How Fast Can 750w Electric Bikes for Adults Go?

How Fast Can 750w Electric Bikes for Adults Go?

Aug 23, 2022

With so many e-bike types appearing on the market, how fast can a 750W e-bike suitable for adult riding go? Is the motor wattage of an electric bike a crucial factor in speed? Undoubtedly, the different motor wattages configured for electric bikes profoundly affect the rate at which the rider rides.

Electric bicycles have brought a lot of innovative experiences to people's lives. With the help of the motors and batteries configured in the electric drive system, people can travel long distances in the shortest time.

The riding speed of a traditional bicycle is determined by the force with which the rider presses the pedals of the bike, and the more frequent the pedaling, the faster the speed. Unlike traditional electric bicycles, the rate of electric bicycles is not only determined by the force or frequency of the rider's pedaling but also by factors such as the load weight, battery condition, and riding environment. Most of the time, the motor is the key to determining how fast an e-bike can ride. Many electric bicycles use 750W motors, which can reach a top speed of 20 miles per hour, and class 3 e-bikes, which can reach a top speed of 28 miles per riding Cyrusher electric mountain bike -20220824Electric bikes come in all different forms, as do different categories of riders. When exploring one of the best electric mountain bikes, you may have learned about the differences in the motor power ratings of the motors.

For example, in the Cyrusher brand line of electric fat tire bikes, you will find ratings such as 250W motors, 750W motors, and 1000W motors presented to the e-bike consumer. Still, you do not yet have a clearer understanding of the impact of these different power sizes on the freedom of the electric bike to go fast or slow. The following section will take a detailed look at what kind of speed an e-bike with a 750W motor for adults can achieve.

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Powerful Drives for Electric Bikes - How Does the Motor Affect Speed?

The difference between electric bikes and traditional bicycles is that they have a complete motor and battery device, which can reach higher values in speed. The motor can determine the rate of the ride.

Before thinking about how fast an electric bike with different powers can go, it may take some time to understand how the motor affects the speed.

Motors include two different types, mid-drives motors, and hub motors.

Hub motor: 

Generally placed in the center of the electric bicycle wheel, when the electric bicycle is started, the hub motor will drive the wheel to rotate freely. Some of the hub motors are installed on the front wheel and some on the rear wheel, which is easier to install and easy to modify the equipment.

Typically a 750W electric bike with a hub motor will have a top speed closer to 20-28 mph. The rate can be kept stable with the throttle and cadence system.

Mid-drive motor: 

Generally installed near the center of the electric bike, combined with the bottom bracket and crank of the bike. It transmits the motor's power to the rear wheel through the chain and flywheel transmission to drive the electric bicycle, which can help the electric bicycle reduce the leakage of the coil and has relatively good handling and stability.

A 750W mid-drive e-bike can go 30 miles per hour or more with a professional rider, a modified 750W hub motor has the potential to hit 30 miles in favorable terrain, but it won't complete over 28 mph in a steady state.

Mid-drive motors are sometimes limited by maximum rpm and bike gear ratios, and the rider is likely to run out of gears and spin due to these constraints. Therefore, hub motors are more common in the current electric bicycle market because they are easy to assemble and bring enough powerful driving force to the rider.

The Cyrusher XF900 electric bicycle has a 750W, 80Nm torque high-speed brushless hub motor for the rear wheel. Even if the e-bike carries extra weight in addition to the rider, its hub motors automate your ride, which, combined with pedal-assisted power, allows the rider to run at multiple speeds.

man and Cyrusher XF690 maxs electric bike -20220824

Are 750w Electric Bikes Allowed Under the Law?

In the United States, federal law defines "low-speed electric bicycles" as two- and three-wheeled vehicles with fully operable pedals and a motor that does not exceed 750 watts.

Federal law gives states the freedom to regulate e-bikes in unique ways.

Depending on your state's laws, e-bikes can be classified into one, two, and three categories under a three-level confirmation policy. These classifications are specified in terms of power, speed, and handling of electric bikes.

  • Class 1: This type of e-bike assists when you pedal. The electric drive system on e-bikes can only be activated by a pedaling motion and is limited to relatively low speeds.

In parts of Europe, the class is limited to 15 mph with a motor less than or equal to 250 watts.

In the U.S., these vehicles have an electric motor less than or equal to 750 watts and stop assisting when you reach 20 miles.

  • Class 2: This electric bicycle is equipped with a throttle assist, which assists without pedaling. The electric drive system on e-bikes can be activated with the throttle.

The top speed is limited to 20 mph, and the motor power is 750 watts or less.

  • Class 3: This type of electric bike has a pedal assist and is equipped with a speedometer, and the maximum assist speed is 28 mph. Motor power is less than or equal to 750 watts.

This type of electric bicycle has become the fastest electric bicycle in the United States that does not belong to the motorcycle category.

But in parts of Europe, the class is also considered a motor vehicle, requires special permission, may require an identification plate on the rear of the bike, and is limited to roads or private property, with a top speed of about 28 mph.

In the U.S., the third category of e-bikes is often combined with the second category, which produces bikes with throttle elements capable of powering the rider up to 20 mph on motor power alone and an electric bike capable of powering the rider. The pedal assists up to 28 mph.

Throttles are less common in parts of Europe, where most Class 3 e-bikes only offer pedal assist.

Some electric trail bike riders will try to modify the motor on their e-bike and remove the top speed. Before changing your bike in this way, be sure to understand local laws and ride safely and responsibly to avoid tickets, fines, and increased risk of injury.

Is an Electric Mountain Bike with a 750w Motor Enough?

For the needs of different riders, electric bicycles with varying motor wattage can make riders wonder how to choose. A 750W-1000W electric bike suitable for adults can provide good climbing ability. For flat riding, the 750W motor is plenty.

If you want to conduct a more professional and formal off-road riding, then using a 1000W electric bicycle may more effectively meet your urgent needs for racing in the competition. The performance of the 1000W motor will make the competition results more satisfactory.

But if you want to use it for travel and daily life, or you want to use the electric bicycle to assist in some complex climbing scenes, then the electric bike with the 750W motor has enough advantages.

For example, Cyrusher XF800 electric bicycle can ride on steeper slopes with a 750W motor and pedal assist system. Cyrusher XF800's fat tires and full suspension can also offset some of the shocks of the ground, and even the 750W motor has enough power to handle rough terrain to the climbing speed the rider needs.

An e-bike with a 750W motor can provide a more exciting acceleration for lighter riders. This level will also start to offer good hill-climbing performance, reaching speeds of 28 mph with gas and pedal assist.

The 750W electric bicycle is not so superior in power difference compared to 1000W. Still, it is allowed to ride under the regulations in the United States and parts of Europe and has enough advantages in terms of speed stability.

rugged road man riding Cyrusher E-bike-20220824

Are Higher Motor Wattages Faster?

The motor's power determines the electric bicycle's speed, which is a crucial factor. Do some people think the higher the wattage, the faster the electric bike? Is this claim absolute?

The rate of an electric bicycle is not only determined by the motor's power but also affected by the riding environment and the total load. Under different riding conditions, electric bikes need sufficient power to overcome mechanical resistance and slope inclination to achieve the most effective riding speed.

To determine how much help the motor will provide, you need to consider your weight and the steepness of the slope in your riding environment.

The heavier the rider or the more heavier the e-bike is, the more resistance the e-bike will experience at speed and the more help it will need.

Similarly, if you use an e-bike to climb mountains or drive in rougher terrain with many obstacles, these obstacles and steep hills make the e-bike apply more energy and require higher power support. Low-battery conditions also slow down the speed.

Imagine the terrain environment and the rider's weight as a scenario.

A lighter and heavier rider climbs the same hill grade, and the lighter rider doesn't need as much motor power to support the rider uphill. For more serious riders who want to try to climb steeper slopes, a 750W e-bike will better support their extra weight.

In addition, keeping the electric bicycle's battery in a sufficient state is also an essential factor affecting the riding distance.

The Cyrusher XF900 and Cyrusher kommoda electric fat tire mountain bike powered by a 750W motor are equipped with the former. It is a 48V 17Ah battery. The latter is a 48V 14Ah battery. A larger battery means more protection for the motor, and the Cyrusher XF900 can achieve a higher top speed than the Kommada when climbing slopes with both remaining batteries fully charged. Therefore, the electric bicycle's battery is also an essential factor in supporting the motor to increase the riding speed.

man and woman riding Cyrusher ebike XF800 and XF650 -20220824

Electric bicycles are indeed a significant advantage in terms of speed. Riders can choose electric bicycles with different power motors according to their needs for electric bicycles and the rate they want to achieve when using them. Analyzing the influencing factors such as the motor and the riding environment solves the problem of how fast the electric bicycle can run.

But one thing to realize is that most e-bikes are not designed for high-speed driving but to make people's lives easier. Power assist is needed when climbing mountains to achieve a more balanced state or use less power for higher-speed commutes. The speed of an electric bicycle with a 750W motor is allowed by the regulations of most countries. Still, an electric bicycle is only a bicycle equipped with electric drive on the road. Therefore, the speed of electric bicycles is an advantage but cannot be relied upon.

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