How Do Brakes Work on an Electric Bike?

How Do Brakes Work on an Electric Bike?

Aug 14, 2022

Many inevitable accidents happen every minute and every second in the world, such as drowning, falling from high buildings, fires, etc. A large proportion of accidents are due to traffic accidents. When it comes to traffic accidents, we all think of the scene of a collision between a large motor vehicle and a small motor vehicle, but in fact, the probability of non-motor vehicle accidents also has. Take ebikes as an example. If an E-Bike has a traffic accident, it is primarily caused by a collision or a traffic accident caused by the failure to brake the ebike in time. How to stop the ebike in time? This is related to this important part of the ebike - the brake!

Click the video below to see if your brakes need oil:

The braking system is closely related to electric bicycle safety and riding experience. We have also mentioned it before. Here we can learn more:

The core braking system of electric bicycles is divided into disc and drum brakes, such as electric bicycles. Electric bicycles previously used drum brakes. The drum brake structure is composed of the brake base plate, brake cylinder, brake shoes, and other related connecting rods, springs, pins, and brake drums, which will generate a lot of high temperatures. It will be easy to cause a brake failure due to overheating, or the ebike will break down when overheating, resulting in a traffic accident. When disc brakes work, the brake pads on the caliper and the brake disc connected to the wheel interact during braking until the wheel stops turning.

Secondly, the working principles of the two types of brakes are different. The working principle of the disc brake is that the wheel cylinder uses the integrated brake pads to clamp the brake disc. Turn the wheel to stop; the operating principle of the drum brake is that the power supports the elastic structure to hold the brake shoe against the inner metal drum body of the brake drum, the brake drum rotates at the same speed as the wheel, and the friction force between the brake shoe and the brake drum is used. Reduce the speed of the brake drum and wheels. Finally, their costs are also different. The overall structure of drum brakes is not high.

The cost of manufacturing a set of drum brakes is much lower than that of disc brakes. Moreover, due to its simple braking structure, the disc brake is more convenient to maintain, the braking process and time are short, the braking is more sensitive, and the entire braking process is relatively linear, which can ensure the continuous and stable braking force, while the drum brake. However, its manufacturing cost is much lower than the disc brake's, and the early braking effect is better. Still, the contact area between the friction shoe and the brake drum is larger, and the relative structure is more complicated. Increased maintenance costs. Discs are becoming more and more practical than drums, and disc brakes are slowly replacing drum brakes.

When we understand the rear brake system, the brake line connecting the brake disc is also a point that cannot be ignored. The brake line is also divided into two types, the first is a more sensitive hydraulic brake, and the second is the original line brake. When you look closely at today's hydraulic ebikes, you will see a small hydraulic oil tank on the brake lever that stores mineral oil. When you squeeze the brake, the force generated by your hand acts on the piston inside, compressing the fluid ( the aforementioned mineral oil). The fluid is squeezed and flows to the brake caliper through the oil pipe, then pushes the piston in the brake caliper, drives the brake pad to clamp the brake disc, and finally produces a braking effect to stop the machine from moving. This is the working principle of hydraulic pressure, such as The braking time is shorter, and it is easier to react faster and more quickly in the face of some unexpected situations. On the other hand, mechanical disc brakes use the tension generated by clamping the brake lever to tighten the wire connecting the brake lever and the brake caliper to act on the brake caliper. This way, the brake pads clamp the brake disc, producing braking force. Although its working process is relatively simple, it can also achieve a considerable braking effect.

The braking system is inseparable from the safety of the Ebike, which can ensure your riding safety to the greatest extent. Based on our good understanding of the braking system, we also need to pay attention to when to prepare to use the brakes and how to use the brakes better!

(Note this before riding: you must first check whether the brake system can work normally and then ensure enough power. Check before departure, and you can find some unexpected situations. For example, the brake system of an ebike is damaged and can no longer be used normally. , When the ebike is idle in the garage, it is mistakenly ridden by other people, causing problems with the braking system, or pets or small animals damage the braking system, etc.

Finally, you must wear a helmet. According to the survey, the probability of a cyclist's head injury is 64.8% in an accident without a helmet. The head is the most vulnerable part of the human body and the most likely to be fatally injured. Be sure to take protective measures. )

Activate the brake guards for a safe ride at any time

We can choose different types of bikes according to our needs; take Cyrusher professional mountain bikes as an example:

Cyrusher US Team

Cyrusher US Support Team

Cyrusher is a professional ebike company that integrates production and sales, established in 2014. Specializing in the production of mountain bikes and road bikes, ebikes are international quality tested and comply with CE, UL, Rhos, and FCC standards. Cyrusher has been established for more than 8 years. The headquarters has an elite team and excellent local professional after-sales service, Provide the highest quality and convenient service for every customer who purchases a Cyrusher E-bike. and the customer satisfaction rate is as high as 99%! The Cyrusher brand name is also registered and recognized in Australia, China, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. Our headquarters are located in China's Silicon Valley - Shenzhen, and we have fulfillment centers in the US, UK, France, Germany, and Japan.

Cyrusher's mountain bike XF900 is different from other mountain bikes on the market. Its fat tires, powerful electric shock, and different body design allow it to freely shuttle in cities, trails, mountains, deserts, beaches, and other places. It also has a motor cut-off function to ensure its safety. An ebike with excellent performance needs to be equipped with a perfect braking system, inseparable from its excellent braking system, professional disc brakes, and hydraulic brake lines.

Cyrusher XF900 adopts a disc brake system with excellent performance simple and beautiful appearance. Compared with the traditional drum type, it can reduce the resistance and bring easier riding to the rider. Just like the front end of a paper airplane, the smaller the front end, the lower the resistance. Can fly farther. The design of the disc brake can also directly dissipate heat, which can better reduce the failure and lockup caused by the overheating of the brake system. It is worth mentioning its linear braking function, which is directly connected to the hydraulic brake line. Press the brake button. Touch it in an instant, bringing you a better linear braking experience!

Cyrusher XF900 Disk Brake

Cyrusher XF900 Disk Brake

With the excellent Cyrusher XF900 and better hydraulic brake cables, you can experience a super smooth brake lever. When filling with mineral oil, there is almost no friction between the hose and the body of the ebike. When you step on the brakes, you can feel the smoothness of the hydraulic disc brakes, bringing you a wonderful riding experience. The Cyrusher XF900's liquid brake cables produce considerable braking with less force. Because the friction between the tube and the shell is almost negligible, energy losses are minimized, allowing the hydraulic brake to respond responsively with a light squeeze without requiring much effort. In this regard, hydraulic brakes would be great for those with less power or smaller palms, such as some slender women or the elderly, as they are easier to control than those with mechanical disc brakes. As a final note, the liquid brake cable is lighter and requires less adjustment. Mechanical disc brakes have brake cables and brake cable mounts. In the same location, hydraulic disc brakes are replaced by oil lines, which makes hydraulic brakes slightly lighter than mechanical brakes.

Cyrusher Hydraulic Brakes

Cyrusher XF900 Hydraulic Brakes

Cyrusher XF900

Front Frok

Motorcycle-Style Front Forks

Brake Line

160/180mm hydraulic brakes front + rear


Disc brake


7 Gears




Yellow Blue White

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Like the Cyrusher XF900 introduced above, The mountain ebike is the most versatile type in the ebike market, and it supports a wide range of terrain, whether it is a winding mountain road or uneven gravel way. Of course, you can also freely ride it on the flagstone road, grass, and beach. During the riding, we need to pay attention:

Cyrusher XF900

Cyrurhser XF900

  1. When riding to a crossroads, you must be ready to pull the handbrake at any time. The crossroads is a relatively complicated riding area on the road. While following the rule of the right side, we must also pay attention to the large motor vehicles, other small motor vehicles (such as motorcycles, bicycles, etc.), and pedestrians under the lights; you know there will always be some cars and pedestrians who don't obey the traffic rules. According to the survey, about two-thirds of traffic accidents at crossroads are mostly collisions between large and small motor vehicles, and the level of traffic accidents is also very serious.
  2. When we are on the same road, and there are many cars on the opposite side, we must be ready to pull the brakes at any time to prevent traffic accidents caused by not giving way to the opposing vehicle. People will always encounter such a situation: in teamwork, there is a problem, and an individual can also complete it alone. But in the end, no one took the initiative to do it, causing problems and delays in the team's progress. In the process of cycling, if we encounter an approaching car, we must be the one who gives way and stops first. We would rather wait a minute longer than ride directly over; if you think that the other party will stop first, the other party may also think you will park first.
  3. When we go downhill, we must pay attention to using the brakes to control the speed and not look behind. The two points above need to be ready to brake, but when we are going downhill, we must pay attention to using the brakes to control the speed. Even without pedal assist, the momentum was very high and fast when we rode downhill. When the ebike is driving downhill at high speed, the front wheel may shake violently, which may cause the rider to lose control of the direction. According to news reports, a riding tour group, after driving to a downhill section, the first person to lead the ride was unstable because of too fast speed, and then improperly used the brakes, causing the person and the car to fly out and slide. The rider was seriously injured and disabled. We can see the importance of using the brakes correctly for downhill riding. At the same time, we must pay attention when riding downhill, do not look backward, because once you look backward, the body will not run straight. By the time you get back to driving, the body has already strayed far from the course.

Advanced use of shields

If you want to control the speed when going downhill or riding at high speed, follow these two methods to prevent the wrong use of the brakes and causing you to be thrown in front of the bike.

  • We first press the rear brake, slowly press the rear brake from light to heavy, and then use the front brake to stop it.
  • Or slowly press both hands from light to heavy, and the ebike will stop at the speed you want.


Ebike doesn't have a hard shell, ABS lock function, and automatic airbags (like other large vehicles).

The bicycle is like a sharp sword on the ground; the brake is our protective shield. When we can use the protective shield proficiently, you will become a rider on the next level!

Are you ready for it?

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