bicycles that meet people's needs for comfort and convenience, many brands on the market have also launched different styles of products, considering that consumers consider price in addition to product quality.

This article compares the Lectric eBikes XPremium and Cyrusher Kommoda step-through electric bicycles. The comparison will look for the unique points of the two brands of electric bicycles from the different perspectives of the appearance state, and internal performance of the two electric bicycles.

Step-through ebike Cyrusher kommoda and Lectric XP

First, in the table below, you can see the overall comparison of Cyrusher Kommda and Lectric eBikes XPremium.



Lectric eBikes







750-watt High-Speed
Brushless Motor

500w Mid-drive Motor


48 volt 14amp-hour
lithium battery

Two Lithium Ion 48v 10.4ah

Pedal Assist

5 Pedal-Assist levels

5 Pedal-Assist levels


50 miles

50 miles


7 speed

7 Speed


192 Star-Union
Half twist throttle

Half twist throttle

Carry Capacity

330 lbs (150 kg)

330 lbs (150 kg)


2 Years

1 Year

The data in the above table shows that the price difference between the two cars is the most significant difference. The Kommoda is $400 more expensive than the Lectric eBikes XPremium. You can get the reasons for these differences in pricing from some data on the overall performance. In addition to the price, you need to consider whether you need to pay more maintenance costs when you use the product when buying an electric bicycle.

Imagine when you spent a lot of money on a product and were waiting happily for the moment when it brought a whole new level of fun into your life, but you spent money on the material or the discomfort it caused you to ride. Another larger price to maintain the product you got, the more cost to pay in the meantime is not worth it. Therefore, Cyrusher's Kommoda is more willing to use strong performance and high-quality materials to deal with the price competition difference.

Then, the price difference will be temporarily removed from the scope of comparison, and the following two stepping electric bicycles will be re-observed from the perspective of the essential power system of electric bikes.

Motor Differences:

Cyrusher kommada uses a 750W hub motor. The Lectric eBikes XPremium uses a 500W mid-mounted motor. Before explaining the power difference between the two, we must first understand the characteristics of different types of motors.

Hub motor: Generally placed in the center of the wheel of an electric bicycle, when the electric bike is started, the hub motor will drive the wheel to rotate freely.

The hub motor of Cyrusher Kommoda is a 750W rear hub motor, which is a relatively stable operation of the rear wheel when the power output of the electric bicycle is going uphill.

Mid-mounted motor: Generally installed near the center of the e-bike, combined with the bike's bottom bracket and crank. It drives the electric bicycle to drive the electric bicycle by transmitting the power of the motor to the rear wheel through the chain and flywheel transmission, which can help the electric bicycle to reduce the leakage of the coil.

The Lectric eBikes XPremium uses a 500W mid-mounted motor. Although it has a stable advantage in providing the powerful power of electric bicycles, it is sometimes limited by the maximum speed and bicycle gear ratio. Riders are likely to be due to these constraints. Run out of gears and spin rate.

In the case of the use of different types of motors between the two, the 750W Bafang high-speed brushless motor used by the Kommada is still more advantageous, which can reach a peak power of 1000W and cruise effortlessly in assist mode.

In contrast, the peak power of the 500W mid-mounted motor used by the Lectric eBikes XPremium is 850W, and there is no way to achieve a faster speed. For riders who want to enjoy trail riding or more enjoyable speed riding, the Kommoda has it all.

Cyrusher ebike motor

Battery Differences:

As can be seen from the comparison of the performance difference table, the Cyrusher Kommoda is equipped with a 48V 14Ah lithium battery, which can travel 20-50 miles on a full charge. The battery is built into the e-bike's top tube, so there's no need to worry about damage while riding. When charging, the electric bicycle can be directly connected to the power supply, or the battery can be taken out separately to complete the charging.

The Lectric eBikes XPremium uses a dual battery system. First, it can be admitted that the dual-battery system can bring more favorable guarantees for the battery life of long-distance riding. But it also has its drawbacks. A portion of the battery of the Lectric XP is placed externally between the rear seat and seat post of the e-bike. Such a battery position design is more dangerous for outdoor riding. It is easy to damage the battery when it is hit by gravel during the ride. Cycling carries certain risks.

Also of note is that it is a bike that needs to be folded. When the rider needs to take out another part of the built-in battery, it must be done in the folded state. The rider must lift the bike's rear with one hand and slide the battery with the other. Lift the battery; there's a good chance it will slide out and hit the ground.

Cyrusher ebike battery

So, while the Lectric eBikes XPremium is a less expensive option, the Cyrusher Kommoda offers more comfort to the rider's overall configuration, a vital element of the best electric bike product. Offering more power and a 2-year warranty, the Cyrusher Kommoda gives consumers peace of mind, using high-quality components on the market, allowing riders to immerse themselves in their e-bike rides.

After comparing the power systems of the motors of the two electric bicycles, we can see the difference in performance between the two electric bicycles. In addition, these two electric bicycles are designed to facilitate people to ride and create a new way of life. What are the unique features of the electric bicycle in the appearance and the configuration of parts?

The unique points of both of them can be briefly obtained in the following comparative data.



Lectric eBikes




Front Suspension fork & Spring suspension

80 mm Front suspension


Chaoyang 20" x 4" puncture-resistant fat tires

Chaoyang or CST 4" x 20" tires


3.7" LCD display,
Colorful Smart Computer

Backlit LCD display


250 lumen LED front light
and brake light

Front, rear lights
and brake light


Zoom full hydraulic
180/203 mm disc brakes
front + rear

160 mm Hydraulic brakes


Shimano 7-Gears


Frame material

6061 Aluminum
full suspension frame

Aluminum(not specified)

Rear rack



Frame structure















Bike Weight

74 lbs with battery

75lbs with battery

The above data shows a slight difference in the design of the parts of the two electric bicycles, and the difference between the two step-through electric bicycles in some materials is insignificant. However, some of the more unique characteristics of Cyrusher Kommoda can also be found in the comparison.

Cyrusher Kommoda uses a motorcycle-style large front fork suspension, adjustable 110mm travel, and preload adjustment, which can lock the front fork when riding on a flat road. The suspension fork can also be turned off on bumpier streets.

Compared with Lectric XP's 80mm suspension, Kommoda's front fork is longer, which can resist the impact from the ground in a more stable state and protect the rider's comfortable riding on rough roads. In addition, the Cyrusher Kommoda is also equipped with a rear shock absorber to cushion various bump pressures in off-road races or bumpy downhill sections.

The full suspension device is powerful protection for riders who have injured their lower backs in past outdoor activities. Full-suspension systems will also grow in popularity, which is where e-bikes shine, and a big reason why the Kommada is a better value relative to the Lectric XP.

Both Kommoda and Lectric XP used hydraulic disc brakes. But what is more exclusive is that the front and rear of the pony motor use full hydraulic 180-203mm full disc brakes, which is an even more critical safety guarantee for e-bikes with an advantage in speed.

Zoom hydraulic brakes front and rear allow the rider to generate more traction when braking on the front and rear wheels. If you only have the front brake, there is a good chance that the rear wheel will not touch the ground when braking sharply, posing a risk of injury to the rider.

  • Rich colors: 

For customers with different riding needs, Kommada provides four color rim colors for consumers to choose from, which can better meet the needs of riders. Lectric XP is available in two colors.

From the outside, the overall feel of the Kommada will be more attractive, showing a unique visual experience with rich colors, fat tires, and a step-through frame.

  • Color display: 

The display on the electric bicycle is a speed guide for the rider while riding. The Lectric XP uses a backlit display, and the Kommda uses a brilliant color display.

The Lectric XP's backlight is designed to allow the rider to display the screen normally in sunlight, but the Kommoda's color display speed values on the screen in rich colors, day and night, for rider fun.

Ebike Zoom full hydraulic disc brakes front rear

The above data table analysis shows the features and reasons why Kommada is higher than Lectric XP in price. The two electric bikes are similar in some basic configurations and materials, such as tires, fenders, and rear seats.

In terms of weight, although the weight of the two vehicles is not much different, you must know that the weight of the Lectric XP is 75 pounds in the data. Although this is a folding electric bicycle, its weight is in the process of folding and carrying. Still not as convenient as expected.

Through the analysis of these nuances, it can be seen that the Kommoda is designed to think more deeply for consumers, and the rider will also get a better riding experience.

kommoda full suspension ebike and man

All in all, based on the above analysis of the exterior design and internal performance of the Cyrusher kommoda and Lectric eBikes XPremium, it can be seen that the Kommoda enables riders to achieve a smoother and safer ride with a more powerful motor and full suspension.

Although Lectric's step-through e-bike is lower in price, it is also a relatively good entry-level. Still, its key powertrain and suspension settings are not perfect enough to deal with rough terrain conditions.

Therefore, the Cyrusher Kommoda is potent in meeting your riding needs in style, appearance, and comfort, and it is a step-through electric bike that is more worthy of your long-term investment.

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