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Which type of e-bike is best?

Aug 24, 2022

Faced with the many types of electric bicycles on the market, do you have any doubts? What are the different styles suitable for? Which type of electric bike is the best?

First of all, we must first have a cognition: no matter what type of electric bicycle, the configuration and composition are the same. Compared with traditional bicycles, electronic components such as batteries, motors, and controllers are added. The difference in battery capacity and motor power will bring different riding experiences to the rider.

Different types of electric cycles are suitable for other purposes, including mountain biking, road cycling, and urban commuting. There are many types of electric bicycles, but most can be divided into electric road bikes and electric mountain bikes. The frame style is divided into standard, folding, full suspension, and step-through types.

Each of these electric cycles has pros and cons. How do we choose the right one?

Standard: It can be divided into hardtail and soft tails. The former is only equipped with a front suspension fork, and the frame is a smooth one-piece shape; the latter has a rear suspension fork and uses an elastic material at the end of the frame to design the model, called a soft tail. Since most full-suspension models use the frame structure of the soft tail, generally speaking, the soft tail is approximately equal to the full-suspension model.

A man rides an electric bike on the sand.-0824

Advantages: Because the hardtail has no rear shock, its weight will be lighter than that of the softtail; the frame design of the hardtail is relatively smooth and integrated, and the structure is relatively simple, so it is more convenient to maintain and maintain, and the purchase cost is also lower.

Disadvantages: Less rear suspension fork, unable to filter more bumpy road conditions. In the face of complex road conditions, the handling and comfort will be weaker, unable to absorb the impact of more bumps, giving the rider a tired and uncontrollable experience.

A hardtail is better for pretty gentle trails or uses for city commutes.

Foldable: The main advantage is that it saves space and is easy to carry. The foldable design is suitable for daily driving or commuting using other means of transportation to solve their last-mile travel needs. When not in use, it can be folded and stored indoors or in the trunk. It can be fixed to the car frame when going out on weekends and is small and easy to carry.

Advantages: Ideal for homes with tight storage space and small footprint; can be used in conjunction with other means of transportation.

Disadvantages: This model is small in size and has limited load capacity, so it is unsuitable for taking too many things out.

Full Suspension: Full suspension provides better control and good ground traction thanks to reliable front and rear shock forks. No matter what terrain it faces, it has enough power to conquer it.

Advantages: These types of models have increased riding comfort. In the face of rugged terrain, the entire suspension is calmer, with timely braking and overall control, which can absorb most of the impact. A complete full suspension design can significantly reduce fatigue during riding. The structure of this model can adapt to all kinds of road conditions, and the creation of a robust all-terrain electric bicycle can not stop its progress even in bad weather.

Disadvantages: Due to the full-suspension front and rear shock absorber design, it has more accessories than other models, and the maintenance and maintenance costs and time are more; the full-suspension model pursues strength, and the designed frame size is relatively tall, which is not suitable for tall people. It is friendly and not ideal for people with short stature or limited mobility. Getting on and off the bus will be more difficult.

Step-through: Considering the difficulty of getting on and off the bus for people with short stature and inconvenient mobility, the range of leg lift is not limited; the full suspension design is retained, which is suitable for urban road commuting and can also cross various difficult terrains.

Advantages: The riding position is generally upright, with less pressure on the upper body and wrists, making riding more comfortable. Many accidents happen when the rider loses his balance while standing still. The step-through structure can significantly reduce the probability of this happening and improve riding safety.

Disadvantages: Some people still hold the old-fashioned mindset that striding is for women. But in fact, step-through is neutral, without any crowd restrictions. Due to structural constraints, fewer places to install items such as water bottles exist.

Secondly, when you are considering which type of electric bike is the best, you need to consider the following points:

  1. What is your purpose of use?
  2. Which features do you care most about?
  3. What type of terrain are you facing?
  4. What size model do you fit?

Some models are suitable for leisure and entertainment, and some are suitable for urban commuting and short-distance travel; others have larger battery capacity and faster motor speed, which are good helpers for pursuing long-distance commuting and mountain adventures. These e-bikes usually come with integrated accessories such as brake taillights, fenders, and racks.

The height and weight of the rider also have knowledge points in the selection of models. If a small person chooses a taller model, you will feel uncomfortable getting on and off the car, and the height of the high leg should be large enough. The wrong size can lead to a wrong riding position and cause physical discomfort.

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When choosing, you first consider your lifestyle. The type of ride depends on your life needs and your budget second. Commuter electric cycles tend to be hundreds or even thousands of dollars cheaper than all-terrain models because all-terrain models are versatile and add other configurations. If the budget is sufficient, the model with full suspension and step-through design is worth choosing. No terrain can stop their progress.

Case in point: the Cyrusher Kommoda is a step-through e-bike, the Kommoda was designed to give small and mobility-impaired people a positive new lifestyle, but it's more than that. Not only is it great for commuting with its configuration components and massive fat tires, but it's also powerful enough to get you across trails and mountains.

Motor: With its 1000W peak power, the powerful motor lets you run at high speeds and choose a comfortable pedaling rhythm in pedal assist mode.

Battery: It is equipped with a 48V, 14AH waterproof lithium battery, the cruising range is up to 50 miles, and it can discharge up to hundreds of discharge times. No matter which experience you choose, you can go wherever you want. The removable battery allows you to take it out and charge it separately. It is equipped with a 54.6V, 2AH smart charger. The charging time is 4-7 hours, and its cruising range is enough to go back and forth.

Dual Suspension: It has a motorcycle-style front fork suspension with an adjustable 110mm travel preload. It guarantees comfort and an attractive appearance. Spring rear suspension adds to the Kommoda's comfort and versatility.

A man rides an electric bike on the grass.-0824

Frame: Easy-to-use stepper frame, adjustable handlebars, and seat post add to the vehicle's comfort. As its name suggests, its lower structure is named after "comoda," which means "comfort" in Spanish, and comfort is its primary attribute.

Color Display: The easy-to-operate LCD display provides you with all the information you need, such as current speed, battery, range, pedal assist level, etc. It's fully programmable, allowing you to configure your ride the way you want for a more enjoyable experience.

Zoom hydraulic disc brakes:180mm dual hydraulic disc brakes are used, which are responsive and can stop quickly, and the motor cut-off function is added to improve driving safety. Equipped with mountain-style fat tires can also provide better grip. Smooth rides, even in sand or snow, and the rims on all Cyrusher e-bikes are brightly colored to match the frame color for a unique, eye-catching look.

Transmission: It is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed cassette gearing combined with a 5-stage pedal assist. You can always find a pedaling rhythm that matches your tempo. The half-twist throttle allows you to accelerate more conveniently and safely without accidental activation.

Despite its seemingly small size, it still has a staggering 330 pounds of payload. The model's size and step-through design make it the perfect commute for a more enjoyable experience for the rider. But its size isn't the limit on rough trails and mountains, and it has features and components that can traverse all kinds of terrain. The fat tires provide more traction, its powerful motor can take you through rugged terrain, and the large-capacity battery is ready for any adventure you need.

This type of electric bicycle does not have any crowd restrictions, adapts to various terrains, and meets the different needs of customers. It pairs nicely with other larger Cyrusher models to ride with your loved ones.

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