7 Benefits of Riding Electric Bikes Real Reviews from Riders (Picture)

7 Benefits of Riding Electric Bikes Real Reviews from Riders (Picture)

Aug 26, 2022

From the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020 to today, severe epidemics and severe challenges have occurred around the world. The epidemic has changed a lot of people's habits and also changed the way people travel and exercise. More and more people prefer to avoid crowds to exercise by cycling. E-bikes have replaced ordinary bicycles and become people's first choice. Then What are the health benefits of riding electric bikes?

Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives Journal also reports a study on e-bikes. The study tracked more than 10,000 adults in European countries to determine the caloric consumption of different modes of transportation, including e-bikes, bicycles and walking, driving, etc. and surveyed more than a thousand participants to determine their weekly distance traveled and time spent on it. The survey report states that e-bike riders outpace cyclists in total weekly exercise. It can be seen that electric bicycles can not only be used as a means of transportation but are also more suitable for exercise.

The new exercise way - electric bicycle, brings you more smart and healthy daily exercise! The design principle of the electric bicycle follows the design concept of the original bicycle, but it is better upgraded on the basis of the bicycle, with a powerful battery and a motor that can control the speed, you can choose what mode you want, exercise mode, pure electric mode or semi-electric mode. Not only can you have fun with an ebike, but it can also bring you these benefits:


1. Make Your Body More Attractive

Just use diet and people who ride ebikes while dieting. People who are dieting and cycling will have a better and more attractive body than those who diet and lose weight. Have you noticed the legs of those professional cyclists? Their calves and ankles are always thin and powerful. Research studies have shown that cycling has the same endurance exercise effect on internal organs as running. This exercise not only benefits 3 pairs of joints and 26 pairs of muscles of the lower limbs, knee, and ankle but can also exercise the muscles, joints, and ligaments of the neck, back, arms, abdomen, waist,  groin, and buttocks.

Stephanie Cook and Cyrusher XF770

(Source: Instagram)

There is no limit to riding an ebike. Stephanie Cook, the finalist of the beauty pageant Nevada, also likes riding an ebike to maintain a charming figure. She said on INS: "I like Cyrusher's XF770 very much. I’ve been wanting an ebike for years now, for cardio mainly- But now I am able to do that + relax and have fun with it. Very smooth riding, more to come!"


2. Ability to Lose Weight

Riding an ebike can indeed help you lose weight better! Riding an ebike is a periodical aerobic exercise that enables cyclists to consume more calories and receive better weight loss results. While riding 73 miles, the speed can lose half a kilo, but it has to be consistent every day. Mr. Femi Tona said in the cycling group: "Bought my electric mountain bicycles Cyrusher XF800 last year to get some workout and help lose weight. And most people laugh about how it was cheating and story about how you aren't getting any workout from ebike. 2500 miles later, I am now down 50 pounds. So happy with my purchase!"

Before Vs. Now (Femi Tona )

(Source: Cyrusher Bikes Owner Group)


3. Improve Your Sex Life

Riding e-bikes builds some pretty essential muscle groups. Dr. Matthew Forsyth, a urologist and avid cyclist from Portland, Oregon, commented: "All these muscles that work on an ebike are used during sex. These muscles develop the better, the longer the sex."
Suppose you ride 4-5 kilometers a day. In that case, it can stimulate the secretion of estrogen or androgen in the human body, enhance sexual ability, and contribute to the harmony of sexual life between husband and wife.


4. Prevent Alzheimer's

Smartphones are integrated into our daily lives. What follows is that the minimum age for Alzheimer's disease has been continuously refreshed, and riding an ebike can prevent brain aging and improve the agility of the nervous system. The results of modern sports medicine research show that cycling is a heterolateral dominant movement, and alternating pedaling with two legs can simultaneously develop the functions of the left and right brains, preventing premature aging and partial waste. In the streets or parks, you can see more and more "silver-haired people" joining this national cycling event.

Mr. Mark and Cyrusher XF650

Mr. Mark and his good cycling assistant electric road bike Cyrusher XF650

(Source: Cyrusher Bikes Owner Group)


5. Prevent Many Diseases

A quarter of the world's people die of sudden cardiac death. Riding an ebike can not only exercise the legs but also better send the blood from the peripheral parts of the body to the heart to promote circulation, which also strengthens the microvascular tissue. Prevent heart disease from happening.

In real life, high-intensity work leaves many office workers without time to exercise, and over time, it becomes an opportunity for heart disease to sneak in. This is why you can often hear news about the sudden death of employees working overtime on news reports. If your company does not have a place for leisure and fitness, then you need to insist on cycling once a week to give your body better relaxation.

Cycling can also prevent high blood pressure, which is sometimes more effective than medication and can help you lose weight. Riding an ebike regularly can soften your blood vessels and replenish your bones with calcium. Cycling can prevent high blood pressure more than medication from happening.

Here's a Cyrusher story, May before the summer solstice, Ian Ferguson, a former police officer from Ireland, helped Cancer Research UK break the 100-mile mark. He rode his beloved Cyrusher XF690 Maxs around towns and cities across the UK, snapping fun photos of bikes big and small at 'Bankies Bike' near Glasgow. On the road, this brightly colored folding e bike got a lot of attention, and people couldn't help but ask him a lot of questions Iansheng never got tired of telling people about the bike's special mileage and good riding experience, and his commitment to charity Passion for - raising funds for Cancer Research UK.

Cyrusher XF690 Maxs in Bankies BikeIan Ferguson and Cyrusher XF690 Maxs

(Source: Cyrusher Bikes Owner Group)


6. Can Lengthen the Life

You can always believe that sports can bring you many benefits. One of the biggest benefits of riding an ebike is that it can lengthen your life. According to the survey statistics of relevant international committees, the postman has the longest life expectancy among various professionals in the world. One reason is that they often ride their bikes while delivering letters.

After retirement, Mr. Bryan loves riding very much. He has two motorcycles at home. He bought a CyrusherXF800 this year. He has found a more interesting car than motorcycles, so that he will share some interesting riding things on Facebook.

Mr. Bryan Shares Pictures with Cyrusher XF800

(Source: Cyrusher Bikes Owner Group)


7. Expand Your Social Circle

One can ride fast, two can talk, and a group of riders can bring you joy; sometimes, you can try to join a riding club or a riding group; it will be an excellent way to develop a social circle. It is worth mentioning that if you are unfamiliar with the maintenance of ebikes and some riding skills, join the riding group. Then you will meet very professional people and find the ebike maintenance or riding skills you are looking for. "Moderate intensity, a few hours of riding, can easily chat with each other, only when the sun goes down and go home to rest can interrupted." The rider who participated in Cyrusher's August cycling event said.

Cyrusher Riding  Event

Riders and their Cyrusher XF900
Click the link to join Cyrusher bikes owners group to find your riding friends

(Source: Cyrusher Bikes Owner Group)


Riding an ebike can bring many benefits to our bodies, and more and more people love it. E-bike sales in Europe have risen sharply over the past few years; in 2021, sales grew by 9% in the Netherlands, 19% in Germany and a thumping 30% in France. Sales in the U.S. are also increasing every year. Electric bicycles are about to replace ordinary bicycles and become a brand-new way to exercise. Please don't wait; join this cycling festival together!
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